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Quickstep192 01-28-2001 07:36 AM

Outhaul for Loose Foot Main
Anyone have a favorite way to rig the outhaoul for a loose footed main. I''m converting from a shelf foot and I''m looking for a clean way to rig an easy to use and effective outhaul.

hamiam 01-29-2001 04:35 AM

Outhaul for Loose Foot Main
When I changed from a shelf-footed main to a loose footed main there was no need to change the outhaul. Why do you think that a change is necessary?

Quickstep192 01-29-2001 04:49 AM

Outhaul for Loose Foot Main
It''s my understanding that it''s desirable to make the outhaul adjustable. My current setup just ties it off.

hamiam 01-29-2001 04:57 AM

Outhaul for Loose Foot Main
I see. Mine was adjustable all along.

Quickstep192 01-29-2001 09:23 AM

Outhaul for Loose Foot Main
Can you describe the manner in which it''s rigged? I''d love to benefit from learning that ways others have rigged this.

hamiam 01-29-2001 09:34 AM

Outhaul for Loose Foot Main
Sure. In the track on the top of the boom is a car that can move fore and aft. Attached to this car is a wire that passes over a block at the outboard end of the mast. The outhaul passes thru the boom to the mast where it can be adjusted. You may be able to emulate such a setup by finding an outhaul car that will fit you boom track and mounting a turning block on one side of the boom along with a cleat.

mwlewis 02-10-2011 04:53 PM

I just installed a new outhaul in my Catalina 38' (loose footed). I used two double blocks (side by side pulleys) to create a 6' purchase inside the boom at the aft end. One end exits the aft end of the boom in a double block installed in the top and attaches to the clew. The other end exits the bottom of the front of the boom in another double block, and goes down to a single block at the foot of the mast, then through a block near the hand rail and back around the traveller to the cockpit where it can be winched. The second pulley in the boom is used for a reefing line to also be operated from the cockpit. Wanted to make the boat more single handed, so I took all the winches off the boom and mast and now run all the lines back to the cockpit. Put two larger winches on the cabin house, as there was only a small one on the right cabin house side.

Idea for the above belongs to Dave Millett, my salesman from Long Beach Yacht Sales. He's raced for 25 years, and said this is how it's done now.

zz4gta 02-10-2011 05:44 PM

This doesn't have anything to do with a loose foot main. It's just making an outhaul adjustable. There are a number of ways you can do this. Check out Harken's site for ideas.

Check page 20 of the harken catalog.

sailingdog 02-10-2011 05:55 PM

Be aware that you guys are replying to a thread that is TEN YEARS OLD.

zz4gta 02-11-2011 08:51 AM

damnit. I usually check that. Hope he got that outhaul straightened out.

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