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motmorland 01-30-2001 04:51 PM

trailor sailors
My wife and I recently purchased a Chrysler 22 the slip we were planning to use has fell through. Is it bad to be constantly trailoring and launching our boat. We do understand the work involved with set up each time, but I am more interested in wear and tear on the boat. I am also interested in ant time saving ideas for setting up our boat... Thanks

CMcLean 03-25-2001 12:38 AM

trailor sailors
We have been trailering yachts for years without problems. If moving long distances I suggest you put cloth sleaves over the rubber rollers on the trailer as the rubber is generally too hard and wears the gel coat.
In our area we have found marinas where we can store the boat fully rigger on the trailer and this has reduced rigging to once a year.

papercut 03-27-2001 02:42 PM

trailor sailors
Hi I saw your note on the sailnet message board. The best way for us ,my wife and I to set up the sailboat. Is practice. Right now I am making a piece to hook on the front of the boat so I can use the wrinch used on the boat to pull up the mast. This is the hardest job of all. I do this first so there is less to get the cables hooked on.Let me know where you are going to use the sail boat. gene

Archam0672 04-14-2001 01:54 PM

trailor sailors
I have an American 26. I stand the mast quite easily by carrying forward over the bow sprint. Pin the base in the tabernacle, forward and with fore and side stays in place, attach a line to the topping lift on the back stay, using the boom as a gin pole which my wife holds upright in the gooseneck, I take a turn around the transom stanchion and just pull it up. Goes up quite effortlessly. Lower it the same way.

flyingbuss 04-27-2001 05:06 AM

trailor sailors
Hi there,
Just got back from two months in New Zealand where we bought a trailer boat for ease of storage etc. A couple of points stand out after use. The person who said they tow once a year and leave the boat rigged at dry storage is on to it. We actually rented a berth and left ours in the drink. Towing is no problem but you use your boat more the easier it is. You won''t take an hours evening cruise if you have to launch the boat.
As to launching there are two things i learned that realy helped with mast raising. Try to get the bow a little down hill to help raise the mast and keep it in place while you hook it up. Also make certain the boat is level side to side to prevent twist and lateral strain on the base and rig as it is raised.
Hope any of this is usefull.. Cheers, Garry

waltersofbayport 05-16-2001 11:19 AM

trailor sailors
There are lots of discussions on this very topic aboard the trailersailor forum.

This group will give a whole lot of ideas.

windjamer 05-23-2001 04:53 PM

trailor sailors
I''m looking for partners to own a 26'' Luger sailboat swing keel w/trailer need''s sails and some interior work located in Chicago $600 will get you in. . . . email me

sehopkins 06-04-2001 08:22 AM

trailor sailors
My husband and I bought a ''96 Hunter 26 last October. It is stored rigged, on the trailer, at the marina and ramp-launched every sail. Getting it in is fast and simple; getting it out is not, because the water ballast must be emptied. Though we get faster every time, we get a lot of dirty looks at the ramp from people with small boats that take a grand total of 10 minutes to get out of the water.

We love the money-saving aspects; no bottom paint, no slip fees. This boat has been reasonably well used for five years and is in excellent condition in every way. It shows no signs of wear and tear or structural problems from trailer storage or ramp launching.

The significant wear and tear we''re going to see is on our truck. To empty the water ballast, the truck has to pull about 5,200 pounds of load out of the water up a steep ramp so we can open the plug to lose 2,000 pounds of water. Whether the savings of trailer storage will compensate for the wear and tear on the vehicle is still a matter of debate.


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