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cassatia 02-14-2001 05:50 AM

Has anyone had an experience with It is a web page that advertizes free jib sails if you agree to fly an advertizment for a nautical company. The only hitch is you payment of $30. for shipping and handeling.

I recently (September 2000) submitted an order for such a jib and have not received one to this date. My charge card had been billed for the S&H back in early November.

I had initialy learned about sails4free on another mesage board. The message poster went on about his great experience with the company. He did say that the sail had taken numerous weeks to get to him but his charge card wasnn''t billed until he received the sail.

Am I looking a gift horse in the mouth.... or am I being taken for a ride.

Has anyone had a similar experience. Any info would be a help.

Huckfin 02-14-2001 08:16 AM

I ordered from them, got a sailcover after about three months, it was too small, sent it back about 6 months ago and never heard another thing from them. I think they are overwhelmed but that doesn''t justify the fact that I am out the money I sent them for a cover they never made the size I needed.

BarnacleBen 03-15-2001 03:10 AM

Ordered in June and have not received anything since. Wish we could get a class action against them! Just $30.00, but a whole bunch of us times $30= a bundle. Rip off artists. They honored a couple who wrote glowing reports to suck the rest of us in.

hamiam 03-15-2001 04:01 AM

Why don''t you just call your credit card company and fight the charge? That technique has worked for me in the past.

skipperpete 06-17-2001 10:24 AM

Hate to admit I got sucked in to that SCAM!!!!After 6 months or more could not get any satisfaction. After threats to take legal action,got e-mails stating "check #---
was being mailed to replace my $30. along with a little for my inconvienence.
After not receiving the check,further inquiry was- we can''t be resposible if the post office dosen''t deliver(or similar wording).In short I never got a sail, a sail cover, or my money back.
I was in touch with persons on the Mac26X list that indicated at least 20 people had the same experience.
My check was deposited in Chicago,though the outfit supposedly was in Coconut Grove Florida.
Sound too good to be true???? Pete

skipperpete 06-17-2001 10:35 AM

ps. you can e-mail me at

Denr 06-18-2001 05:50 AM

I thought sailors were to smart to fall for such scams, that''s why we own sailboats rather than power boats. Have you ever heard of the old adage "if it sounds to good to be true, then it probably is". Do you not wonder why North, Dolye, UK, Sobstad, and Neil Pryde are still in business? It''s because they charge customers cash-money for their products......DUH. I''m thinking about giving away free running rigging next week, but first you''ll have to send me a case of beer, doah! Stop being a HOMER

skipperpete 06-18-2001 12:08 PM

Denr''s reply has Nothing valuable to say!

Denr 06-18-2001 12:58 PM

Sometimes the truth is painful.

RobHoman 06-29-2001 01:35 PM

Actually, I think Denr said it all...... if y''all want to part with your money for something that sounds too good to be true....
go ahead and spend your money. I''ll give you a free -------------(you fill in the blank), but you have to send me $100.00 in advance, either by check, cash (preferably) visa or mc. Them wait 6-10 weeks for delivery. Lets see, at 2 suckers, ooops I mean customers perhour times 8 big money, and if I string a bunch of ''gomers'' along for 6-10 weeks man, what a wad I''ll have on the way out the door............

Before you respond, think about the average cost of a jib sail, also consider the actual value of your flying it occasionally against the actual cost....... Wouldn''t it be smarter for them to actually buy real advertising than to waste it on sails that may only get unfurled or raised "occasionally"? Oh-doh!

If it sounds to good to be true, guess what, it probably is...............

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