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Johnnycatt 11-15-2012 09:49 PM

Petit Bois/Dauphin Island Pass and Perdido Pass
I will be taking a litle trip from Pascagoula to Pensacola. i am planing to pass into the Gulf between Dauphin Island and Petit Bois island. I will be anchoring in Pelican Bay on the eastern end of Dauphin Island for a night.

I will resume my trip to Perdido Key the next day. I will traverse the Perdido Pass to spend Thanksgiving on Perdido Key.

I was hoping some peolpe with local knowledge might offer some tips or cautions about these two passes (or anything along the route). I usually spend my time on the western side of the Mississippi sound, so this side is new to me!

The charts don't show anythng unusual, but hey, ya never know!

I finally talked the wife into this trip - if it goes well, she may let me do Gulfport to Tampa next year... (hey, I can dream, right? who wants to go with me?)


SailingStNick 11-18-2012 12:26 PM

Re: Petit Bois/Dauphin Island Pass and Perdido Pass

Hello from Ocean Springs! Where are you located? Pascagoula, I assume.

While I haven't sailed or motored your proposed trip, I don't think there's much to worry about other than shallow gulf waters and a little traffic (and wells) near Mobile/Dauphin Island.

Let me know if you need rail meat. I'm learning, though.

sailboatcatnip 11-18-2012 03:23 PM

Re: Petit Bois/Dauphin Island Pass and Perdido Pass

I recommend that you line up with the buoy at the entrance of Perdio Pass and then enter the pass. Stay in the marked channels throughout. This is discussed more detail in ActiveCaptain. The current can be exciting (at least it is for me).

The channel splits and the only channel I have used is the east channel with 55 feet of bridge clearance and good depth. This channel is close to the shore so as you enter be sure to stay close to the bridge footing on the port side as the channel gets shallow quickly toward the shore. Also be aware that as you are leaving, the current follows the bridge footing under the bridge but then quickly goes about 45 degrees to starboard which tends to draw your boat toward the east piling. You might want to get there during daylight.

Where will you keep your boat while there? I am on Ono Island.


Johnnycatt 11-19-2012 05:54 PM

Re: Petit Bois/Dauphin Island Pass and Perdido Pass
*** SailingStNick, I sail out of Gulfport usually, but live and trailer my boat in Hattiesburg, so leaving from Pascagoula is NOT out of the question - we have done it once before for a trip to Horn Island. As far as "crew," my 12-year old daughter will be handling those duties on this trip! (which menas no wife/mom, so it's all fun and games!)

*** Sailboatcatnip, I will be mooring on the north side of Perdido Key just across the highway from "The Crab Trap" restaurant. It looks to me like the east side of Perdido Pass is the dangerous side (from charts and google maps Satellite view). It looks like you said: I need to hug the West side of the pass and go under the center of the bridge.

I plan on sailing to Perdido, but trailering home! I can take all 5 days to get to Perdido, but I absolutely MUST be back in Hattiesburg Sunday afternoon.

I'm hoping NONE of the wells will be a problem since I don't plan on being more than 2 miles offshore.

sailboatcatnip 11-19-2012 06:45 PM

Re: Petit Bois/Dauphin Island Pass and Perdido Pass
After you enter the pass, and before the bridge, the channel divides into two marked channels to go under the bridge. The east channel under the bridge is the one I take because of the bridge clearance. You need to stay to the west side of that east channel as you go under the bridge. You are correct that the east side of the pass gets very shallow.

I have a video as I am approaching and go under the bridge with the current which I can email to you if you want.

You do know that the Ono Island Bridge has a low clearance....I think about 24 feet. You will have to go around the Island and back to the Crab Trap unless you can get under the bridge.

Johnnycatt 11-19-2012 09:32 PM

Re: Petit Bois/Dauphin Island Pass and Perdido Pass
***Sailboatcatnip.. dude, thx! That was exactly the kind of info I needed! I would NEVER have made it under the Ono Island bridge. I knew it was there, but, my mast is 30' before its attached to the boat. I'll take the long way around.

If you wanna share that video, I'll take it! [johnnycatt at bellsouth dot net] (it won't let me put my email on there)

If I even get close on time, I should be coming in at low tide (around lunch on Thursday). Not the best scenario, but better than comming in 1/2 between hightide and lowtide and fighting the outflow....

sailboatcatnip 11-19-2012 10:28 PM

Re: Petit Bois/Dauphin Island Pass and Perdido Pass
I will send the video.

Ono Island is about 7 miles long so count on 12+ miles from the pass to the Crab Trap on Old River. You may want to take the ICW to Pensacola from there rather than going back through the pass.

A bit of trivia, Ono Island was used for gunnery practice during WWII.

sidney777 11-20-2012 01:08 AM

Re: Petit Bois/Dauphin Island Pass and Perdido Pass
For now,I am at the east end of Perdido Key on ICW. There is a free- boat ramp- on Icw on Innerarity point at the Alabama/Florida state line if you want to take boat out. How is the depth traveling from ICW to the west along Ono island ?? Do you want a marina ? Holiday Harbor ph850-492-0555 (on way to your destination) website says $1.50 ft(25 cents discount with BoatUS)..Bear Point marina nearby. If you need to get out of bad weather you can come near me. I am in a protected marina or you can anchor nearby.
......As you know you can travel on the ICW directly to your destination. Your wife might like LULU's restaurant on the ICW

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