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Strider1234 07-04-2012 02:38 PM

Help on purchase Hunter 450 passage
Hi, new to forum and need advise. The hunter 450 passage in the slip next to me may be available for $9,000.00 back rent. Yes that is 9 thousand dollars. The owner passed away on board over a year ago. The boat is documented in his estranged wife's name. After over a year my private slip landlords has had no success with correspondence with this owner. He is going to start proceedings to gain ownership. He said it would take 60 days. All he wants is the back slip fees. One hitch though. Right after the live a board owner passed, the boat almost sank due to a leak at a through hole fitting. The water made it over the floorboards before being discovered. It took 9 hours to pump out with a house sump pump. All through holes were then closed and she rides at her normal water line . She has been closed up tight for over 1 year. The batteries submerged but the water only got up to the engine pan. The alternator wet as well. So, my question to all, even with this to consider , would you pass at $9,000.00 ? I have lived the past 10 years on my Bayfield 32 and am very tempted. I also Don,t have 10k available until I sell my own live a board- which I am willing to sell for much below market value to make this deal. I could cash in my Ira at a terrible loss to come up with the cash and then sell my boat to recoup. Any suggestions welcome.

waterwks4me 07-04-2012 02:52 PM

Re: Help on purchase Hunter 450 passage
Get ready for the Hunter bashing group to open up that can of worms AGAIN!

Strider1234 07-04-2012 02:57 PM

Re: Help on purchase Hunter 450 passage
Remember , we are talking 9 thousand dollars, and the outside of the boat is perfect.

mikel1 07-04-2012 05:37 PM

Re: Help on purchase Hunter 450 passage
FOR 9 GRAND! ? C'MON . . . I'd go for it with just the info I have here. Seriously . . . and yes I'm well versed in project boats and money pits . . . .but you've got a LOT of wiggle room here

bogdog 07-04-2012 05:43 PM

Re: Help on purchase Hunter 450 passage
9K!!!! I'll take it, or if you want to make a few bucks I'll go 15K cash.

sailguy40 07-04-2012 06:11 PM

Re: Help on purchase Hunter 450 passage
I would jump on something like that in a sec for $9k. I would only get a strange feeling of the whole thought that someone passed away onboard. If that don't bother you, why not get it?

ebs001 07-04-2012 06:22 PM

Re: Help on purchase Hunter 450 passage
You are looking at a boat that would cost as much as $200K used for $9K. I think you should pass. Your kidding, right? Cash in your IRA. Refurbish what's required and sell the Hunter. You could afford to take the year or two off from what you'll realize in profit.

tommays 07-04-2012 06:28 PM

Re: Help on purchase Hunter 450 passage
Well IF they get the boat AND keep in mind it is in a living persons NAME around here there would have to be and auction with the excess going to the owner of record

There are clean ones going for 120,000
AND Ya gotta kind of get inside and see what it did to things like the motor/transmission as your into a 20,000 dollar + item just on the one issue and it sits DEEP below the floor boards

Strider1234 07-04-2012 06:29 PM

Re: Help on purchase Hunter 450 passage
I made the offer. Now it is a waiting game until the landlord gets clear title. Hopefully , he won't suddenly gain insite to it,'s true value. He doesn't need the $ and seems to just want it gone off his dock. He said that he considered an auction but" who would bother to come". ! I hole hartedly agreed.

Strider1234 07-04-2012 06:37 PM

Re: Help on purchase Hunter 450 passage
Whole hartedly - sorry for misspell , darn phone.

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