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kspitler 08-31-2003 12:11 PM

Towing an Ericson ''''27
Can someone tell me about their experiences towing a 27'' Ericson? My husband and I have been searching for a 25, 25+, or 26 Ericson on a trailer... but I''ve also seen 27'' boats for sale on trailers. How big of a truck do you need (we have a Toyota Tundra) and how big a hassle is it? If you know of any good used boats, on a trailer for sale, in the 25-26 range I''d like to hear of them as well. Ericson''s, Cape Dory''s are what we''ve been focusing on. We sold our Capri 22''....

jparker11 08-31-2003 02:50 PM

Towing an Ericson ''''27
My experience is limited to fin keel boats in the size range you are seeking. And it isn''t anything like towing a Capri!!

Although I have a launchable type trailer (20 foot tongue extension), I avoid this method if at all possible. Getting a 7,000# boat drafting over 4'', off or onto such a trailer is a chore. Secondly, these displacement similar boats have telephone pole type masts. Stepping 200# of +35'' spar requires rigging assistance. Considering these items, it is something to be attempted seasonally, or, a cruise/outing duration of several weeks. I am not saying that any of these items can''t be done, it just takes time and the right gear!

Myself, and most others, I have talked with tow boats of this size with at least one ton pickups. For short trips around the town, I have used an SUV, but even these short distances, it feels uncomfortable. Additionally, these boats have over 8'' beams and require wide load permits, which is another hassle! Relatives have an Island Packet 28 shoal draft keel bought with the intention of trailering. So far in 15 years, a seasonal haulout/launch and two trips to the Gulf is it!!

Trailering, launching and reloading takes a lot of effort with this type of boat. Now, a newer water ballasted design changes a lot these considerations.

Stede 08-31-2003 05:10 PM

Towing an Ericson ''''27

I have a 26 boat I trailer occasionally. The boat is called a "Classic Yacht." She was manufactured in Chanute,Kansas.The boat''s draft is 3''2", but I really need around 4 ft.of water to get her in the drink without a lot of hassle.I''ve successfully launched her at the NC Outer Banks,Charleston,Annapolis,and Fort Lauderdale. This last May I had her lifted in at a Marina in Key West.It cost me $175.round trip, and I felt it was worth it not to have to deal with the wear and tear on my trailer/boat.For a 26 boat,the Classic is very seaworthy.I''ve single-handed mine in all the locations listed above,as well as down through the Florida Keys,Dry Tortugas,and a trip over to the Bahamas.The boat has taken me through two serious storms and suffered no damage.One of the storms,which was off of the Marquesas had wind speeds of ~62 mph recorded in Key West.The boat has 6''2" standing head room,an inboard Volvo-Penta engine,lots of storage,and is just a very sweet ride. She''s not a race sled,but she''s not a slug either. There are several owners of this boat under the "boatcheck" section of this board,and there is also one of these boats for sail on Yachtworld.Good luck on your search!

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