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Capt. Grimek 11-04-2012 09:21 PM

Question regarding Rocna Anchor's Roll Bar
I've been looking at Rocnas on the dock and even though the plow portion looks good, that tall curved roll bar cries out one big concern for me. A friend and local broker said he had the same concerns looking at them.

My question is: When anchored in a blow and less seamanlike owner's boats
are dragging down on your location, aren't those tall semi-circular roll bars
just "begging" for a neighbor's dragging anchor fluke or plow tip to enter, continue dragging enough to pull out your anchor? Or at the least tip it on it's side enough that the neighbor's anchor won't let yours reset?

I can't imagine this not being a risk. Can owners explain why this would not be
of concern?

I've been using a CQR oversized for over 30 years in the Pacific N.W. in trying situations and have no desire to change, but I'm interested in looking over the "new generation" anchors to see what they offer.
That "hoop" on the Rocna raised our eyebrows.

For WA State and B.C. sailors here, it's Nanaimo,B.C./ Newcastle Is. Anchorage that comes to mind primarily. Seen many people drag in a there and many people don't use adequate scope, etc. We haven't ever dragged in 30 years other than 2 initial "trial" sets. It' the other guy I'm worried far ;-)

davidpm 11-04-2012 09:28 PM

Re: Question regarding Rocna Anchor's Roll Bar
The chances of the anchor of your neighbor perfectly intersecting the hoop on your anchor is probably much less than their anchor with a short scope scooping up your chain.

Lets say you have 50 feet of chain on the bottom and the hoop on the top of your anchor is about a foot. You do the math.

So the real question is if the hoop will help your anchor rotate properly to dig in.

chucklesR 11-04-2012 09:29 PM

Re: Question regarding Rocna Anchor's Roll Bar
The 'roll' bar helps the anchor when it is first deployed, it (obviously) is intended to roll the anchor over and get the point down.
After that all of these new generation anchors are deep digging, they little burrow down. Think feet not inches.

Besides, the roll bar is a square foot or so of 'target', your whole rode can be snagged and then pulled sideways and lifted.
Don't worry the small stuff, worry the big.

Capt. Grimek 11-04-2012 09:36 PM

Re: Question regarding Rocna Anchor's Roll Bar
I hear what you're saying about the anchor rode being the bigger target by far, but with a CQR I'd think it would very likely rotate as it turns from the other boat's dragged anchor.
I've seen boats stopped after hooking onto a properly anchored vessel's chain.

The roll bar on the anchor is right "there" at the anchor with direct upward and back force applied where a trip line would be attached to purposely dislodge the anchor.
Do the Rocnos dig deep enough to completely bury the roll bar?

chucklesR 11-04-2012 09:55 PM

Re: Question regarding Rocna Anchor's Roll Bar
Depth of set depends on bottom.
Google the subject for your own peace of mind.

Also google rocna's quality of steel issues.

Capt. Grimek 11-04-2012 10:11 PM

Re: Question regarding Rocna Anchor's Roll Bar
Not questioning their construction/strength. They sound impressive in both the R&D and production. I'll do as you suggest and google around more and watch this coming season in anchorages to see how they work under use.

They've only become known to me very recently as we're buying a smaller boat as for our coming old(er) age.
Selling our Fisher 37 P.H. to purchase a late 80's Pacific Seacraft 31 and new boat got me thinking of looking into the "new gen." anchors.

Our home port is Anacortes, WA and we mostly have mud/clay bottom around here to bury the "hooks" in. I must be nuts to get back out into the weather after 14 yrs. "inside" but I'll be able to single hand again and take friends out for a daysail much more often.

Thanks for the responses.

mitchbrown 11-04-2012 11:17 PM

Re: Question regarding Rocna Anchor's Roll Bar
Capt G

I have been sailing around the Anacortes / San Juan Island area for the past 10 years, the best holding anchor ive used in these muddy ancorages is a Danforth. On my current boat (Bene 39) I have a Delta which is similar in shape to the Rocna, except for the roll bar It seems to hold okay but it has been a problem getting it to set at times. It took 4 times to set it at Roach Harbor this summer. Im thinking the Fortress anchor is worth looking at for this area, similar to the Danforth but light aluminum alloy. I will probably get one for a stern anchor, test it out for a while, If i like it I'll mount it on the bow roller. I probably should not have replied to your post since i have no experience with the Rocna and your question was about the Rocna and it's roll bar, but the Fortress is a new generation anchor as well, and in this area i think its worth a close look


Faster 11-04-2012 11:18 PM

Re: Question regarding Rocna Anchor's Roll Bar
As an aside, CG, BC's favourite 'dragging ground' at Newcastle is now mostly a mooring buoy field.. the park people installed them over last winter. They seem well used and appear to be addressing the various issues that plagued that bay - and anchoring/inside among the new buoys is forbidden (in all of Mark Bay).

chef2sail 11-04-2012 11:53 PM

Re: Question regarding Rocna Anchor's Roll Bar
Check Mainesail's test of anchors.

We have a Rocna and it is the best all round anchor I have ever used. Manson Supreme and the newest of the new gen anchors Mantus are similar designs. Mantus can be stowed apart. Main advantage is their resetiing ability also.


killarney_sailor 11-05-2012 01:02 AM

Re: Question regarding Rocna Anchor's Roll Bar
Used a CQR and others for close to 40 years and have used a Manson Supreme for the past almost 30,000 miles and hundreds of nights anchoring including places like Easter Island where you are anchoring in close to 50' in virtually the open ocean. Would not go back to one of the traditional anchors for sure. A friend spent a year cruising in Thailand and wanted to sell a 45 lb CQR. Said you could not give them away there.

If the bottom is soft sand or mud and it is windy enough for boats to drag the whole anchor including roll bar will be buried. Lots of things in cruising to worry about. This isn't one of them.

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