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bornagainsailor 06-28-2011 06:30 PM

marine hand pump high and dry
marine hand pump not working. new hose last year. before I take it apart, is there anything I can do to troubleshoot.?

bornagainsailor 06-28-2011 07:16 PM

hand pump clarification
hello again, fyi hand pump in question is a galley, self-priming pump.

sctpc 06-28-2011 07:24 PM

if you havent used it for a longtime it may have dried out inside there is a seal that sucks up the air and water, it it drys out after use ( 1 year + ) it shrinks to flx it get a bottle cut a small hole in the lid put in a straw and squirt water back into the tap end till its full of water then try it again,
this may take several goes to resoak the seal

bornagainsailor 06-28-2011 08:40 PM

thank you. your advice was spot on. much appreciated.

JimsCAL 06-28-2011 09:13 PM

If sptpc's suggestion doesn't get it going, it may need a rebuild (or replacement). Perhaps something could be stuck in the pump valves, so that may make taking it apart worth the effort.

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