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Frogwatch 03-09-2011 10:02 AM

Propane canister from Hell
Recently, I was anchored at Great sale Cay in the Bahamas. We put a new 1 lb propane canister on the magma and heated up some food and then removed the canister. The canister would not shut off but kept leaking propane. Crap, what to do now? Not gonna keep it aboard. After considering all options and feeling very guilty, I heaved it as far from us as I could. Problem solved........or so I thought. A bit later, Thump, Thump, WTF? I look down, the tide has changed and it has returned bumping the side of my boat. JEEZUS!
Considered moving it to the other side of the boat so the tide would carry it away but realized the returning tide would prob bring it back. What to do?
Finally, put the dinghy in the water with the canister in it and trailed the dinghy astern...........................You guessed right, about an hour or so later, BUMP, BUMP, the dinghy is bumping the side of our boat.
By this time, it is well after dark and no moon at all. I consider rowing the damned thing ashore and putting it there but it is a long row in the dark.
So, I tied a 200' line to the dinghy so I can get back to the boat in the dark if anything goes wrong and I row the 200' and then heave the canister as far as I can.
We went to bed that night but I never did sleep but kept waiting to hear "bump, bump..."

travlin-easy 03-09-2011 10:15 AM

Apparently, the rubber valve did not seat properly when the bottom was disconnected from the burner valve. The solution is quite simple. Just spray a small amount of WD-40, CRC or another similar agent into the tank opening, then screw it back in place on the burner valve. After a few minutes, unscrew the tank and most of the time it will seal properly. Tossing the tank overboard makes a nasty navigation hazard, not to mention pollution of the waterway.

Gary :cool:

christyleigh 03-09-2011 10:49 AM

Interesting....... the issue about 1lb canisters leaking came up on this thread - and a separate cap was mentioned as a cure.

Minnewaska 03-09-2011 11:44 AM

If I could not get a cylinder to stop, I think I would just reattach, turn the grill on high and burn it all off. Cleans the grill and then you could just toss the empty container in your onboard trash.

Of course, I might try the method suggested by Travelineasy, but probably wouldn't be comfortable without a separate cap to ensure it stayed closed.

WanderingStar 03-09-2011 11:58 AM

Clearly, the canister was evil. You must get your mojo back, go to

SVCarolena 03-09-2011 12:02 PM


Originally Posted by christyleigh (Post 706923)
Interesting....... the issue about 1lb canisters leaking came up on this thread - and a separate cap was mentioned as a cure.

Funny - I saw that today, too, and imediately ordered a set!

Minnewaska 03-09-2011 12:05 PM


Originally Posted by SVCarolena (Post 706950)
Funny - I saw that today, too, and imediately ordered a set!

And yet, no rep points for the guy that found these and saved everyone's lives. :D

lshick 03-09-2011 12:09 PM

Another temporary solution would have been to trail a bucket in the water on a short line from the stern of the dinghy, so that both the mother ship and the dink would have been tide-rode, rather than (probably) the mother ship being tide-rode and the dink being wind-rode. This works well any time you have wind-against-tide, even if you don't have an IED in the dink.

celenoglu 03-09-2011 01:12 PM

Empty the gas to the sea by pushing in the canisterss valve with a metal. Make sure you hold the bottle with soe thick cloth, it will be very cold. After all the gas is discharged you can keep the canister on the boat safely.

chef2sail 03-09-2011 02:22 PM


I have tried to google the topic a dozen times now and can not find any reference to these 1lb tanks leaking due to repeated use. Can anyone that proposes this problem provide an authoritative reference?
Why would you get rep points for recommending a dangerous procedure. The little cannisters leak. You have now heard from at least 4 other people who have posted here that is has happened to them PERSONALLY. That is enough to convince me they are inherently more dangerous than a T fitting with a turnoff valave at the top of a 10 lb tank in an appropriate propane locker as a means of using a grill frequently and safely.

I try and err on safetys side with propane is all I am saying...and the little tanks are fickle, especially when screwed and unscrewed.

I will gladly eat BBQ food with you anytime. Maybe next summer when we e in NE.


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