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centaursailor 03-25-2011 10:21 PM

Waste of money or a great buy
I,m well known round the harbour as a gadget collector:)
Had an hour to spare today, wandered into a chandlers and couldn't,t resist a solar powered exhaust fan ,a gallon of Warm Touch paint, agus a wind up super torch, 100 euro down the drain most likely,:(
Anyone tried this on their damp walls and ceiling.
Spent all day last Saturday scrubing the cabin, the mold was tough and likes to comeback for the winter Holls every year.:mad:
I,m hoping the charming salesman was telling the truth about painting his whole house with warm touch, 70 euro a gallon, and now his heating bill are so low he can get by on one fill of oil a year in a 4 bedroom house.:confused: Would the fan go in the main cabin or over the wet locker?

Don't want to replace the old insulation I removed a couple of years ago so now hopeing that between increased ventilation and magic insulating paint I may not need to wear my olies inside anymore.:)
He wouldn,t take my beans eaither, only visa.:eek: Nice lad
Safe sailing

travlin-easy 03-25-2011 10:34 PM

The volume of air moved by the solar powered fans is marginal at best, however, it's better than moving no air at all.

Good Luck,

Gary :cool:

waterdog52 03-26-2011 07:08 AM

I have solar fan. It quit working. Condnesation was noticable. replaced fan , cabin is dryer. Hard to say where to install. Need to be a flat surface, and get sun.

pdqaltair 03-26-2011 08:10 AM

I've tested numerous insulating paints in refinery settings. Return the cans.

* generally the surface is rough, or at least harder to clean. You won't like it.
* they offer some help from radient heat (sun on a hot roof).
* they offer NO help at normal temperatures in a house.

If the prodcuts were effective they would get broad use, would be used in new houses to meet energy claims, and would be a powerfull tool to fight global warmimg.

Unfortunatly, based on our numbers, pure scam, like magnetic bug killing filters.



I should expand on their "warm touch" claim. It's a trick. A sheet of metal feel cold because it conducts heat. A peice of paper feels warm. Neither offers any real insulation when placed on a wall; they are a tiny part of the whole. But if you paint a cold metal surface with this it will feel warmer, because the nerves in your fingers measure heatflow in the imiediate area, not temperature. R-value tests are easily rigged to take advantage of this.

travlin-easy 03-26-2011 10:27 AM

In my case, the fan is mounted in the ceiling of the head, which is where a fair amount of moisture is generated when taking a shower. I suspect that the fan ventilates the entire boat by drawing air through the head's louvered hatch openings, then through the head's louvered door and exhausts it via the fan-vent. Like I said--it's better than nothing. Hmmm! That;s the same thing my wife says when one of her friends asks "How's your husband?" ;)

Good Luck,

Gary :cool:

n0w0rries 03-26-2011 11:24 AM

Looks like the paint is snake oil.

captbillc 03-26-2011 11:47 AM

there was a thread on solar vent fans here. i have one mounted in the cabin top and i would not be without one, because i have no mold in the boat.

sawingknots 03-26-2011 01:11 PM

the solar fans are worth the money,i resently replaced the nicro unit on my boat opting for the cheaper sunforce,i now wish i spent the extra money for the nicro,the old saying is always correct[you get what you pay for]

martin6651 03-26-2011 03:08 PM

Centaursailor, I see you managed to get in a word of Gaeilge(Irish)

centaursailor 03-26-2011 03:38 PM

So probably duped on the paint but won,t be sure because the fan might work.:confused:
You cynics do know the paint has nano technology developed by NASA, or was that the SGC :cool:
Two out of three ain,t bad, assuming the wind up torch a isn,t a just a windup.:laugher
Well spotted Máirtín, Ni tir gan teanga
Safe sailing

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