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jaymckay 07-30-2012 01:02 AM

Too good to be true??? Help me ASAP!!
Hello fellow sailnetters,

So I finally found this boat,, seems too good to be true.

25 foot Catalina Sailboat !

I went and self surveyed this boat myself for about an hour and a half today. It really does look like the pics and has all the things i need and wouldnt ever need. Roller furling, fridge, vhf, bimini, autopilot, depth finder and tons of tools and extras. Met the guy seems pretty nice and he told me he sailed to the keys not too long ago. It has all these extras and the thing is, im confused as to why the cost is what it is. Is this sketchy? Like I said I checked most of the configurations myself from standing rigging to seacocks to electrics to hull (above water) condition. Im comfortable with the minor cosmetics I would need to do to get her "perfect."

It doesnt come with the outboard which im fine with, as It will be just a project boat / liveaboard til I can find myself a nice OB.

So the marina its docked at doesnt have the ability to take er out of the water for a full professional survey.

He offered to let me take her out on a test drive.

How can I get her surveyed without the ability to outhaul?

He also offered to sail it to the marina (that does have a forklift) that I will be docking it at, and just uninstall the OB and he will take it home.

Im thinkin theres gotta be somethin up--- maybe an enormous amount of blisters? Or keel damage? Something I cant see. Or maybe Im just overthinking. I really want this boat but dont want to jump the gun.

Its a fixed Keel model Catalina 25 1982
excellent sail and running rigging condition.

Should I just test drive her myself and let that be the last of my prepurchase inspections?

Help me out soon guys I dont want this to pass by it could be my chance, because its right in my price range

Thanks a bunch!

Stumble 07-30-2012 01:08 AM

Re: Too good to be true??? Help me ASAP!!
Looks on the low end of reasonable, but not outrageous. The issue is between insurance, and dockage I at least am spending $3,000 a year on a boat I have been trying to sell for a year. I could see asking 1/2 price just to avoid future costs on it.

SlowButSteady 07-30-2012 05:12 AM

Re: Too good to be true??? Help me ASAP!!
$4k for a thirty-year-old Cat25 without and engine seems reasonable to me.

SHNOOL 07-30-2012 06:26 AM

Re: Too good to be true??? Help me ASAP!!
Ditto... Cat 25s are everywhere. No mention of trailer... Yep looks to be in fair shape. So price seems lower than say the $5000 it might go for otherwise, and yep marina fees could easily drive the owner to sell less.

Blisters are a pain, but not going to kill you if it has them... My bet is, it doesn't have them, or only has a few.

Thing I don't see is this a fixed or swing keel. If it's a swing keel, I'd want to have it surveyed/pulled. The swing mechanism needs regular maintenance. If it's fixed, well about the only things you'd know from it is if it has blisters. Assume you have to do a bottom job, and you'd likely be fine, just check keel bolts, and chain plates/bulkheads. If the sails are usable, sounds like a decent deal.

So wait, you're going to live on a 25? You 5'4" or less? You may wind up permanently hunched over spending a winter on the 25.

Oh and get an outboard, 6hp or more.

Donna_F 07-30-2012 12:00 PM

Re: Too good to be true??? Help me ASAP!!
I'm going to move this thread into the General Discussion area. Good luck with your decision, Jay.

sailingfool 07-30-2012 12:35 PM

Re: Too good to be true??? Help me ASAP!!
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Make a deal for a price you consider fair, subject to haul/survey at your marina. Pay a deposit with an adequate acceptance time (IMHO use the standard YBAA P&S, do a search). Have the owner bring the boat to your marina, you pay for the haul and survey.

If the survey finds issues, renegotiate or terminate the deal. If the deal is terminated, the boat goes back in the water and departs.

If you keep the deal, you can now paint the bottom as needed and be set for a year, and rest comfortably knowing just what you bought.

tommays 07-30-2012 12:37 PM

Re: Too good to be true??? Help me ASAP!!
Plywood keel sump prone to rot until 1986 would be the one deal killer ?

azguy 07-30-2012 12:57 PM

Re: Too good to be true??? Help me ASAP!!
It's floating, so it must be seaworthy :laugher:laugher

It looks in pretty nice shape, I have been searching for a boat myself and have had more than one perosn say "make me an offer, I promise I wont be insulted, I just need to move on from it"....

So, good luck :D

scratchee 07-30-2012 01:41 PM

Re: Too good to be true??? Help me ASAP!!
I paid a hair more for a 27ft Cal with an Atomic 4, just a few months ago. It's in "good condition for its age," which your boat appears to be from the photos.

My knowledge is limited to compulsive reading of the boat section in the Mid-Atlantic Craigslist since March, but your deal seems to be about right in the current market. If you looked it over yourself and were satisfied enough to ask why the price was so low, then I'd say this is worth pulling the trigger on, barring anything uncovered in a survey.

jaymckay 07-30-2012 01:42 PM

Re: Too good to be true??? Help me ASAP!!
Thanks guys

its not a swing keel model which i am very happy about.

Sailing fool sounds like a good idea. I know surveys usually dont report their findings until a few days later, so itll be on stands for a while. in the meantime ill set up a p&s with the guy before the final transaction. Seller cant up the price if survey man finds its worth more market value right? or is that the point of a p&s.

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