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smallboatlover 09-27-2012 07:52 AM

how long does it take you leave?
i was wondering from other people how long it took them from when they get to there boat till when they leave the mooring or dock. also when you get back to the dock or mooring how long does it take you to leave the boat have every thing ziped up and done.
power boaters say o all you do it turn key and go sailing doesn't take that long to get underway either im finding out.

caberg 09-27-2012 08:26 AM

Re: how long does it take you leave?
From the time I step from my dinghy onto my boat at mooring, I can be underway easily in under 5 minutes (maybe 2 if I was timing myself, though I should let the diesel warm up for at least a few minutes). It's just a matter of tying off the dinghy, starting the motor, and dropping the mooring line. I can have the sails up in a few minutes thereafter. Roller furling is great.

That said, I sometimes tinker around on a few things before getting underway.

Tim R. 09-27-2012 08:42 AM

Re: how long does it take you leave?
We leave our slip in less than 10 minutes. Living aboard makes it much easier. No packing. When we return we wash down the boat, anchor, anchor well and top off the water. Takes about 30 minutes.

zz4gta 09-27-2012 08:51 AM

Re: how long does it take you leave?
30 minutes. But that's on a boat that is stripped of sails, lines, and canvas when it's put away. Load the cooler, rig the boat, rig the main, stow gear, start motor, and slip the lines. Takes 30-40 minutes on the return trip. This includes rolling the main, flaking sails, unloading boat, etc.

Last weekend we used 5 different sails during the 3 races. So putting all those away took a little longer. For overnights, it takes a bit longer to stow food and extra gear.

NCC320 09-27-2012 08:57 AM

Re: how long does it take you leave?
How quickly one can leave the dock underway, or after docking, leave the marina will depend a lot on the boat, how you tie it up, how many people you have helping, what you plan to do..i.e. are you removing/placing sail covers at pier or out on water, do you have lots of lines securing the boat or just a few, how much junk are you bringing that has to be moved, are you washing down the boat, do you close thruhulls, switch off batteries, etc.? It generally takes me about 15-20 minutes on departing the slip because I have lots of lines (essentially doubled up all the time) and some assist lines to aid in dealing with crosswind on departure. That's by myself. On returning, it takes 30+ minutes and that's not including any washdown, but includes placing dock lines and sail, winch, binnacles covers. Again by myself. (Most of the time guests don't know what to do and everything they generally do has to be redone.)

H and E 09-27-2012 08:59 AM

Re: how long does it take you leave?
I guess I am slow. I have a boom tent to take down then remove the sail cover. I usually start the diesel after that to let it warm up. Stow hatch boards what ever I bring. Then remove the winch and tiller covers, check the lines, get winch handle in place. With everything ready I toss the dock lines. I would guess It takes me about 15+ minutes, longer if I have guest to brief. I do not get in a hurry.

zeehag 09-27-2012 09:06 AM

Re: how long does it take you leave?
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i do not return--took me 2 yrs to leave the mooring field in san diego with this formosa and i am still repairing--at least i am in exotic locations..LOL.. i leave every winter from my summer hidey hole from 'canes to go to the next place for another 'cane season.....

SHNOOL 09-27-2012 09:08 AM

Re: how long does it take you leave?
Ok, I'm all dock, and freshwater, so my times are lower...

Arrival to motoring out of the dock is about 10 minutes, and I solo sail. So that means unbutton the boat, put tiller pilot on, secure drinks, tuff luff on my genoa, and strip the boot off my main, throwing the halyard on and dropping the main into the cabin (ready to raise).

Coming back to the dock, I try to put the tiller pilot on, and roll the genny, and mainsail before I get back to the dock (saves time)... if I do that, it's about 15 minutes by the time I am leaving. If I have to do those 2 things at the dock, add about 10 minutes to that number.

My record speed leaving dock was 5 minutes to get underway, and 5 minutes to secure and leave the marina (but the work was just done more on the water).

eherlihy 09-27-2012 09:29 AM

Re: how long does it take you leave?
I'm in a slip. From the time that I arrive at the marina it takes me about 30 min. to get ready to leave: Open the companionway and lazerette, stow the solar panel, stow the crap that I always bring, ice and food in the icebox, mainsail cover off, Connect the main halyard, hatch covers off, mount the Lifesling on the rail, flag on the stern, check batteries, battery switch to 2, start engine, discuss the plan for leaving the slip with the crew, GPS and Fishfinder in their respective mounts at the helm, VHF radios on, disconnect the shore power, lines off and stowed, back out...

On my return, it always takes me over an hour to put everything back the way it was, including the seat cushions that always seem to come out, and the inevitable chat with the dock mates. I always french coil the dock lines.

cb32863 09-27-2012 09:39 AM

Re: how long does it take you leave?
I am on a mooring and it is about a 70 yard walk to the shore from parking to launch my inflatable to row out to the boat. So I park at a meter, inflate the dinghy, haul it to shore, walk back to vehicle and go park a block away for free, walk back to dinghy, row to boat, unpack, pull sail covers off, start motor and cast off. All in all it takes about 30 to 45 minutes. It has gotten quicker now that I have a sail bag for my jib and I can leave it hanked on.

Coming back really is difficult as sometimes, I take it really slow.....

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