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VIEXILE 07-15-2003 01:43 PM

BVI Boats Seized by US Customs
Oh yeah, the first boat seized by the BVI was the "BLACK PEARL". How appropo. Now "homeland security," in the last two hours, has seized three or four BVI go-fasts that didn''t clear customs coming to Red Hook (which, if you know what''s up, is a daily occurrence) to go to K-Mart and stock up. The whole thing is turning into an international incident. I honestly believe that the BVI will relent, and get over it, if they even get wind of anyone talking boycott. Unbelieveable. It''s the islands, mon.

Stede 07-15-2003 05:20 PM

BVI Boats Seized by US Customs
Oh man,...those scurvy BVI dogs got the Black Pearl? I bet Capt.Sparrow put the lead to a few of them before they took her.I say give the dogs the Cortez treasure and see how they like that!

VIEXILE 07-16-2003 04:05 AM

BVI Boats Seized by US Customs
The Puerto Rican boat has been released, but the USVI boat remains held hostage to a typically corrupt island system. And it''s captain Niddrie. Last year, just for fun, the BVI seized one of the Bryan kids'' boats and held the teenager. Thing is, you can''t figure out HOW to get a fishing license in the BVI, much less what the actual customs fees are when clearing in. Seems to vary widely. I''ve got dozens of BVI stamps in my passport, none of which cost the same amount. They''re targeting U.S. citizens, again, in the hopes that the major sportfishing fleet will relocate to the BVI.

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