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THEFRENCHA 11-08-2012 02:12 PM

Rate your Marina during Sandy ?
How well did your Marina or Club communicated during Sandy ?
Did they keep you informed of the local situation during and after Sandy? Or did you have to figure this out by yourself?
My boat is at Cottage Park YC in Winthrop Mass and the Club did not communicate at all!
During the hurricane we got emails concerning fund raising and obituaries but absolutely nothing regarding the surge and how boats were holding. For those leaving an hour away and watching the news on Tv, that was a bit of a nerve wreaking situation.
During the storm some boats dragged their moorings and landed downriver, another broke its mooring and ended up hitting the docks .
Beside taking pictures for the newsletter , the Club pretty much followed usual routine and none of the owners got any information at all . Not during and not after!
I know that lots of you have suffered lots of damages and are still in a difficult situation but how did you find out about your boat’s situation? Word of mouth/ fellow sailors/forums / harbormasters?
What are normal standards and how would you rate your Marina or Club when it comes to this kind of situation ?

wingNwing 11-08-2012 02:17 PM

Re: Rate your Marina during Sandy ?
On a scale of 1-10, I'd give our marina about a 14. A few days before, they sent an email with suggestions of how to prepare (double up docklines, remove roller furling headsails, etc). The day of the storm, they had extra staff, who walked the docks every couple of hours adjusting lines, including working through the night. Next morning there was a summary email sent to all slipholders, and dock photos on their Facebook page. Also hot coffee at the ships store. *This* is how it should be done. [n.b., we're in Maryland, not in the very worst of the storm areas.]

chef2sail 11-08-2012 02:38 PM

Re: Rate your Marina during Sandy ?
First of all I would be upset and wonder why there is no sense of commradiere or fellowship between the sailors/ club there, Usually I have found clubs tend to have a tight knit group as the members are actually the owners. Do not you have a leadership group ( Commodore) at the club. I would be addressing questions to him and the bridge officers if you do). If its a social club you must have structure. may you can help organize at least a procedures for next time....because there will be a next time for sure.

Like wingnwing I was in MD. It wasnt till the very end that we knew we werent in the worst zone, but we got plenty of storm here. warnings started 3 days ahead of time. People helped each other/ Everyone was contacted and if they couldnt get there others helped prepare their boats by taking sails and canvas off as well as double tying and putting chafe gear on. Lots of communication and we had a meeting the Tgursday for anyone before the storm hit.

Some of us stayed on our boats or the clubhouse to help monitor the boats and help out if the conditions warrented us being able to do it safely. We had an alternative plan should it have been necessary to evacuate and get to higher ground. We were in the South quadrant of Sandy and the eye passed roughly 30-45 miles north of us headed NW.

I belong to a yacht club on the Chessapeake.


paulk 11-08-2012 10:54 PM

Re: Rate your Marina during Sandy ?
How well a marina or yacht club communicates with boat owners in "weather events" depends upon a lot of variables. Is there a staff person whose job it is to do this? Or does that person get sent home when the power goes out at the club and the computer shuts off? Maybe there isn't someone on staff for that, or perhaps whoever might be able to send an email is too busy doubling anchor or dock lines. Maybe they're out in a launch adding to mooring pennants so boats don't drag. Do you want the dock staff to answer your phone call, or put another bumper between your boat and the bulkhead? Perhaps if they charged more they could hire more people and provide better service, but not everyone might agree on that issue.

On the other hand, what might happen if an alert message went out and 50 or so boat owners showed up at the height of the storm to check on their boats? Sandy's high tide covered half our club's parking lot. Are these owners going to blame the club for their cars as well as their boats? The owners can't all fit in the launch - if it's running. What happens if they're out on one of the slips when the tide floats them off over the tops of the pilings? What happens when four owners decide that "sea room" is what they need, and get their props fouled in lines that have blown off a dock, or bend a shaft on a tree branch they couldn't see in the spume? What can the "alerted" owners really do during the storm but watch the rain, the tide, and the wind?

The time to prepare for bad weather is beforehand. There was plenty of notice about Sandy, all up the East Coast. Our club sent out emails calling for available members to help securing docks, boats, and equipment well before the storm was here. During the storm, the gangways to the docks were impassable. The docks floated to within 6" of the tops of their securing pilings. If you want to be informed of conditions at the waterfront, set up a webcam with a flag in the viewing field and make the site available online.

Stella's crew 11-09-2012 12:45 AM

Re: Rate your Marina during Sandy ?
Our marina lost it's roof early in the storm, but boats faired much better. They informed status through Fbook via third parties and mobile until they got phone/office set up nearby. Rate them +++.

Minnewaska 11-09-2012 05:30 AM

Re: Rate your Marina during Sandy ?
We ended up having peak winds of 50kts, with sustained over 40 and heavy rain in RI. However, up until two or three days prior, we were still in the cone of uncertainty. Albeit, most models were converging well to the West.

I found it surprising that the marina never put its hurricane haul out process in place. I was hauled, but only because I was near my winter haulout date. They moved it up a week. They did secure everything that was outside and put extra stands under the more exposed boats on the hard.

Although, to give them credit, I understand there was only one boat that asked to be quick hauled for the hurricane. Of course, there was one more that tried to game the system by asking that their winter hauling be billed as hurricane hauling. The marina refused. I don't blame them.

Ultimately, we had a 6 ft surge that put water in the parking lot, but the floating docks still had 3 ft left on the pilings. Essentially no damage to the marina and none to any of the boats.

I only hope its not a sign of complacency. This is our third year in a row with a tropical storm threat and none have been the "big one".

chucklesR 11-09-2012 08:59 AM

Re: Rate your Marina during Sandy ?
Herrington Harbor South sent emails before and after, and of course has a webcam up and running that shows the condition.
Not a single boat sustained any damage.

50kt winds, no surge to write home about.

deltaten 11-09-2012 09:57 AM

Re: Rate your Marina during Sandy ?
While not (yet) a bonified member of the Boat Owners Club; I spent some time down by Chef helping a buddy with his preps. The small marina/store/repair facility surrounding us is very family-friendly. The private slip/property owner is even more so.
We arrived near 11 am Monday as the storm was rising. Some rain and gusty wind; but nothing terrifying...yet!. The entire marina crew was busy shuttling all sorts of craft, battening down hatches and checking stands. Our private landing owner was to hand, as was the live-aboard, to lend moral as well as physical assistance.
My buddy traded several calls and e-mails with the shop and slip owner. After close to 17 years in the same slip, he felt comfortable enuff to not fret over it.
I intend to get a slip there, too;)

We went down, post-storm, to prep the boat for pull out and winterization. The steel structure that protects the big-bux boats had lost near 1/3 of it's corrugated roofing. I didn't see any damage from it or otherwise. Lotsa tree debris and leaves. Most of the usually moored sails were on the hard. The yards were near full of cheek-by-jowl boats of all sorts. The crew/staff were *still* busy as bees with clean-up, scheduled pulls and re-arranging hulls to make room.

Next trip down, I need to shower some praise on the marina owner. Credit where due sorta thing. :D

chef2sail 11-09-2012 11:00 AM

Re: Rate your Marina during Sandy ?
Delatran...which marina?


deltaten 11-09-2012 02:40 PM

Re: Rate your Marina during Sandy ?
Bay Boat Works....just up from Jackson's.Next ta last one on Hance's Point. Next one up from there is Northeast YC, IIRC. THere's two private residence surrounded by BBW. One is the private dockage/slips...where I hope to be/go.
When I said "up by chef", I meant the N. Bay in general. Hell man! Yer down in the BIG water compared ta me. ;) Any farther North and I'd be sailing in the Northeast public park fountain; or up against the dam on the Susquehanna. LOL

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