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PPPPPP42 06-20-2011 11:19 PM

1st year of O'day 22 1972 or 1973?
What was the first actual model year of the O'day 22, I know some were built in 1972 but I need to know what the first model year as it would show on an original title was.
Boats seem to be like cars where the production year begins in the fall for the next year.
I'm seeing conflicting information on sites due to that fact, and people that claim to have a 1972 O'day 22.

Also all the O'day specific forums on sites have failed to answer this one important bit of info I need, so I came to this higher traffic forum.

blt2ski 06-21-2011 12:03 AM

From info on the 22. This is probably the best you will do, altho some manufactures do call a 73 in the earliest year, a boat finished from July1 - 72 to June 30 73!

I Heart O'Days - Model Information - O'Day 22

General Information

The O'Day 22 had an enclosed head and hanging locker, more rake to the transom and
shorter & higher cabin house than 222. It had 2 windows on each side, jib sheets led to
blocks on side decks and cleats (winches also) on cockpit combings, a fixed fiberglass
rudder. From 1973 to 1979 the 22 had a masthead rig, from 1980 to 1983 a 3/4
fractional rig.


Years produced
Number produced
Overall length
Waterline length
Draft (1973 - 1978)
Draft (1979 - 1983)
Sail area
I measurement
J measurement
P measurement
E measurement
Displacement (1973 - 1978)
Displacement (1979)
Displacement (1980 - 1983)
Ballast (1973 - 1978)
Ballast (1979)
Ballast (1980 - 1983)
HIN Model Code (fourth character)

1972 - 1983
21' 8"
18' 11"
7' 2"
1' 11"
1' 3" / 4' 3"

24' 0"
9' 0"
20' 6"
8' 0"
2,083 lbs.
2,183 lbs.
2,283 lbs.
600 lbs.
700 lbs.
800 lbs.

deniseO30 06-21-2011 07:38 AM

Are you trying to determine if you have a real "find" ? Boats are not highly collectable like cars. When you have a "first of, last of, model so and so" All you have is "classic plastic" It's not in anyway like collectible and classic cars. I don't know that there are even such things as boat collectors. Even famous "one off" boats seem to be worthless in general and left to the elements way more then cars. if this is what your trying to determine...

JimsCAL 06-21-2011 07:43 AM

I had a 1972 ODay 22 many years ago (1976-1978).

QuickMick 06-21-2011 09:08 AM

decent info here, though even if something was built in year x it may not have hit the showroom/sold till year x+1.... or more?!?! good luck

O'DAY 22 sailboat on More than 6000 sailboats, sailing yachts, dinghies and sailing craft listed.

PPPPPP42 06-21-2011 10:18 AM

I really just need to know because I need to send in for a title next week and since this boat was abandoned I honestly don't have a clue what year it is. (don't need the lecture I always get on this, we do titles for boats abandoned at the repair place here all the time)

It would be really cool to have a first year oday 22 though it would probably actually make it worth less since this design was obviously a learning process over the years and the later ones were likely better boats.

That aside all I have to go on it that it was made pre Nov 72 since it has the early style hull number/class number plate that O'day used instead of the usual HIN number.

I suppose I'll just title it as a 72 then since that's when it was produced.

EDIT: I love how even on that link it says first built 1972 but all the references on the rest of the page are 73-79.
Jim I had assumed that the few 72's I had seen were titled in error later on based on the build date, but if yours was a '72 that early on (probably 2nd owner?) then they must have been titling them based on the build date right from the start back then instead of the intended model year.

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