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tspooner 04-27-2012 10:10 AM

How much bottom paint?
I bought my first sailboat a year ago and during the hull survey simply pressure washed the grime off the bottom. It's time to haul the boat and address the garden that's now growing on the bottom. My question is - How much bottom paint (gallons) is typically needed for Hunter 31 or similar sized sailboat?

kwaltersmi 04-27-2012 10:24 AM

Re: How much bottom paint?
It differs depending on the paint, so you should check the label (or website) of the paint you plan to use. My 28 footer takes 2.5 quarts (yes, quarts!) of Interlux VC17m for two coats. Obviously VC won't be your choice since you'r in the PNW, but I want to give you some perspective.

Sunday Driver 04-27-2012 11:18 AM

Re: How much bottom paint?
I have a catalina 25` wing , and it takes a gallon of micron extra .
with about a inch left over .
i save that for the next year .

trantor12020 04-27-2012 08:16 PM

Re: How much bottom paint?
For my h326, my boatyard always charged me 2 gal of Micron-66 for roll-on application. 2 coats overall with additional coat about 8" width along waterline.

Sabreman 04-27-2012 08:41 PM

Re: How much bottom paint?
One coat per year, about a gallon.

LarryandSusanMacDonald 04-27-2012 08:43 PM

Re: How much bottom paint?
I always start with the waterline, then the rudder. Then the rest of the bottom. Then, when it's dry another at the waterline and then another on the rudder. Next day - same thing - so you end up with 4 coats on the waterline and rudder, two on the rest of the bottom. I also put quite a few coats of a gray spray on the prop - I forget what it's called - something like Barnacle Buster - it dries in just a few minutes, so you can pile on a bunch of coats. Has worked well for us. Like the Micron Extra - it's pricey but worth it.

CorvetteGuy 04-27-2012 10:36 PM

Re: How much bottom paint?
31 foot C&C takes 1.5 quarts of VC-17 in fresh water and hauled out seasonaly. Boats that stay in da drink (live aboards)more coats of course

KnottyGurl 04-27-2012 11:09 PM

Re: How much bottom paint?
1 gallon 99$ ablative cpp from westie gets me 4 coats on the hull and five on water line and rudder every other season, looks great lasts a long time and easy on the pocket book

smurphny 04-28-2012 09:09 AM

Re: How much bottom paint?
I always try to put on just one thin coat/year. Bottom paint will build up to a cracked mess if it's too thick, requiring a big PITA job after a short time to remove it all. Manufacturer's recommend 2 coats for an obvious reason, kinda like lather/rinse/ REPEAT with shampoo.:) There's really no point in having any kind of heavy build-up. My boat takes one gallon. Remember to save a bit in the bottom of the can to quickly fill stand pad and keel block areas once in the slings!

RobGallagher 04-28-2012 09:36 AM

Re: How much bottom paint?
Using multi-season paint on a 30 ft hull: I buy two gallons. Two coats, then use the remaining 1/2 gallon or so to put an additional coat or two on the water line, leading edge of the hull/keel and rudder.

This schedule worked well for me:
Spring launch with fresh paint
I have the bottom scrubbed in the fall by a diver
Winter wet storage
Have the diver clean the bottom again in the spring
Haul out in the fall for dry storage and a paint job in the spring

I always thought I could get another few months out of the remaining paint, but, didn't want to risk it.

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