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NCC320 08-15-2012 10:32 AM

Those new fangled Mantus Anchors..Bought One...Why
I'm sure most of you have seen a new name in anchors...Mantus...being mentioned from time to time. I just took delivery on one. Let me give you my impressions of the anchor and tell you why I purchased it.

The Mantus is in many ways similar to a Rocna or Manson Supreme, but there are some notable differences. The anchor is a spade type with a roll bar to assist in making it sit upright as are the others. But the first thing that jumps out at you is that the spade portion is bolted to the shank, not welded as are most other anchors. The second is the pointed end of the spade portion. It appears to be thicker/re-inforced as comparied with the others, and edges of the spade portion have a bevel so that there is an edge to help cut into the ground. Not sure that the others don't also, nor do I know the entry angle differences in the anchors. But Mantus claims their anchor to set quicker than the others and their web site has pictures of their tests (If you go to the website, it seems to work a bit slow, so be patient as you click through the screens...they will eventually appear).

There is more and more testing showing these new generation anchors all set better and hold more than the previous generation anchors such as CRQ, Danforth, Bruce, etc. As more and more testing and real life experience is gained, the case for this is building.

As to the bolted construction, some have expressed concern that it is not as strong as welds. I'm not sure why Mantus uses bolted construction, because welding is probably cheaper. But bolted assembly does something the others don' gives you the opportunity to disassemble an anchor and store it compactly below. This is why I bought this particular new generation anchor. It will be my storm anchor if and when I need it. Bolting should not be a concern...bolts are used everywhere. The wheels of your car and the engine are bolted in place, not welded. Mantus uses a total of 6 bolts, 4 to hold shank and spade together, 2 to hold the roll bar. Holes are big enough so that parts come together easily, and when disassembled, there are three relatively flat parts that store well.

Here in NC, the bottom is generally sand or mud, and Danforth is the anchor which you see on all size boats. Larger boats tend to carry two anchors, one of which will be a Danforth and the other is one a "heavier" anchor. In our marina, half the larger boats use the Bruce as that heavier anchor.

My Catalina 320 carries a 33 lb. Bruce as primary on anchor roller, and a 22 Danforth stored in the anchor locker. I don't really anchor out that much, but have been messing with boats in this area for over 40 years. I've always used the Danforth (generally a little oversized) for most of those years, and the Bruce for about 10 years. Both of those anchors set well in our bottom, and only one time have I not been able to get the Danforth to set despite whatever I did. The Bruce has always set, but as I said, I don't anchor that much. But setting and holding is a different thing. While I chose to ride out the hurricanes at the pier (with a spider web of lines), I see the results of these storms. And I hear stories of others cruising who unexpectly encounter a storm and drag. So while I will retain my Danforth and Bruce, I wanted something for storms. I purchased a 35lb. Mantus and it just arrived. I won't attempt to do a lot of tests on it because, as I said, my other anchors also set well. Mainsail and others are doing such testing and have the equipment to do is my understanding that initial results of their testing is good with Mantus. While I stay at the pier (somewhat sheltered in most directions...not SW) in major storms, I can forsee when I might have to elect to anchor out on short notice (such as before Irene, when there was a 36 ft. Carver poorly tied up directly across from was moved just before storm fortunately). Towards that end, I want to have the equipment on board or available for anchoring out. I previous keep a 43 lb. Danforth in storage on shore to be used with the Danforth and Bruce for storms, but I have encounter data that suggests that the holding power of all three would be marginal in a 70-90 kt. hurricane, which is the range we might expect....explains why lots of those other boats anchored out drag ashore. Putting the Mantus in this mix of anchors, will give me assurance that I will stay put, and the major concern is that someone else will drag down on me.

I am always a bit nervous about ordering things that I have not seen. The Mantus looks good and I am pleased with it. Of course, it is galvanized. The spade portion on the 35 lb. version is abut 3/8" thick, and shaped in a flat but somewhat gull wing shape. The spade portion is ~19" long, and ~21" wide, including about 2.5" ears on each side to hold the roll bar. The roll bar is 3/4" tube, bolted to the spade at either end with two 1/2" bolts. All bolts are galvanized with lock washers to prevent nuts from working loose. The shank portion is 1/2" thick, and fairly deep. It is considerable larger than the shank on the 43 lb. Danforth, so it should be more than adequate. The shank portion is 30" long, 9" high, and ~3" wide (base for bolts welded on). Four bolts hold the shank and spade together. It assembles fairly quickly, but obviously, you wouldn't be likely able to do so once you start dragging because of the time element. But generally, you know when you are going to encounter a serious storm, so there is time (only a couple of minutes are needed). If when anchored out (normal conditions), I will first use the Bruce, but if the conditions are such that I need to place a second anchor, I will use the Mantus in combination with the Bruce. The Danforth is then still ready to be deployed if those two don't hold). In time, I might place the Mantus on the anchor's size will fit fine, but the Bruce doesn't store as well below.

If one is going the use the Mantus as a primary anchor, the bolted construction becomes insignificant and either welded or bolted is ok. And there is a logic to place your best anchor where it is deployed first...but in my case, I think of the Bruce as my lunch anchor (have a windlass to help). Also, if it is to be one of your primary anchors, your selection choice will be influenced by other factors possibly....especially the bottom, where my existing anchors work well.

Delivery from Mantus was quick. They ship in a wood box (corregated top, and nylon strapping in two places). My anchor had a rough trip from Texas to NC, and all of the three major parts, which were held in place initially with small nylon wire ties, shifted breaking the ties, but no damage was done. Mantus might want to look at using stronger ties in the future, but this is a minor thing. After all, these are disposable shipping wrappings.

I am happy so far. It looks good.

eherlihy 08-15-2012 10:41 AM

re: Those new fangled Mantus Anchors..Bought One...Why
Thank you for the post!

I have a genuine Chinese made Rocna 15 on my O'day 35, and I plan on keeping it. It does what it was designed to do, fits the bow roller, and hasn't let me down.

The Rocna also has a beveled edge, and I believe that the Manson has a "chisel-tip" - a tip that protrudes from the front edge of the anchor to better dig in to packed bottom.

Keep us posted on you likes / dislikes. I cannot imagine that disassembling the Mantus is a quick, or easy task...

Ajax_MD 08-15-2012 10:43 AM

re: Those new fangled Mantus Anchors..Bought One...Why
How does the price compare between the Mantus and the others?

NCC320 08-15-2012 11:39 AM

re: Those new fangled Mantus Anchors..Bought One...Why

Originally Posted by BubbleheadMd (Post 909821)
How does the price compare between the Mantus and the others?

I don't remember the numbers exactly. As I recall, Manson was in same range, Rocna was higher, and Fortress was higher. 35lb. Mantus is listed on their website at $330. Also, they had a post in the recent thread about "new generation anchor" wherein they had a limited time special, but not sure if that has timed out. As I explained above, I wanted one that I could store on board readily, and only two fit that: Fortress, Mantus. I understand that there is a Spade that disassembles too, but I didn't check that one out. Fortress, while requiring only 2 bolts to assemble and being lighter due to aluminum construction, is really a refined Danforth design. Knowing always what bottom is there is not possible, so in my mix of anchors, the Mantus gave me one of the new spade types so that my mix covered more bottom possibilities.

BarryL 08-15-2012 12:00 PM

Anchoring in storms?

So if I understand this, you bought an anchor so that if a storm (big storm) is going to hit, you will move your boat from the dock to somewhere else, where you will deploy your anchor (or anchors) and ride the storm out on the boat?

Personally, I would much rather leave my boat at my home port, prepare the boat as best I could (remove sails, extra lines, etc.) and then go home.

No way would I choose to be on my boat in a hurricane if I had any other options


NCC320 08-15-2012 12:28 PM

Re: Anchoring in storms?

Originally Posted by BarryL (Post 909870)

So if I understand this, you bought an anchor so that if a storm (big storm) is going to hit, you will move your boat from the dock to somewhere else, where you will deploy your anchor (or anchors) and ride the storm out on the boat?

No. I will not stay on boat in a hurricane. The boat is prepared for the storm in advance. First choice is to stay at pier. I have three choices: stay at pier, anchor out, haul out. In every storm, each of these methods fail about equally. The marina is sheltered fairly well except to the southwest. 26 lines, to 11 pilings, everything redundant, in advance of storm, then go home. When that wind hits, especially from SW, it gets so rough in there, that it would be nuts to try to even board the boat. But if, as leading up to Irene, there is a large boat improperly tied up next to me, I'm not going to keep my boat there and let him crash down on us, especially when he has a record of damage in such storms. At that point, before the storm, the boat will be anchored out. A better place would be in a hurricane hole (creek here), but I draw too much to get into most of those, so the option is going to be on the river in fairly open water. I have an inflatable dinghy with 15 hp. engine to get to/from boat. Hauling out is not good, because the boat yards are low and are going to flood in the 9 ft. surge that we typically get. (Tying up to accommodate 9 ft. up and 5 ft. down while staying in confines of slip so boat isn't speared by a piling is tricky also, but I've got that more or less worked out over many storms.)

It is only a boat. I will not risk my life trying to ride out a hurricane.

But there is a second type of storm, not as big, as when a front comes through and you are anchored out. Since if I'm in this second type, I'm likely away from a marina and I would stay aboard then.

Mantus Anchors 08-16-2012 11:42 AM

re: Those new fangled Mantus Anchors..Bought One...Why
3 Attachment(s)
Dear Sailnet Members,

Our initial special "Buy the next size up for the price of this one"
But don't worry, our goal is to get as many anchors out there so people can use them and find out for themselves what Mantus offers over competition and FINALLY spread the word. We are going to offer a new promotion 25% off any anchor you buy for the next month only for SAILNET members.
The code for the coupon is: SAILNET.
Offer ends Sept 16th

Donna_F 08-16-2012 01:04 PM

Re: Anchoring in storms?

Originally Posted by BarryL (Post 909870)

So if I understand this, you bought an anchor so that if a storm (big storm) is going to hit, you will move your boat from the dock to somewhere else, where you will deploy your anchor (or anchors) and ride the storm out on the boat?



Many boaters carry two anchors for extra holding should they get caught out in a storm. It happens. Best to be prepared. Generally, not a hurricane as they move slow enough to give plenty of warning, but the normal storms that pop up during the day.

sww914 08-16-2012 02:08 PM

re: Those new fangled Mantus Anchors..Bought One...Why
At 25% off we're getting down into I'm-not-crazy-to-buy-a-4th-anchor territory.

ParadiseParrot 08-16-2012 02:12 PM

re: Those new fangled Mantus Anchors..Bought One...Why
Everyone should have a collection of some kind.

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