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tdw 08-04-2010 08:34 PM

Sydney Boat Show 2010
I originally posted this in the Interesting SailBoat thread but I guess not everyone is following that thread. This is a copy. (or it will be in a few minutes)

tdw 08-04-2010 08:37 PM

Sydney Boat Show
<hr style="color: rgb(209, 209, 225);" size="1"> <!-- / icon and title --> <!-- message --> ...grumble grumble grumble.....bloody technology....

Not sure what is going on but having problems with card from camera.

Anywho...we went to the show on Monday. Spent a goodly amount of time wandering about looking into this and that. Here's a short account...minus pics. (I've included some lifted off the web.)

Any criticism of any of these boats is based on their newness and their cost. Even the ones I damn are in all probablity better than what I have now but then they are also a damn site more expensive.

Reality is that the SBS is a minor event in the international boat show calendar. Though I've never had the chance to visit the biggies (London, Southampton, Genoa, Dusseldorf, Barcelona ????) Sydney gets half the number of visitors as London, really only the big guys display and even then often a very small selection of boats. Total around 200 exhibitors but many of these were small stands selling gear, accessories and the like. Sadly no Swans or their ilk and of course none of the boutique European brands that we've been drooling over in this thread. I guess the top of the line sailing boats on display would have been Moody, X, Hallberg Rassey and of course the usual suspects, Beneteau, Juneau, Elan etc etc.

For us it was a good show. We spent a fair amount of time sussing out bits and pieces of hardware that are not sold at the bigger chandleries but thats not of any interest to you lot.

We had a good look at a number of boats, some gobsmacking, some disappointing. The Hanse 545 by Judel-Vroljik was a star. OK so not my cup of tea overall, but the scale of thing made it a standout. From the outside very impressive, indeed I did like the design. Interior, we've discussed this before, too much like a modern apartment though admittedly not quite as Ikea as some of the others. In its own way you have to give the designers credit for this one. What about those flush hatches ? Not unique to Hanse of course, but very impressive.

Elan - Sadly no 350. Too new to have made it downunder as yet. Shame. Had a good look at a 384. Yes I could live with one of these but it would never be my pride and joy, ultimately a bit too plastic. The thing appears well built though the joinery could have been better. Fabulous layout on deck, good cockpit, quite comfortable down below. I was quite surprised by how non claustrophobic was the aft cabin. I could be content with this though I do prefer to sleep up front. The 384 is designed by Rod Humphries, better known to me as the designer of the British Southerlys, a boat I have always liked.

Bluewater Yachts - An Australian builder of exceptionally high quality low output serious cruising yachts. I've been a fan of Bluewater owner David Bradburn since I first went on board one of his boats six or seven years ago. Currently offering a 40'er (BW420) design by legendary Australian designer Joe Adams, a Ron Holland designed 45'er and a 52'er designed by Bruce Farr, as yet none built. They only had the 40 on display and it was in fact an older boat that they had recently refurbished. I won't harp on about deck saloons, so lets presume for the moment that I am not obsessed with them, OK ? The BW 420 I could take home tomorrow. We did in fact go close to making an offer on one in 2008 but the price was too high and they would not negotiate. She did in fact sell for full asking. Not going to be the fastest boat in the world but rock solid and would make a marvelous cruising home. Every aspect of this boat screams quality even though I am not convinced by the design of the hard dodger. Admittedly it looks better in real life than on paper. You could buy a second hand BW for about the same price as a new Elan 384. No contest as far as I'm concerned.

Bluewater Cruising Yachts | Home Page

Dehler - It was for me wonderful to sit down in a Dehler and have a good look around. They only had two boats on display, a new series 32 and one of the older line the 45. Now I have to say that the 32 did not move me. I'm not overly impressed with this current trend towards what I think of as 'bubble boats'. Talk about frozen snot. I'd much rather the angular lines of say a Hanse 545 than the Dehler 32. OTOH, the 45 was the second boat at this show that I could have put under my arm and carried off home. Just superb. Build quality could not be faulted from what I saw. Sensible interior layout, nice cockpit and well laid out deck. If my dreamboat DS41 is as well built as the 45....I am happy. Only three DS41s ever made it to Australia btw. I'd always presumed that we would have to import one but the Dehler rep reckons there is one about to come onto the Oz market in Oz. If he is correct we'll be very interested I'm sure. Depending of course on the price.

Bavaria.....I will be very interested to see that new Farr design when it appears. I confess I have always found Bavarias to be handsome boats let down by the interior. I realise they are built to a price and I suppose I'd still rather one of these than a Beneteau or a Juneau but the joinery disappoints me.

Beneteau....had a wander through an Oceanis 40....leaves me totally unmoved. above for a DS40. Not that they are awful, just bland as bland can be. Very disappointing. I used to really like the old model Juneau Deck Saloons and sure the 50 plus footers are pretty impressive but no, not my speed.

Catalina....gee I hope Cruising Dad doesn't see this cos he has been extolling the praises of the Catalina but I'm afraid....see above. Maybe the odler ones are better than the newer. Even the hatches into the bilges were jammed on this thing.

To be honest from what I saw, the Elan was a better build than Beneteau. Juneau or Catalina. While I do still find the Elan too plastic, it would be the pick for me of the less expensive production yachts. , very new, to the Australian market and I really wanted to have a look see but there were too many people crawling around when we went past and I am embarassed to admit we forgot to go back. :o We'll have to speak with the dealer and go have a look post show.

Moody....way out of my price league....but I've always liked Moodys. The old 425 is an old favourite. That whacko Pilot House I love, if only because it is out there while the new Classic looks a pretty fine piece of kit, little bit too "olde newe" for my liking but I suspect that this is a boat that will age well.

That's probably about it as far as the stuff we were interested in. I should have taken notes I guess but there were some lovely small daysailers on display and a vertiable horde of stink boats both large and small, almost all without exception being loathsome. I'm not really anti stink boats as such. Indeed I well admit that the day will come when I will go that way once I can no longer handle a sailing boat. For me, I'd rather be on the water in a stinker than not on the water at all. That said the current generation of frozen snot surrounded by a myriad of those vile underwater led lights just makes me want to :puke.

Nuff said.

Oh...didn't mention multi hulls. Had a quick look at a Lagoon and an Australian built Seawind. Reality is the Wombet simply refuses to discuss the things. I can see they have appeal but she just hates them. Waste of time spending much time investigating but I really did like one little trimaran with folding wings. I forget the name right now and the info is at home. Only about 20' long but as a day sailor, occasional stay on board she would be terrific.

Rest of the time was spent looking at gear. I'll spare you the details.


tdw 08-04-2010 08:43 PM

<table border="0" cellpadding="6" cellspacing="0" width="100%"> <tbody><tr> <td class="alt2" style="border: 1px inset;"> Originally Posted by PCP
Hey Man, great post:)

I agree with almost everything you have said even If I find those "Bluewater cruising yachts" pretty dated in what concerns design.

The cruising line of Elans are really too fat. You mean they had not any of the performance line there? The Elan 380 and the 410 are really nice boats, with very nice interiors. No fat ladies, but athletic gals with a nice and accommodating body, if you know what I mean:D

No Benetaus First? The 45 and the 50 are beautiful boats with a great interior.

I agree about the big Dehler: what a boat...and what a price:(

What Salona was there? You know the Salona is better appreciated on the water. It is a very good sailboat. This month I am going to visit the shipyard and have a look at the first Salona 41. Finished, but not yet out of the factory:)

I agree that the big Hanse are just beautiful. Perhaps they have improved the interior, as you say. As I have said on a previous post, they are just changing their design concept, and for the better.

About the trimaran, would that not be a Dragonfly? I love those boats and if the 35ft was not sooooo expensive I would just buy one and live in a very frugal way...just to have the pleasure to cruise at 20k.

About the European boat shows, there are Dusseldorf and Paris...forget about the others;)

Why don't you come to Paris, to the next one? I am going and there are worst cities to visit than Paris:D . I am sure that your wife would love it (I mean, not the boat show, the city;) ).



</td> </tr> </tbody></table>
No doubt the Bluewaters are dated. From memory they came off Adams drawing board over 20 years ago. So yes, old fashioned and slow but nonetheless lovely boat.

Re Elan...I get where you are coming from :). They only had two boats, the 384 and the 340 which is a nice enough thing but I was really hoping to see a 350.

Yes there were a couple of Firsts but once she had seen the Oceanus she did not want anything to do with Beneteaus. To be honest she was still drooling about the Dehler.

Which is oh yes, what a price indeed but the Wombet was scrabbling about everywhere on that D45. She loved it. The dealer was pretty happy with the new 32. Certainly more realistically priced.

The Hanse interior is still apartment living, but it is expensive apartment living not some Ikea furnished students flat. :)

Trimaran not a Dragonfly. Much smaller. This little thing could not have been bigger than 21-22'. I'll fine the details.

Love to do Paris and the Wombet would not object at all. She would be just as happy touring the boat show as out shopping for clothes, in fact she would rather look at boats than clothes. Then a nice little bistro for dinner. She'd be quite happy. Only problem is that I need to go to Europe some time September this year or April next. I doubt that I can manage an extra trip in the middle. We shall see. Damned expensive flying from Oz to Europe I'm afraid.
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tdw 08-04-2010 08:44 PM

<table border="0" cellpadding="6" cellspacing="0" width="100%"> <tbody><tr> <td class="alt2" style="border: 1px inset;"> Originally Posted by T37SOLARE
Thanks for the run down TDW, very nice.

Maybe a new thread about new gear you saw down there would be appreciated by us blokes up here...

</td> </tr> </tbody></table>
Thank you.

I doubt there would be anything you guys are not already aware of. Usually I am chasing around at boat shows trying to find stuff I've seen mentioned here that I've not found in Oz.

Our main interest was in Auto Pilots....Raymarine won out I think, Inflatable...need a cheap one not top of the range, liked Plastimo for the price. Also looking at LED nav lights, Lopo seem pretty good, log (Raymarine again) and LED interior lighting.

Actually, I suppose the only chance we would have of finding something that is not commonly available in the US would be if it was European.

tdw 08-04-2010 08:45 PM

BTW...I'm pretty sure the little trimaran I was talking about is this...

Scarab 18 trimaran pictures

chall03 08-04-2010 09:09 PM

Thanks TD.

We did spend a bit of time looking around all the Beneteaus. As we still have a little bit of a racer in us we were interested in the wife and I both have a bit of history with the old .7's so were interested in how the new range faired....

I guess the new 'modern' cabin on the firsts was almost a little too modern for us, more trendy apartment than sailboat. I have heard more than a couple of people suggest also that the Farr designed .7's probably also still sail better than their newer siblings.
On the Oceanis range I tend to agree with TD, we was fairly underwhelmed. The Oceanis 58 was of some interest, maybe just because it was far more boat than we could ever hope to have, but also the large aft boarding/swim platform is impressive and does make a bit of sense at anchor.

The Bavarias I liked a lot more than I every have, and yeah the wife was particularly taken with the Bavarias....

Another worthy mention goes to the Jarkan 36, an Australian yacht that lacked alot of flair and glamour, but it was very interesting chatting with the builder about the differences in build technique compared to a say was a boat I would be happy to own and live on.

The highlight of the Marina for us though I guess was both 'Ellas Pink Lady' Jessica Watson's S&S 34 and also 'La Barca' a Jarkan 10.5 sailed around the world with a family of 4 onboard.

We spent alot of time this year listening to talks from a range of sailor folk, and listening and talking to the La Barca clan for us was particularly a real treat. Hearing that normal people can in modest boats go off and pursue their cruising dreams helped reassure the both of us that we weren't completely nuts.

tdw 08-04-2010 11:01 PM

We did have a look at the Jarkan. I forgot to include her in my report. It was a shame they didn't get her finished though.

Something of an updated Zeston 36. For me I think they have tried to stuff too much into the thing. I'd rather junk both aft cabins in return for a better galley/saloon layout. Hell, if you have overnight guests on a 36'er then let 'em sleep on the settees.

A 40'er would be nice. I've always dismissed the Firsts because of their draft but as I said, the Wombet had seen quite enough of Beneteau. Indeed she'd seen quite enough of pretty much everything and nothing came up to the Dehler. Hey, you have to love a woman who falls head over heals in love with 3/4 million dollars worth of boat. :):) Where she thinks we are going to find the money is another thing altogether. Hmmm......have I just been conned ? :eek::eek:

chall03 08-04-2010 11:49 PM

Hey Josie went absolutely bananas over the Oceanis 58.........largely based on the fact that she liked the light switches :) :) :)

I wasn't really impressed with the Jarkan until I got talking with the guy.....also I guess as bad as it sounds I feel sorry for the Aussie boat building industry. IMHO It should really be doing a heck of a lot better than it is. i remember even 5 years ago going to the boat show and finding a bunch of Northshores etc, that are now well and truly off the dial.

tdw 08-05-2010 05:11 PM


Originally Posted by chall03 (Post 628968)
Hey Josie went absolutely bananas over the Oceanis 58.........largely based on the fact that she liked the light switches :) :) :)

I wasn't really impressed with the Jarkan until I got talking with the guy.....also I guess as bad as it sounds I feel sorry for the Aussie boat building industry. IMHO It should really be doing a heck of a lot better than it is. i remember even 5 years ago going to the boat show and finding a bunch of Northshores etc, that are now well and truly off the dial.

Ok....she's got me there...I'm off to check out B Oc58 light switches. The Wombet did fall for a light fitting that we saw on the Elan 384 (I think). I know I took home a card or brochure from the people who sell them in Oz. If I find it I'll post.

I'm with you re the Oz build market but what the heck can you do ? As noted in initial post I was seriously impressed by the Bluewater 420 even though its a pretty old design. Then again so am I so maybe we are suited. :) There wasn't anybody on the Jarkan went we went on board so we didn't get a chance to talk.

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