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davidpm 10-13-2012 08:37 AM

How does insurance work
I've never used insurance myself yet but the way a friends deal went down if I remember right is he submitted the claim and the yard and the insurance company agreed upon a repair price. He paid the deductible and got his boat back all fixed.

But if the boat is totaled what happens?
Lets say the insurance is for 40k the estimate comes in for 30k.
What happens?
You get a check for 40k less deductible the insurance company owns your boat and sells it for what they can, maybe 5 to 10k.
Is that about right?

cruisingdream 10-13-2012 08:49 AM

Re: How does insurance work
usually a totaled vehicle the insurance pays the full amount minus the deductible and anything you might want to salvage yourself(ie radios radar etc.) then the insurance takes the possession of the vehicle & auctions it off

tommays 10-13-2012 08:50 AM

Re: How does insurance work
More or Less

But when the C30 hit my Cal 29 we BOTH had to signs releases and they absolutely refused to be responsible for any further hidden damage

davidpm 10-13-2012 09:01 AM

Re: How does insurance work

Originally Posted by cruisingdream (Post 933012)
usually a totaled vehicle the insurance pays the full amount minus the deductible and anything you might want to salvage yourself(ie radios radar etc.) then the insurance takes the possession of the vehicle & auctions it off

I wonder if they let you salvage stuff typically. I would think they would want to maximize what the get at auction.
You could strip winches, spars etc and remove quite a bit of value.

chucklesR 10-13-2012 09:13 AM

Re: How does insurance work
I can't imagine them letting you take anything that would lower the value to an auction house.
Personal items, not covered by insurance (some are) belong to you.

kd3pc 10-13-2012 09:28 AM

Re: How does insurance work
depends on the insurance company to a large degree....

when I had a claim with progressive due to one of their insured creaming my boat at the dock, they told me up front, they would write one check and one check only, I had to use THEIR people, none of whom was a surveyor. Then I would have to sign a release to get the boat to the yard for repair and take their word for the quality and completeness of the repair.

They reminded me that I got one check, minus the deductible. When I tried to get an appointment, after the first two "adjusters" could not find the of the largest in annapolis, I was told that a senior adjuster would get to me in the next few days. It came as a phone call from Progressive in NJ (I lived in MD, the boat was in MD) telling me that one of the previous two idiots would free up and get back with me. This line of service totaled just shy of a month, and I was getting weather damage to other areas as a result of their process

I threw in the towel and at that point contacted my insurance, which was boat US..explained to them what had happened, 2 days later I met their adjuster and my surveyor at my boat and was given a check for the estimated repairs, minus my deductible, to be completed at the yard of my choice, their adjuster and my surveyor exchanged info in case there was additional/hidden damage. I signed a form empowering them to collect from the damaging person's various insurances. It must of worked because he called me some weeks later whining about their efforts...

that one was Done..

When another boat I owned sank at the dock, I had BoatUS, within 6 hours, they met me at the boat with their tow service, pumps were placed aboard, boat moved to the yard, temp repair was made. BoatUS and I suggested leaving her in the slings overnite...yard said no...

later that night the boat sank again at the dock, too deep to run her aground this time.

on the next day, I got the call from the BoatUS surveyor who explained that there were some issues brewing with the yard and floating the boat too early, and that there was $35K damage to a maybe $40K boat, and that was going in, since a lot of damage was electrical and to the engine, he suspected that the total would be higher, and I would still have a $40K boat...He would talk with BoatUS about constructive loss and what that would mean, both to me, and to the boat...

I took the total constructive loss, and within three days, had a check for the stated value I had insured her to begin with, minus the deductible. I was given the chance to buy her back at a salvage price, but BoatUS would no longer cover ANY subsequent repair/damage/loss/etc...Else I had 36 hours to remove my personal effects.

I was told that the engine was removed for salvage resell, and the rest of the boat was destroyed...residual value returned through the sale of the engine by BoatUS was $3500, additional cost to BoatUS was about $7K for disposal of fluids and the boat it self.

One really finds out about your insurance coverage with these kind of events....that $50-300 a year you may save with an internet company or someone who really is out of their market with not a deal. Similar experience with motorcycles

Stumble 10-13-2012 10:57 AM

Re: How does insurance work
Back when I had a marine legal practice I did a lot of insurance reviews for pleasure boats. As kd3 mentioned, some were great, some were terrible, but generally it worked like any other insurance. If the insured property is damaged they write you a check, what is considered 'personal' property may vary significantly though.

For example, after Katrina wrecked our Irwin 54' the adjuster considered personal property as anything we could remove from the boat in the 24 hours post inspection.... It's amazing how little time it can take to strip a boat to the glass under those conditions. The only thing left we're the engines, and the trany. Winches, the maxi prop, reader, ect all wound up in my dads garage.

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