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smallboatlover 08-03-2011 01:05 PM

why and what do you like about it.
so i'm desputing this to myself for my next boat. i want to buy another one next year and sell my two. i know i could get 3-4k if i sell them boat that would be my budget. so do you think i could get a used 22-25' trailer sailboat. i know how to sail. the sailboat would have to have a bed for me to sleep in. a stove or something to cook on. an a bathroom/ poripotty and a cooler or fridge. now the thing i'm have a problem with is weather to get a sailboat like this or get a powerboat. a motorboat. why do you like sailing instead owning a motorboat. also a motor on a 22-25' outboard motor how fast would the sailboat go. i think thats the thing i'm stuck on is speed between a motor boat vs sailboat. right now i have a 14' 50hp motor boat and a 16' sailboat.

Tim R. 08-03-2011 01:13 PM

If you are worried about speed, then you need to get the powerboat.

A 22ft. sailboat will likely sail nearly the same speed as your Mistral. Motoring may get you another knot if you push it.

Nothing in your price range will sail and match the speed of your 50hp powerboat except a windsurfer or maybe a Hobiecat. Tough to sleep, cook and do potty on either of those though.


Originally Posted by smallboatlover (Post 758112)
why do you like sailing instead owning a motorboat.

For us it is about the journey, not the destination.

smallboatlover 08-03-2011 01:27 PM

well i'm going out on a 36' sailboat this weekend so i will see how it is

smallboatlover 08-03-2011 01:28 PM

i like the idea of not buying so much gas and sailing. it being peacefull. but on that size of sailboat could i just go for a nice cruise in the bay a small area for an hour and be back i do that now with my sailboat.

HDChopper 08-03-2011 08:58 PM

I've has a 18' Sidewinder PB with a 150 hp racing / illegal outboard on it did 50 mph eazy & fun but the GAS !!! fill it up and only play 1 hour at full pwr you could milk it but speed was the point ;)..

It's going to be sailing or nothing for me now :)

Siamese 08-03-2011 09:24 PM

Sailing and powerboating both take place on the water. After that, the similarities are of little consequence, and the two types of boats get compared to each other way too often.

Sailing is a sport. Powerboating is a boat ride.

You decide.

bgeddes 08-03-2011 10:59 PM

I have less than $3k in my boat and we sleep on it every weekend. We have a cooler and portapotty (we don't use), and don't bother cooking much. Plenty to eat without all that effort, just takes some planning. We are 18' of waterline and plenty for two. $25 worth of groceries and and beer for the weekend and we are set.

In my search this summer I found TONS of boats in the $2-3K range, some were ok, others I was not sure would even float. There are thousand dollar boats that are sailable but in need of a lot of work, mostly elbow grease and cleaning supplies.

I would have preferred a boat about 22' instead of 19', but this was the best boat we saw for the money. We planned on spending a fair amount of money to get the boat prepped for the water. That was good advice from lots of folks and we are far better prepared because of it. Other good advice was avoid a gadgetitis. You don't need a boat full of electrical goodies and gadgets to go sail. Save that money making the boat sail better and safer.

Thanks to this site and others, we are enjoying a season of sailing in preparation for a new life aloat.

Sublime 08-03-2011 11:07 PM

You could look at something like a Catalina 22 and have a portable stove.

Powerboating is fun, but I get bored with it pretty quickly. There's not much mental stimulation. I can have a conversation with friends while sailing without yelling.

Cal28 08-04-2011 12:33 AM

or a Ranger 23 ...

replacing all the standing and running rigging for less than $1000 ... enough room inside to sleep overnight ... water tank ... a portable camping stove and ice chest ... good responsive boat ... that you should be able to easily pick up within your budget ...

SHNOOL 08-04-2011 07:12 AM

Ok, so you asked a sailing forum to decide between motor and sail boats? heheheh

Motorboat = boat goes fast, boat goes slow, turn wheel, boat goes fast, boat goes slow, oh no, motor no work... whoopsie!
Sailboat = Ok Vang on, backstay tighten, puff coming, point higher, ease off, speed up some, is the depth good this close to the island?, am I making better speed than x over water? If the wind picks up to 15 knots, what settings will I need? weather report says calm wind becoming 15-20... etc.

Yes sailing is very mental! It can be as simple, or as complicated as you like... add racing (even just for fun) to it, and it becomes a barage of variables to manipulate, and be manipulated by.

Enough of that... My decision was a Capri 22. My lake does not allow overnighting (I know dumb). However, my criteria was, keel, enough room for 2 to overnight, decent sailing performance, and about as big as I could easily get and still single handedly trailer, rig, and sail.

The capri is mostly a day sailor.... It DOES have a decent sized V-berth, and a porta pottie. You could also put a rail BBQ on it (I may depends). It sails like a dream, and I have the wing keel, so getting it on and off the trailer on a normal ramp for my RAM 2500 is easy enough, without much hoopla.

I second the Catalina 22, in that it is quick, plentiful, has nearly as many controls as my capri, sails decent, parts are cheap, and it it laid out a little better down below than mine (mine is just basically 2 berths and a V berth), the Cat 22 has a nice table/setee setup.

Cat 22 will run you anywhere from 1500 with a trailer in decent shape, to 4500 for boats around 20 years old. Capri's like mine, if you want slightly faster, can be had (again 15-20 years old) $3000-$6000.

Hope that helps.

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