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Ferretchaser 10-07-2012 09:12 AM

Now what
Well as some of you know, after sailing accross the pond from the UK to the chessapeak I have spent a couple of month out in the sticks at a friends place in PA and am going back to my voat next weekend. Now here is the problem. three days ago this little gray kitten turned up out of nowhere and soft fart that I can be at times, I fed the little thing. I can't let it into the house here because the dog would probably jst eat it amd the resident cat outside does not like the little one either. So I made a little corner for it with a couple of rags it ca sleep on in the garage. A bowl for water and one for food to complete the deal. Thing is, that as soon as I go outside it follows me everywhere. I went for a wander in the woods yesterday to have a look where the deer are as Bow season is open now in PA and the kitten followed me. Well after a mile or so it gor tired and started to cry. Now for deer hunting, having a crying kitten at your heels is about as usefull as taking an acordeon along, so I carried it back to the house and called it a day. The thing is, when I go back to my boat, should I take the little thing with me or not? If I did, would that be the end of my single handung days, as would have a little four legged crew member. To those of you that have cats or a cat on board, whats the deal when sailing in the crribbean as far as checking in and out of places goes. I have room for a litter box on board, but would i have to knit a net to put all round the boat so i don't loose the crew in a blow or just keep it below deck? I am a dog person so not had much to do with cats but this little fellow has got me thinking.
Come on folks give this old beardy a heads up on cats on board and help me make up my mind.


DonScribner 10-07-2012 09:37 AM

Re: Now what

You softy. Keep the critter. Boats have had cats on board for years. Cats are agile and smart so he'll probably be below in a blow anyway, low before your foulies come out! Plus, they make good conversation starters when the ladies walk by. (It seems like you're single).


Ferretchaser 10-07-2012 09:58 AM

Re: Now what
Yes I am single and am probably turning soft in the noggin in my old age for thinking of having a cat on my boat, but there you go.

Mobnets 10-07-2012 10:22 AM

Re: Now what
Check out

Two people, one cat, Albin Vega 27 sailing all over the pacific coast and Hawaii.

Lots of videos, including the cat in action, or inaction as the case may be.


zeehag 10-07-2012 11:06 AM

Re: Now what
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cats take upno room, and all the room. i have a 16pound maine coon mix as a guard of boat--h edes a fine job of it--and only wants loove and food..and respect for catching will keep birds and mice and cucaroches off boat--if any get in, cat will chase and kill.. is a good companion when sailing, and will let you know when something is amiss. keep the gatito

dacap06 10-07-2012 11:18 AM

Re: Now what
You want to know about sailing with a cat? Check out the Sailing Reboot blog by livaboard Roger Jones, a fellow Navy retiree, and his cat, XO. He does say a few words here about keeping the cat safe on board and on dealing with animal control authorities.

If you decide to keep your furry friend, you might want to send Roger an e-mail and ask about handy documentation. You'll need to get it before you leave.

DaWIFE and I have kept cats for over 30 years and know a thing or two about cats. I think that if you are going to keep a cat aboard, start with a kitten so the cat learns to deal with the marine environment while it is quick to learn and is at its most adaptable (not to mention while it is at its most fearless). Currently I have two two brothers, 1/2 oriental short hair and 1/2 domestic short hair. They're 4 years old now and I have never taken them to my boat, so I would not start now.



Ferretchaser 10-07-2012 11:47 AM

Re: Now what
Thanks for the heads up. This little thing is just a little more then a hand full. I think that someone must have dumped it out here as there are no other houses around that have cats within a few miles of here and the little critter just turned up about 4 days ago. I have just picked half a dozen ticks out of her and thought that after the first one I would be in the bad books but that little purring engine never missed a beat.
So here she is without any passengers.

What am I going to do ....still have a week left to decide before I go back to the boat. But to be honest, I think I am going to have a new crew member and my single handed sailing days are over. Though technicaly, its still single handing as she has paws.

mariner3302 10-07-2012 12:28 PM

Re: Now what
Nothing better than a cat on a boat! I had one but he drowned. He tried to jump off the boat to go walking around when we where tied up in Bimini. Sorry to be a downer but he was an awesome crewman. I would have another in a heartbeat.

mariner3302 10-08-2012 04:24 PM

Re: Now what
Let us know what you do and how the little one is!!

bobperry 10-08-2012 04:32 PM

Re: Now what
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Take the cat. Rescued cats can be fabulously loving pets. I have one, Pumpkin. My wife found her on the side of the road. We had been watching her for a month come and go from the woods at the top of our hill. One night my wife walked in the door with the cat under her arm. Minutes later the cat was in my lap purring and drooling. I made a sign and put it up but no one called. So now Pumpkin is my cat. I cannot express what this cat means to me. Pumpkin helps in the office. Here she is running off some prints for me.

Your cat is very cute. Give it a home. I don't think you will ever regret it.

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