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eherlihy 02-25-2011 02:36 PM

Slip preference?
I finally received the contract for the marina that I would like to keep my boat in this year. My plan is to spend this year on a slip (so that the "admiral" will get comfortable), and next year on a mooring.

The yard manager has offered me the end of the T. He has also said that if I want it, I could get a slip closer to the bulkhead...

I'm curious as to what you would take and why.

As I see it the T has advantages;
  • Easier to land
  • Easier to leave
  • Deeper water (I draw 5' 7")
  • Privacy?

and disadvantages;
  • Less protection from fetch during storms
  • Higher likelyhood of bird droppings
  • More wake action
  • Longer walk to carry stuff to and from the boat


tempest 02-25-2011 02:54 PM

You have cited all the pros and cons.

1 and 3 would be my biggest concerns of the cons.

Since you are familiar with the exposed is the T to wakes and weather?? If very exposed I'd take the inside slip.

Then again, if you're considering a future mooring, you might want to get used to the exposure.

eherlihy 02-25-2011 03:06 PM

Here's a pic;

The marina in question is #12 on this chart. The dock that I would use is the first one in (most southerly) shown on the chart. The bay opens up outside of GC "5", and RN "6" to about 1.5 miles to the west, and 5 miles across to the south. For scale, the entrance to this cove is 200' wide.

Interesting that the marina to the north (the un-numbered green arrow) also has available slips, and they would be about $400 less for the season.

Thanks in advance!

Faster 02-25-2011 03:12 PM

Have you checked into the other marina? I'd think the added shelter would be worth even some added cost.... and this one's cheaper!

Of course there may be other factors - facilities, docks etc...

rikhall 02-25-2011 03:19 PM

Me, if all else is equal, we would take the one further in the lagoon. The shelter will should be much better.

zz4gta 02-25-2011 03:27 PM

Don't take the T. For me, the T and wakes and weather are a big concern. My boat weighs 3000 lbs and the smallest wake will send it rocking. Take the cheaper one with more protection, and a REAL slip. Save the T's for visitors or multis.

eherlihy 02-25-2011 03:40 PM

I've spent the winter at this place, and I like it. The yard manager is a good guy, and the yard caters more to working boats than the "yachtie-types." It's a no frills place: the amenities include a head, and the manager will usually offer you a Bud Light. The yard is under new ownership, and the area where the slips are was just dredged. The down side of the working boats is that they attract gulls.

The yard to the north is one of a well known chain of marinas in the northeast. They cater to yachts. I didn't spend the winter here, because it was about $500 more expensive, and their contract rules required that I pull the mast (although, I drive by it every day I go to my boat, and there are a lot of boats like mine with their masts still up:confused:).
They offer;
  • Heads and showers
  • Ice
  • Courtesy transportation
  • Swimming pool
  • Picnic area
  • Barbeque grills
  • Ship's store (expensive)

chef2sail 02-25-2011 03:44 PM

T head means you are tying up only one side of the boat to the bulkead vrs all four corners. I would rather have my boat tied at the corners, and spring lines "floating" in the slip. Easier for this to happen to adjust to daily tides.

Hard to imagine a boat which has gotten loose hitting me in my slip, hreas at the end of the T head more likely.

When wind direction is acrooss the beam at the T Head the boat is pinned to the T head with fenders/ boards compressed between the two.

My vote is for the slip


CapnBilll 02-25-2011 03:46 PM

I would look at the north marina good an hard. Better protection, less traffic, and what another 10 mins to the bay? In the north marina a T head would be a good deal. I wouldn't want the T-head at number 12. The waves will come right in the inlet and pin your boat against the dock, plus all of the wakes.

Where is this at, latitude makes a big difference in how far you need to be from inlet.
What are the prevaling winds? I like to nose into the wind, worst is a crosswind blowing away from the finger pier.
How far a walk to the restrooms/laundry? This will be your biggest comfort factor.
How far a drive to the nearest pumpout/fuel? This comes in at a close second.
Power? the marina I'm at now does not meter, really cool in the summer when it is 100 outside. I think I easily burn the slip rate in power june to aug.

eherlihy 02-25-2011 04:03 PM

Thank you Bill!

You reminded me of what will likely be the deciding factor; Pumpout and Diesel! My current marina doesn't offer them. The yard to the north does.

Prevailing winds are from the west, or southwest. Lattitude ~41. There ain't no laundry to walk to... My current yard offers 30A electric at no charge while you're aboard (they flip the breaker at the dockbox if you are not on your vessel). The guys to the north meter each slip.

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