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deltaten 10-10-2012 08:40 PM

I miss my boat!
Some 25-odd years ago, I bought a boat. A little boat. I had worked on a fifteen footer from scratch for near to two years and just couldn;t stand the wait. I ended up buying a sweet, little sailing/row boat from a fella across town. I wish I could remember the maker; but it was a named builder in England somewhere.
All of 9 feet long; but nearly 5 feet wide and round bottomed as a blue water cruiser. Well moulded 'glass with integral, opposing cockpit seating and mahogany thwart to step the mast though Red nylon (?) main and jib. Beautiful mahogany rub rail forepeak and transom mount, with matching dagger-board and rudder. Took 5 knots ta move it and six ta knock 'er down ;) I learned a lot in two seasons...probably all bad habits I'll need to break.

I learned about weather helm and storm jibs in a man-made lake in the North of the County. Caught in a sudden, late August storm out in the middle. Made it to the central island beach and dropped sail..."When in doubt...let it out" was well remembered at the time.
I ended up running the half mile to the beach and trailer once a lull came across. I had (completely!) furled the jib and rode the rub rail and tiller as the water streamed over the gun'l and flowed down the cockpit to re-enter the lake at the stern. A few points off the line either way, she'd either fall off or want to turn over. I was feeling the dagger board flutter and hum with my feet under the thwart strap as I passed a 16 foot Hobie-Cat going hell-for-leather downwind of me. I couldn't tell if that boy's eyes were that big from flying the trap or seeing me pass him! ;)

That special feeling of drifting with the wind...drink in hand and lazing my way through Summer...... I *will* do that again. :D I ended up selling it to a fella that wanted a neat dink for his 30-some foot sailer up in Connecticut. Hope she's doing well?

So.. anybody care to venture a guess at the maker of that little boat???

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