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jbarros 07-01-2003 09:08 AM

4th of july without a radio?
hey all,

So, Josie''s been coming back together piece by piece, but as she seldom (once since I''ve owned her) travels out of the sight of land, or anywhere near the shipping lanes, it''s been ok without a radio.

However, now I want to take her out at night and watch the fireworks at the beach, from out in the water. The issue with this, is I know there''s a safe zone somewhere, and I want to make sure my boats not in the wrong place. Anyone done the fourth of july from the water thing before? Can it be safly done without a radio? Or do I need to wait till I''ve got a couple hundred lying around, and catch the fireworks from the sea next year?

Thanks. :)

-- James

DuaneIsing 07-01-2003 10:20 AM

4th of july without a radio?
Surely there must be other boaters doing the same thing. Can you ask any of them in advance? Can you look for, or follow, the "herd" as they leave the docks?

jparker11 07-01-2003 12:54 PM

4th of july without a radio?
Nope, a working VHF radio is not required equipment on any private vessels to 20 meters. Oddly, it does make the list of recommended equipment along with a cell phone!! Having been to one of these affairs, it is more important to have a multi-million candlepower aircraft landing light to blind the damn stinkpot driver with his spotlights ablaze and you leading him into the breakwater becuse you are blinded!!!

Use normal traffic conventions, have working nav lights, and, audio and visual distress signalling devices (as CG required). If you don''t feel comfortable with just a cell phone, I am sure there are a number of skippers in the harbor who would lend you a handheld.

If possible, go in the daylight hours with a GPS and establish a track to the viewing area. The first time out of the breakwater at night is very intimidating. Shore lights wash out nearly all navaids in some locations. Enjoy the show.

jbanta 07-01-2003 04:35 PM

4th of july without a radio?

When it was possible I remember coming into the North Marina on the tip od Antalope Island after dark. On My first trip I was luckly and had a slip dead ahead. That trip showee me everything I have to know about docking at that marina. As far as coming into the south shore Marina at night That is a snap. I docked on the south side of "K" dock and with all the lights in the marina it isn''t hard at all.

jparker11 07-01-2003 09:27 PM

4th of july without a radio?
Well Jim

The North Marina has no lights except stars and the moon. And the South Marina has this 1200 ft lighthouse me and 120 guys put there 28 years ago!!

What the other Jim B has to encounter is the backlighting of 15 million people, eight seaside powerhouses, five refineries and the occasional oil derrick. Searching for the Red-Flashing-3 sec nav aid that should be at 145 is nearly impossible. Add with 300 other boats going to the same show, half carrying the yearly output of brewery and a working radio is the least of my worries. An operating deck gun would be more appropriate <g>.

Happy Fourth,

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