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jbarros 08-26-2003 01:08 PM

Time to move on
I''ve started 4 topics, but cancled all of them before I could post them. You see, I''ve already asked all those questions, and gotten good answers.

I know what my boat can do, and I know how to get her to do it. She''s almost ready to head out agian.

I''ve practiced, and I''ve cleand, and I''ve put stuff together.

There is a time for preperation, but all the preperation is done.

There is a time for practicing, but I''ve nothing left to practice.

There is a time to depart, but I''ve got a few weeks to go.


That ever happen to anyone else?

-- James

Heruka 08-26-2003 07:41 PM

Time to move on
we were supposed to leave this fall and head south. but alas, other things have gotten in the way. neither the boat nor us are ready to go. I''ve been reading these boards for a year and a half. and I''m really tired of it. I enjoy reading them, but like you, I''m ready to go and cast off the lines. there''s not much more I can read that will help me any. I''ve read the books, I''ve bought the boat, the boat is almost done. The heavy work is done. It needs to be tweaked. I need a nice long cruise. Sunshine, warm sand, the sound of waves splashing the hull, and the gentle rocking of the boat. Instead, I''m watching predictions of a colder and more snowy winter ahead of us. Alas. *sigh*

ABullard 08-27-2003 05:47 AM

Time to move on
I find your comments interesting as I feel much the same way. I have done as much "educating" as I can do. Its time to do it.

We will leave December 1 whether the boat is ready or not. Too many of our cruising friends have told us that you will never get the boat totally ready and that in most cases the real reason is the uncertainty of casting off.

Best thing to do is set a date and don''t allow anything to stop you.

I just hope I make it to December 1st. :-)

sv Columbine

mcain 08-27-2003 10:11 AM

Time to move on
I feel the same way. 8 more weeks of work. Then 4 weeks of final prep. Boat is not yet ready, but there is always a "list". When I headed to Bermuda many years ago, I left on a certain date at a certain time, with whatever list I still had left. I think that is the only way to get it done.
We too are "Headed South". 12/1. Everything else gets done in the DR.
No way to speed it up, however, since there is still stuff to do, and hurricane season is what it is.
Peace. M.

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