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NewportNewbie 12-08-2011 12:24 AM

Interesting "Discussion" With The Admiral....When were you ready for a 50 mile trip?
I am a bit of an adventure lover. I like going places and coming back. I LOVE a great road trip. The feeling of driving somewhere, stopping at cool places on the way and enjoying the scenery unique to that area. Having a boat means that I am seeing things that I never dreamed of. From Newport Beach Catalina Island is 26 miles away. From day 1, I have had the itch to take the boat across the strait to see Catalina Island. I bought the boat in August. I have had some private sailing lessons and I am now comfortable singlehanded sailing even in the ocean. I asked her last week when she wanted to go to Catalina...She said to go with the previous owner who happen to be friends of ours. I agreed, but he wants to do it in 3 days...I want to do it in 1. She now thinks that unless I go with him first to "learn" how to sail to Catalina, I will be killing myself and she won't go because she doesn't want to die in the Ocean. I thought that was extreme. I am not considering a solo trip, but in my mind if I HAD to go solo, I think I could handle the 26 mile journey in good weather. So how long after you began to sail did you do something like this?

Faster 12-08-2011 12:48 AM

Around here a similar hurdle for beginners is their first 'Strait Crossing'... depending on where you do it it's a 15-20 nm shot across the Strait of Georgia - sheltered but still a potentially rough ride if the weather turns on you - it can be quite nasty.

It's typically no big deal.. in fact in the past 35 years we've probably motored across in calm many more times that we like, and many many more times than the few 'white knuckle' crossing we've had. Nevertheless it's that FIRST time that can be psychological hurdle...

I suspect your wife is in the same place.. and the trip to Catalina is an open ocean one. Give her time.. she'll come around.

Going yourself with a good weather window on a well found boat should be fine.. have you considered the mooring situation at the other end from a singlehander's point of view? When you say 'one day' are you talking there and back? This could be a long day... do-able, but for typical casual cruising a 30-40 mile day is a longish one. Also, it seems to me having sailed there you'd like to stop and explore... necessitating an overnight stay.

But a non stop solo adventure would be something to reflect on too....

wingNwing 12-08-2011 12:50 AM

26 miles is about 5-6 hours; you do the whole thing in daylight and with a good weather report, well really no problem as you suspect. You're barely out of sight of land (depending on how high the hills are there) and not out of VHF range for safety. Not quite sure how you could make it take 3 days, unless you're thinking one day to travel there, one day to enjoy the island, and one day back? That would be a lovely trip. Do it, pay attention to the weather and you'll be just fine.

At the end of the first summer owning our first boat, traveling from Traverse City, MI to Northport, MI (approx 25 miles) to put up the boat for the winter was a big scary trip. (But we did it just fine, a couple of times). Now, cruising, 25 miles is "oh yippee! a short half day! when 50 mile days are the average on the ICW.

Agri 12-08-2011 01:00 AM

I don't know anything about the course, but how does that trip take three days? 15-20 nm isn't that far unless you have some really strong currents/wind working against you, even then...

NewportNewbie 12-08-2011 01:17 AM

I wasn't clear....3 days comes from making it a 3 day trip. Thats fine...BUT...I work and my days off are spread out...I don't get 3 days off in a row unless I take vacation. So for me...up in the morning...lunch and sail back would be ideal...all in one day. 3 days sounds relaxing and great...maybe I'll take some days off...wont happen for another month or so...I'm in Retail....ugh....

aeventyr60 12-08-2011 02:22 AM

That would be a great sail back under the full moon, get you an over nighter as well.

overbored 12-08-2011 02:53 AM

Sailing from Newport harbor to Catilina and back in one day is going to make it a very long day and maybe night. You should check on the milage from Newport because as I remember it it is more like 40 miles. typical weather and it will be a beat to weather all the way there. what most do is start early and motor until the wind builds and sail until in the lee of the Island and motor the rest of the way into Avalon. over night it and sail back the next day with the following wind behind you. if you get a south wind on the way back it will be up wind all the way back. going the first time with someone who has been there is a good idea. if it makes your wife feel better about going it is a very good idea. you don't want to scare her on the first trip. maybe start off by going up the coast to Alamitos bay and back in a day and see how that goes first. sail down to Dana Point and have lunch with us at the club and sail back it is about 3 hours each way. I think you will find that even that shorter trip will take the best of the day.

Minnewaska 12-08-2011 03:33 AM

If you want the Admiral to share your new passion with you, it better be fun all around. Very few like to sail for 10+ hrs in one day. I have and will do it, but only when necessary.

I think that out one day, dinner, then back the next sounds much better.

You can manage your trip out more easily than back. "every take off is optional, every landing is mandatory". If the weather/seas/wind turn once you are there, you may either need flexibility to stay or could subject passengers to a ride they don't enjoy. Then, I assure you, they won't be back. Ironically, the better weather you wait for, the more likely you will motor.

chef2sail 12-08-2011 03:50 AM

We are chartering a sailboat Monday for three days from Newport going to Catalina Island provided the waether is ok. The trip across is about 40 miles or so (33 in a straight line). We are figuring about a 7 hour or so crossing depending on woind velocity and direction. We wopuld like to do it in daylight as this is not our normal cruising grounds asnd that is only about 10 good hours.

Make sure you have the vcorrect safety equipment on board and have at it. Trying to do it in one day over and back doesnt make sense for your first time really offshore.

After reading other of your posts concerning your wife it is obvious she does not share the same passion for sailing. She is overly cautuious. On the other hand your sense for adventure is pushing her into this overly cautiousness as it appears you are not willing to take measured steps with her. The all or nothing approach wont work.

My wife is not the passionate sailor I am, but over time with measured increases in trips and scopes I have been able to entice and win her over and overcome her fears or apprehensions. It takes patience on my part, but the end result was worth it. When I met her she did not even swim.I had been sailing for 30 years and crossed the Atlantic twice. We took incremental steps, First year in the Chesapeake...second small ocean trip to Atlantic City, Third year NYC, now she loves going offshore to newport RI, Block Island and points north.

Unless you want to be sailing alone I suggest you slow down to let her find her own confidence level and pace. If she thinks you are reckless and pushing the envemlope to far, it will not give her the confidence to go out with her and you will be sailing alone. Not a great formula for sharing things I think.

Slow down some and include will pay dividends in the long run


sailortjk1 12-08-2011 08:51 AM

You are ready when you have done all of your home work; Study the charts, look for hazards, study the anchorage, enter way points into your GPS, know your waters like the back of your hand, watch and learn the weather patterns in your area; the list goes on and on. Than once you have done your homework, you have to display your knowledge to your partner. She has to become comfortable with your knowledge and experience. Once you have demonstrated to her your vast knowledge, simply by doing, hopefully she has the same passion as you do and will be willing to make the sail. Some significant others never develop that same passion. Try as hard as we will and it makes no difference.
I would be one of those that would at least spend one night on the island. Once you get there you are going to want to enjoy it and not turn around and head right back. Relax and take the time. Call in sick one day if you have to. Maybe wait till January when the Holiday is over. I guess working retail this must be your busiest time of the year. The island will still be there.
For me, it was the Lake was calling me and I answered the call. You seem to have that same call. It's in your blood.

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