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Old 05-03-2012
Harborless's Avatar
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Smile What is your End Game?

I was having a discussion with some Sailors (they call themselves ) about awesome summer trips and past vacations and future plans. During the discussion one guy told me about his plans to sell everything he owns and sail to Thailand where he hopes to find someplace to anchor out and live off spear fishing and taking tourist out.
Another guy and his girlfriend told me about their plans of selling everything and moving to Eluethera to pursue teaching on their boat.
The strangest guy ( Alvin) wants to get a steel-hulled 40' cutter and sail the northwest passage back and forth delivering supplies to remote settlements! Cool, but cold.

Me? Well it seemed I was the only one who already knew that my sailboat was an intermediary. I do not want to live on a boat my whole life. I hope that the boat will allow me to find the place that I am most happy. Then I can sell the boat, buy a parcel of land and begin my limestone/cinder block home (If I can afford better I will!) I want to end up somewhere tropical and green with vegetation. I want to raise a family and become a part of a community.
So thats my hoop dream. The others all had theirs and it got me thinking how many of you here have or are already in your end game? What is it? Anyone going to Slocum it out? Any future pirates?
One thing I thought was cool was hearing about a guy Paul who sold off his land/house and bought an old Marina. That would be pretty awesome.
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Old 05-03-2012
Squidd's Avatar
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Re: What is your End Game?

Well..after I win the lottery...all this becomes a moot point...
"Might as well cast off...If anything is gonna happen...It's gonna happen out there..."
"Captin Ron"
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Old 05-03-2012
Senior Member
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Minnewaska will become famous soon enough Minnewaska will become famous soon enough
Re: What is your End Game?

Dreams are most fun when grounded in reality. Most "sail to Thailand" dreams never happen. Some do. But most are just lost in the fantasy, which may be a helpful distraction from real life. We could all use a distraction from time to time. However, an attainable goal can be engaging as you make steps toward it.

We plan to live aboard for roughly six months each year as we retire or semi-retire. Half a year in New England near family, half a year down South. Not totally clear which end will be the liveaboard nor whether the boat will come with us for day/weekend sails on the opposing six months. I would like it to, but know many who tire eventually of bringing it back and forth each year and its extraordinarily expensive to have it delivered that far.

For now, we have the boat and still work full time. We spend Fri to Mon on her from May to Oct along with several straight weeks each year. One step at a time, but we're getting there.
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Jeanneau 54DS

In the harsh marine environment, something is always in need of repair. Margaritas fix everything.
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Old 05-03-2012
travlineasy's Avatar
Morgan 33 O.I. Perryville
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travlineasy will become famous soon enough
Re: What is your End Game?

I guess I'm a bit more of a realist. I've owned boats since age 15--lots and lots of boat, at least according to my wife. I stopped counting at about 16, but I'm confident she can provide me with a more accurate, up to date figure.

All my adult life I've wanted to live aboard a boat, cruise the world, etc...,etc... I spent 4 years in the U.S. Navy, saw a good portion of the world, liked some of it, didn't enjoy some it it, got shot at a few times and decided that wasn't the way to cruise the world.

Until 6 years ago I owned an assortment of powerboats, some that were previous live-a-boards, while others were just fun boats to fish from and make some short cruises to ports in the confines of Chesapeake Bay. One day, I took a good look at what I was spending on boating, primarily fuel expenses, and nearly threw up. At that point I owned a 21-foot Pro-Line center console fishing boat powered with a 150-HP Yamaha outboard. The boat cruised at 30 knots, had a top end of 42 knots, and was reasonably fuel efficient at 7 MPG. The fuel bill for boating that year alone was just over $5,000. I put the boat up for sale, it was sold within a few days, and when it went up the driveway I nearly cried.

I went two years without a boat. Then one day, while sitting atop the Chesapeake Bay Bridge in dead-stop, grid-lock traffic I looked out over the bay toward the Magothy River and there were dozens of sailboats cruising along leisurely on a 10 MPH breeze. I said to myself "Damn, that looks like fun." A few months later I took sailing lessons at the local community college, purchased an old 27 Catalina, sailed all over Chesapeake Bay for four years, then upgraded to my current boat, a Morgan 33 Out Island.

The main reasons for purchasing the Morgan were comfort, and the possibility of cruising the U.S. East Coast, Florida Keys, Bahamas and possibly BVI. Now, if my health holds up, which is something most folks never seem to think about, I'll be headed south for the keys on October 1. I hope to be gone for about 7 months before returning to the Chesapeake's upper reaches about the first of April 2013.

Most of the time I'll be alone, but the admiral and my daughter said they both may have to drive or fly south to the keys to enjoy Christmas with me, and maybe spend a month of two where it's warm before coming home to Maryland. I'll be playing music and singing in the various Tiki Bars throughout the lower keys during the trip, earning enough money to support my sailing habit.

Now, living the remainder of ones life aboard a modest size sailboat is not an option for anyone. Why not? Well, first and foremost, this getting old $hit ain't what it's cracked up to be. Yeah, some folks call it the golden years, etc..., but when you get to that point you come to the stark realization that there are just some things you can no longer physically do. Going up a mast in a bosun's chair at age 71 and weighing a tad over 200-pounds just isn't real smart. Same holds true with other rigors of clamoring around the boat, especially in the dark in pitching seas. The motion alone wears out those old, brittle joints, dampness kills arthritis, and eventually, your ability to walk on anything other that flat ground becomes an exercise in futility.

Of course, the naysayers will always claim this will never happen to me! Well, it's going to happen to all of us sooner than you believe--it's a fact of life. Therefore, I'm not going to sell everything I own, hop on the boat and sail away to never-never land. I will, however, continue to sail as long as I think I physically can do so without injuring myself or others in the process. At the point where I feel I'm just too old for this, I'll sell the boat and do something on land.

Good Luck,

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Old 05-03-2012
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misfits is on a distinguished road
Re: What is your End Game?

Originally Posted by Harborless View Post
I do not want to live on a boat my whole life. I hope that the boat will allow me to find the place that I am most happy.
That in itself is a beautiful thing & I think that's where most of us are.

I want to move the boat down to Florida when the reno is complete. In the winter float around the Keys, maybe head over to the Bahamas. Spend my summers at home in NH, swatting black flies & fly fishing for trout.

I'm not happy unless I'm complaining about something.
I'm having a very good day!
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Old 05-03-2012
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Re: What is your End Game?

Like many others I'd love to pack up and sail to distant lands for romance and adventure and all the other romanticized aspects of sailing. Problem is, I'm single and my swing keeled, 26ft, water ballasted boat isn't crossing any oceans with me in it, I can tell you that much! Once I rectify those two points I think my attitude will change. As I thoroughly enjoy winter I would love to sail the great white north of this planet. Using my boat as a means to transport goods for local settlements sounds like a great idea to me. Then I can haul the boat in winter and play in the snow until spring.

In the end though... who knows?

2003 Hunter 260
"Any damn fool can navigate the world sober. It takes a really good sailor to do it drunk." - Sir Francis Chichester while loading his boat with gin.
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Old 05-03-2012
kwaltersmi's Avatar
Broad Reachin'
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Re: What is your End Game?

I plan to live someday without a plan.
Catalina 34

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Old 05-03-2012
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the Dream after the End Game?

At about the age of 9, I told my Mother I was going in the Army and become a truck driver, at 18 I was in the Army then about the age of 24 I became a truck driver, less then a year after getting married. That is my End Game.. About 14 years ago I started having a dream.

This dream was in the first person; I , yes i knew it was me, was on a boat rounding a point, no sound no other input but the vision. I had this dram for about 6 months before i told anyone until i told Liz, "Well I am on a boat rounding a point, and Liz i want to sail to the Bahamas". Liz's reply was "define sail"?
Well I told her "you know get on turn the key and just GO". to this she said "at least it's not a damn Sail Boat". I gave it no more thought.

The Dream continues and is becoming an urge and becoming more urgent, the dream is coming more often and more powerful, i am being haunted each time I go to sleep.
All along I have been thinking about looking for a motor boat that can get me and Liz to the Bahamas and back with room to spend a few week on, and I was OK with this, until...

I was driving down the interstate and there in the Windshield Played my dream, like a movie, There was the Point I had been rounding for over a year, I know this place, I am happy here, then...
From the upper edges of the dream something has changed something is coming, something I had not known was there, It's Red it's opening and it's Powerful, a Spinnaker, unfurling from the top of my vision to block out most of my view, and I smile to myself in my Dream. I say out loud " I am going to SAIL to the Bahamas".

From then a Sail Boat is all I need, will I sail to the Bahamas? who knows, I will sail as much as I can and will Sail as many waters as we are able, I my Sometimes and one day I may have a boat that will have more comfort, for now SHE is what I need.
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1985 Venture 25
Fl Gulf Coast

"Möbius,You need another drink. You are starting to make sense".
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Old 05-03-2012
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Capt Len is on a distinguished road
Re: What is your End Game?

Reading all these dreams and plans ...wow!. I've never had a plan but somehow I check off the lists of been there, done that. Cruised the Med, Atlantic, Carib, Built a Spray and sailed the PNWfor 30 years. Made a sailboat on the beach in Thailand and veged for 15 winters,Ran a research vessel in the North West Passage for 5 years. Now I operate my sailboat as a tourist sailing company and veggie garden a lot, specializing in home made wine and hooch. As an end game I'm now planing.. Sell the rental houses and boat and go back to the Thai beach before my knees give out. Maybe a trophy mate: have to think about that one.
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Old 05-04-2012
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jackdale will become famous soon enough
Re: What is your End Game?

I came across a interesting statistic, I cannot verify it. 3% of sailors go offshore.

I once heard the ratios of those who think about sailing to those who actually do go sailing to those who get a boat to those who actually sail it to those who head offshore to those those who circumnavigate. The drop out rate was tremendous.

I actually got into sailing and sailing instruction "by accident." I did, however, make teaching sailing part of my retirement plan.
ISPA Yachtmaster Offshore Instructor Evaluator
Sail Canada Advanced Cruising Instructor
IYT Yachtmaster Coastal Instructor
ASA 201, 203, 204, 205, 206, 214
As I sail, I praise God, and care not. (Luke Foxe)
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