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messageboard 08-29-2000 12:04 PM

Welcome to General Discussion
Welcome to the SailNet General Discussion Message Board-a veritable grab bag where anything nautical goes! Here you can query other sailors by starting a new topic or responding to a current discussion, or search the contents of the Message Boards for items of interest. If you have any questions or suggestions contact us at


tbone223 09-06-2000 08:55 AM

Welcome to General Discussion
Hello to all!

Recently I took on the task of preparing an essay for college. It is on the topic of sailing, but there is so much to know about this subject, I am afraid I will end up with 18,000 pages. What are good topics for people who know nothing of sailing, including myself, however my father, "God rest his sole" captained his own vessel the "Lady love". I always new when I was not welcome onboard. "He hung his pants from the Mast". Just because my father was an experianced sailor does not mean that I know a thing, accept, maybe different parts of a ship. Actually my father died young and the ship went up for grabs. I never did get the much envied chance to learn the ways of a sailor, but my dreams are based around it. well... enough of me. Anyone have a subject for the Novice or beginner? One day I plan to own a vessel, but first I need to learn the ropes, and I figured this essay would be a good way to begin. All replies welcome!

BilgeRat 10-08-2000 12:50 PM

Welcome to General Discussion
Hi all, just curious, does anybody ever use the chat rooms?! i never seem to be able to find anybody in any of them. wazzup wit'' dat? i''m somewhat of a newbie and would love to chat with other sailors,newbies and old salts alike.

zenigma1947 06-26-2007 06:15 PM

All right, to begin i want to use St. Nike's slogan "Just do it"
Fear is the best way to stop anything. So what if you end up with 18000 pages?
Like an artist working on a sculpture, chip away the unnecessary stuff ond Voila, you may find yourself sitting in a boat of someone, maybe your own.


camaraderie 06-26-2007 08:53 PM

Welcome Andre...but check the dates of the posts you are responding to...those are 7 years old!!

zenigma1947 06-27-2007 07:44 PM

You are right, i did not look at the date. That means he had a chance to be a good sailor by now.
Next time i will look at the date before making a bigger fool of myself.


sailingdog 06-27-2007 10:06 PM

LOL... just chalk it up as a learning experience... ;) Even us veterans occassionally get caught doing that.

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