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Tredup 08-16-2010 11:11 AM

Unidentified Sailboat Dinghy
I have noticed for the last couple of years a sailboat tucked under some trees in a yard on my way home. I finally stopped yesterday and looked under the tarp that was tied over her. I didn't recognize her and I could not locate the name of the type or manufacturer on her. She is a fiberglass boat, daggerboard, and seems to be in the 17' range. The one distinguihing feature is that the transom was in 3 pieces - fiberglass panel in the middle with a clear panel on each side. Sorry I couldn't get pictures. Does anyone have any idea what she might be? Thank sin advance.:)

mpickering 08-16-2010 12:40 PM

Details matter. Did you see the daggerboard? Was it wood or metal? Was it clear panels or was it actual holes? Some of the dinghies I sail have open holes on either side of the transom and the center is solid. Later models of the same dinghy have solid transoms.

Was the hull rounded or did it have hard chines (edges) to it? That can help a lot in dating a design as many one design dinghies originate from the 1920s onward and hard chined hulls are typical of that era. Snipe, Lightning, Comet, Star to name a few. Although I can tell you the boat you saw is definitely not a Star. :)


Tredup 08-16-2010 02:33 PM

I don't recall exactly what the daggerboard looked like, but it definitely had a daggerboard trunk. It did not have a keel, like a star. The bottom was round, not hard chined, rather shallow. I think I'll have to go back. I don't know how I am going to take pictures though with it covered as it is.

Tredup 08-16-2010 02:40 PM

Forgot to mention that the boat design may be old, but this boat was definitely built in fiberglass (as can be imagined from the transom clear panels). If I had to guess, I say she was from the 1970s.

nolatom 08-16-2010 02:45 PM

Before we reach 1000 words, we need a picture.

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