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montenido 06-22-2010 07:02 PM

Yacht Club Recommendations, Oxnard, CA
Hi all,

In the interest of using my boat more and involving my family in said use, I was thinking of joining a yacht club in my marina (Channel islands, CA). There are several to look at, but I need some help.

Do any of you have any recommendations on specific clubs, or things to look for in a club?

I am looking for a club that has organized weekend trips, parties, and other social functions. If we could make some new friends with boat owners, I think we would get to enjoy our own boat more.

All input is welcome.

Thanks, Bill

svHyLyte 06-23-2010 09:27 AM

You can get a pretty good feel for a Yacht Club's orientation by taking a look at the Club Calandar and reading through a few of their monthly magazines, which most clubs post on their web sites. For the sake of the exercise I looked at a few of Channel Islands monthlys (see Channel Island Yacht Club - Currents, The CIYC Newsletter ) and did not see a lot having to do with kids. On the other hand, at present the 3 senior officers of the Club are women which, in some cases, indicates a Club with some family orientation.

Having been a member of 3 different Clubs, they definately have different orientations. For example, the Richmond Yacht Club (SF Bay) and Alamitos Bay YC (Long Beach) are decidedly race oriented and both have excellant programs for children. By comparison, other Clubs have few if any programs for kids and are essentially Epicurian Societies albeit with marinas and a boating contingent. Clubs like this typically sport Tennis Courts, Pools, and large dining rooms with lots of "Dinner Events".

Within Clubs you may also find factions--Sailors vs Power Boaters vs the Epicurian Set that are only interested in cheap food and drink (and many of whom think that the marinas should subsidize their consumption habits). To get a sense of that, walk the docks; and, see how many members are boat owners verses non-boat owners.

When you do find a Club you think you might be interested in, call the Comodore and tell him/her you might have an interest in joining and see what the response is. Some Clubs will welcome you and have one of their members host you for visits to the facilities, drinks and dinner, and to meet other members. Others will not be so welcoming. Those that are not may or may not be Clubs you'd want to join anyway.

We have been members of one or another yacht club, or sometinmes two, for well over 35 years and generally have found it worth while, particularly when we travel aboard the boat as the "reciprocals" can be very nice and can save one a good deal of money on marinas etc. Having spent a lot of time kicking around sailing clubs as a child, they can also be very good for kids--if you're in the right Club.


BJSoCal 06-23-2010 09:49 AM

I live in So Cal as well and have been looking around myself. My situation is a little different than yours, where I own a power boat, but I want to charter a sail boat, so I'm basically going in boatless.

One club I found that is in San Diego and Long Beach is Harbor Island Yacht Club. There initiation fee is reasonable (some of these clubs fee's are insane), their charter fee's are reasonable, they have racing if you like that and they have a school. So I guess it depends on what you want out of the club.

windward54 06-23-2010 10:59 AM

I have friends that belong to Pacific Corinthian Yacht Club and they seem to like it a lot. Most yacht clubs get together and have an opening day in April so that you can come in and check it out. Little late now, but April is only 10 months away!

rocinante33 06-28-2010 06:54 AM

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