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dashman 06-05-2011 07:28 PM

Tartan & Dinghy Davits
I am looking for some "how I did it" info of those Tartan 37 owners who have added dinghy davits to their boat. Obviously, I would like to keep my costs down and not clutter the boat. I would appreciate hearing from you if have something to share. Thanks, much.

Al Dashevsky
sv "Always Sumthing"

chef2sail 06-05-2011 09:25 PM

Hope t37chef chimes in here. We both purchased the davits from Garhaer at about the same time. I am very happy with mine and they are well constructed. I just purchased a radar pole which comes with a detachable engine hoist to it. Also well made and Garhauers customer service, Marc in particular are an A plus.

T37Chef 06-06-2011 12:19 PM

Garhauer Davits

We have a set of 1" Garhauer Davits Garhauer Marine Hardware -2671563. Depending on your dingy (we hang a 9' Achilles RIB @ 120 lbs Achilles Inflatable Crafts), the 1" tube should be fine, but get the extra cross bar and larger backing plates for the lower supports. It will provide the added lateral support needed for rougher seas.

At the time I purchased them at a boat show special, they were about $600.00 which was an outstanding value! The link above shows them selling for almost double that now. I am not sure if that is comparable to other davits out there? Garhauer stuff is well built, if not a bit clunky sometimes, although thats not the case regarding their davits or travelers in my opinion.

I have a love - hate relationship with the davit. It does compromise the beautiful lines of the boat, and limits the use of the aft boarding ladder. In fact, I hang an emergency ladder off the port aft just for this reason. But seeing forward is much better and it also gives you a place to store some other incidentals such as trash ;) One advantage to the davit is you don't have to remove everything from the dingy to store it. Some leave the engine on. I have done this before but wasn't very comfortable doing so, at least upwind. In any heel and seas you risk tearing the engine off. At least turn it so if you do dip the engine, its going with the current ;) I'm not sure what takes longer to do, store the dingy on the deck or davit? It takes me about 10 minutes to cover, raise, re-cover, and secure it to the davit, plus removing the engine. Rarely do I leave the engine (a 9.8 4 Stroke Tohatsu @ 90 lbs) on the dingy, which makes it easier and faster to launch.

Installing the davit was a no brainer. (You might consider some braces on the stern rail to take some of the load? I have not added anything yet, but will sooner or later.) Install the davits as high as you can. In the photo below you will see where I positioned mine, you can't go much higher, but I should have located them a bit farther apart to accommodate the attachment points in the dingy. I use a self made bridle to keep the lines the proper distance apart so the blocks don't get stressed & twisted. The most difficult part of the install was getting the nuts on the bolts for the lower brackets.

In addition, when I got the larger engine, I also purchased a engine lift. Not Garhauer, but Forespar. I don't care for the look of the Garhauer one. Like chef2sail has, their Radar poles have an optional bracket for engines. Previous to the 9' Achilles we hung a 10' Avon Inflatable Floor, I much prefer the RIB. The 9' will fit better but has its own drawbacks vs the 10'. Ahhh, so much to think about

All in all, I am not so sure I would do it again? Let me know if you have anymore questions, there is some good stuff on the T37 forum as well.

Some pics to deliberate over :)

This is right after the install a few years ago, since I have moved the name to the side...

The rail mounting, ask if they can make you an extension so the davit sits more horizontal

With the old 10' Avon

Some more recent pics with the 9' RIB, although its not covered here...

Random pic showing some detail

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