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bmccuej 05-09-2011 07:16 AM

rigging tension
I bought a 1977 hunter 27 last summer and I am getting ready to put her back in the water this morning. I bought a tension gauge, but it is elusive to tell me how much tension I should put in the fore & aft stays or the shrouds.

I did read a little one source said set the fore & aft stay at 10% of the boats displacement, so about 650 lbs. Another source said to set the fore & aft stay at 1000 lbs and the shrouds at 600 lbs.

Pretty large difference! Does anyone have any knowledge on setting the tension in the stays & shrouds?

john1066 05-09-2011 08:05 AM

RichH 05-09-2011 11:49 AM

Rig tension determines the SHAPE of the jib/genoa ... windloading on jibs/genoas is variable due to the changing and variable wind strengths.

The 'functional purpose' of rig tension is not to keep the 'mast up' but rather to provide a structural 'platform' upon which to fly the sails ... and that requires quite precise tension - within limits.

There is not a SINGLE constant headstay/backstay tension that is 'appropriate'; however, headsails are typically cut/designed for the headstay/backstay to be @ ~15% wire tension when sailing in 12-15kts of windstrength ... and the 'sailmaker 'expects' the rig to be at 15% headstay/backstay tension when he/she designs 'stock' sails. .... and if you want 'performance' in other windstrengths then you should be adjusting the rig tension (on the fly via the backstay) to match the SHAPE of headsail.

Here's how to set 'tension' to get the correct SHAPE of the headsail (should be quite close to 15% tension ... headstay/backstay/capshrouds for sailing in 15kts); If this is too complicated, then set the headstay/backstay/cap shrouds at 15% .... as thats probably what your (stock) sail were designed to be flown on:

Sublime 05-09-2011 12:01 PM

You really need to find info on your specific boat and know what loads it can bear. Hunter has some decent customer service. Contact and see if they can send you a manual or some info. He usually gets back with me fairly quickly.

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