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Northbender 08-03-2003 12:19 PM

Hello from a newbie
And I do mean newbie !! Hello to all. I recently inherited a 16'' Guppy. I am very interested in learning how to sail. However, I think I need to learn a little about the boat I will be sailing. I am having a hard time finding specifics on the 16'' foot Guppy, I find references to the 13'' foot Guppy, but not the 16''. Any information will be appreciated very much. I live on the Southwest Coast of Oregon and I am an experienced power boater, so I am familiar with and comfortable on the water. No shortage of wind here. I haven''t had the Guppy out on the water, so far, according to the information I have been able to retrieve, the Guppy is a pretty stable boat, with at least 100 lbs of balast in the bow??? I haven''t been this excited about boating since I purchased my first power boat 20 years ago. Thanks in advance.


jbanta 08-03-2003 04:32 PM

Hello from a newbie
Hi North and welcome to "Real" boating :) First thing you need to know is lookout for power boaters. They think they own the water... Ok ok ok I''m just kidding... :)
I don''t know alot about any daysailers but sail is saing. In the size of boat you can experiment and learn alot and you can get some lessons. Like anything new you have ever done you have to do it and do it alot before you really learn how.. Good luck good sailing and look out for those powerboaters...

Northbender 08-08-2003 03:54 PM

Hello from a newbie
Thanks for the welcome. For the most part, you are right about powerboaters, we are a gnarly bunch. However, I am trying to make the transition. Not sure I can make a full transition. But I am sure that my mind will benefit from the power of the wind. Still haven''t been able to find out anything about my boat. Either I don''t know where to look or it''s one of a kind. I dont''t think so, I am probably not looking in the right places. Frankly, I thought I had found the right place. As you can see, not too many responses, not even to say hello. You sailors must be the cliches sort :-}. Just kiddin. Gotta scoot. Watch out for those powerboaters.

jbarros 08-08-2003 05:18 PM

Hello from a newbie
well, I dont recon (omg, I justed used the word recon. sigh... the south is rubbing off on me) I dont suppose knowing too much about the specific boat is realy necessary. keep the wind at as close to 90 degrees to the sails as possible, and remember. if it''s not parked, towing something, or bigger than your appartment building, you realy did have right of way while you were dodging to miss them ;)

In all seriousness, I took an ASA "basic keel boat" course, and it was alot of fun. Should be perfect for that type of boat. Myself, I own one of those huge 19'' sloops. =)

Fair winds and following seas.

-- James

BigRed56 08-09-2003 06:05 AM

Hello from a newbie
Ahoy Northbender, dis ere be de Pirate of Pine Island and wit me usual charm I be welcoming you to the wonderfull world of sailing. First take de boat out wit anyone who knows how to sail and within hours you will get de Idea. Next if possible have that person be a good looking girl in a Bikini. Just lets me tell you a story to get ye started on the possibilities. Ere goes...
I rented a little sailboat while on vacation on de Jersey shore once and de girl wit me loved it, we sails into de back bays where wern''t no one around so she deciedes to sunbath nude.. I mean all the way. I''m fishing for flounder on account of dere wern''t much wind and it sure was hard concentrating. All of a sudden de girl sits upright and grabs a towel to cover herself. I looks around to see who''s comming and far as de Eye could see we was alone. So I says "wot in de hell? " De silly broad points up in de sky. A plane about 5000 feet is passing over. "They can see me she says!"
Moral of de story ,sailing is life de good life. Pirate of Pine Island

Northbender 08-09-2003 05:54 PM

Hello from a newbie
Hey James,

Thanks for the advice. I am planning on taking a class at my local community college. The class is only available in the spring, so I will have to wait till next year. But that''s o.k. because the boat needs a little work, all cosmetic, I think. Gotta scoot. Thanks again

Northbender 08-09-2003 06:16 PM

Hello from a newbie
Hey BigRed56,

Ahoy to you too, thanks for the great welcome and story. Sounds like I should have learned to sail a long time ago. May have scored a few more points with the girls.
I have a friend that has offered to do just what you have suggested. However, I don''t think he will look to good in a bikini, in fact I know he won''t. Was the de silly broad a blonde ?

Thanks again

BigRed56 08-09-2003 06:41 PM

Hello from a newbie
Ahoy, no jet black hair 19yrs old and I was about 35 at the time. Not much in practicial thinking skills but boy did she love to get naked!! Liked old Pirates I suppose. Pirate of Pine Island.

Northbender 08-09-2003 07:05 PM

Hello from a newbie
Wells that''s encouraging, perhaps it not too late after all.

dpboatnut 08-09-2003 10:11 PM

Hello from a newbie
While I think the word Newbie should be banned, Hello, anyway!

Is this your boat?

Have fun,

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