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JulieMor 10-27-2012 04:43 PM

Will Hurricane Sandy Affect You?
When Sandy was still a tropical storm I was watching the weather channel when the analyst said several computer models have TS Sandy turning into a hurricane briefly over the Bahamas then turning east over the Atlantic. One however has it hugging the coast then slamming into the northeast coast, zeroing in on New York.

It seems that one was right.

Today I saw storm surges in the Chesapeake predicted to rise 1-2 feet to as much as 8 feet farther north. I know we have a lot of Chessies here.

What do the predictions look like for those possibly in the path? Will you all be okay? Fingers crossed!

b40Ibis 10-27-2012 04:51 PM

Re: Will Hurricane Sandy Affect You?
Wind from the north 15-20 gust to 30 here in Charleston today (Saturday). Temperature and barometer dropping.

rhr1956 10-27-2012 04:55 PM

Re: Will Hurricane Sandy Affect You?
Perfect fall weather here in Dallas. However my Bro-in-law & Sis-in-law live on Plum Island, just north of Boston. Got my fingers crossed for them, although mostly for their property, as they are soaking up sun in Hawaii for the next week.

chrisncate 10-27-2012 05:02 PM

Re: Will Hurricane Sandy Affect You?
Yes, we are in Annapolis.

Since I don't own a boat though, we're all good there! :) It's nice to not have that worry at the moment.. I do hope Heron makes it through ok though.

floridajaxsailor 10-27-2012 05:10 PM

5 p.m. on the Gulf of Mexico Saturday- Sandy is still blowing hard; she is a force to be reckoned with-
we have gusty, constant 17 knot winds~ even this far away, over a day since she steamed north- she is still a terror
prepare prepare prepare

Sal Paradise 10-27-2012 05:14 PM

Re: Will Hurricane Sandy Affect You?
Well here on the Hudson likely. Yesterday was like doomsday at the marina as the crane worked nonstop. We got our boat out of the water around 4 pm. I am sure some will be left in the water. Have been seeing yachts from NYC heading north along the river all day. In Rondout Creek we have been seeing many boats from the city docked. Irene raised the river 5'- 6' and it stayed that way for a couple weeks. I would expect the same this time.

dacap06 10-27-2012 05:48 PM

Re: Will Hurricane Sandy Affect You?
I've been hanging out on the Weather Underground and NWS web sites. They show a number of tracks, but still with a great deal of uncertainty. All the tracks are plus or minus 200+ miles. Assuming that the predictions are good enough that the actual track is within 50 miles of the predicted track, both my boat in Pasadena, MD and my house in Chantilly, VA will be hit pretty hard. I am expecting Sandy to bring 60 kt winds, 1 - 1.5 ft of storm surge in the Chesapeake (wherever it lands), and 8" - 12" of rain in the general area. But what really has me worried is the flooding that will occur afterwards.

The NAM and GFS tracks show Sandy passing just to the north of Baltimore. The GFDL model shows the eye passing just south of Washington D.C. Given the uncertainties still involved, these models more or less agree. What is astounding is the way this thing is going to spread out as it meets and merges with the cold front. We are all going to see nasty weather from Northern North Carolina to north of Long Island in New York.

Happily, this morning Tranquility Base was hauled. It now sits 20 feet above sea level on 6 jack stands. I removed the sails and wrapped the main halyard around the mast to prevent chafe from slapping. The jib halyard is attached to my aluminum toe rail, out and away from the mast, for the same reason. I removed the bimini and laid the frame down on the cockpit. TB is as ready as I can make her. I am pretty confident she will be just fine, so long as an embedded tornado doesn't get her. I wish I could say the same for my house! This house is 21 years old, and I watched its construction. Houses in the D.C. area are not well built unless you pay double and use a custom builder (I didn't). It has been through this kind of wind in summer thunderstorms, but those are over in 15 minutes. It has never faced that kind of stress for 2 days straight. I lost shingles to the thunderstorms. I'm wondering what additional damage an extended pounding will do.


zeehag 10-27-2012 05:51 PM

Re: Will Hurricane Sandy Affect You?
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had it continued going west while forming, it would have been a big mess here in mexico--but i t went north and now is a big deal for my family in hudson river valley area in ny.....that nice big front just west of the hurrycame is spozed to merge with it-- we will see...

PalmettoSailor 10-27-2012 06:41 PM

Re: Will Hurricane Sandy Affect You?
She already has. Spent the day taking down the sails, stripping canvas, putting out every fender and fenderboard I had and doubling up lines.

We're hoping for a landfall well north of Cape Charles, (VA tip of the Chesapeake) so we'll get north,northwest and westerly winds all of which would diminish any storm surge. The forecast winds don't really scare me but a big surge scares me more than Freddy Kruger.

jppp 10-27-2012 08:20 PM

Re: Will Hurricane Sandy Affect You?
This is what Irene did. This is the club house.

The boats were all in the water tied to the floating docks. It looked like someone put floating docks in the middle of the river.

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