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Windkiller 05-16-2011 02:50 AM

Outboard Size fopr 18.5 trailer sailor
Hello all
I just purchased a Crown 18 swing keel trailer's basically an 18.5 ft swing keel Cal 20, made by the same people in North Vancouver BC (looks exactly the same)
Probably about 1200-1300lbs displacement
I'm currently fixing up the interior(such as it is..haha)
It came with a longshaft British Seagull 40 plus (with clutch)
I like Seagulls and I have a few
I use one on my mutineer 15 ( a short shaft 40 plus) They're dependable,they start! and they're easy to fix.
Seagulls are high thrust engines meant for displacement hulls
But I wonder if this'll do the trick? I hope to sail around the gulf Islands here in BC Canada and only use it if I'm windless...or too windy
any opinions?

Ilenart 05-16-2011 06:57 AM

I assume its a 3HP, which maybe a little light. I use to own a yacht called a Red Jacket, that was an 18ft trailer sailer which had a 6HP with a displacement prop.

Your seagull would probably be fine on windless days, it's the windy days you may have problems, especially if you are trying to make headway against the prevailing breeze. A 3hp may not have enough grunt to push you thru any sort of chop.

I would stick with what you have for a while and work out whether it is ok or you need to upgrade. You'll soon work out whether you need to upgrade.


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