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windship 03-31-2004 04:41 PM

Hey Wooosh,
Hi Jack,
Ya know, I saw another CC Pearson today like we were talking about before and it definatly was not the underbody of the 424.
It had a semi long,deep fin with a narrow skeg rudder like I said before.
Whats going on here??


WHOOSH 03-31-2004 09:22 PM

Hey Wooosh,
Dennis, I can''t guess at what you saw based on your description. Perhaps a later 38 or a 39 from when the New Pearson was in operation? I don''t have a clue.

SailorMitch said: "For anything related to Pearson Yachts, THE definitive website is one put together by a fellow named Dan Pfeiffer. The address is"

Perhaps you should check there.


SailorMitch 04-01-2004 03:23 AM

Hey Wooosh,

Could it be a P-385? Or a 390? Check Dan''s site because if it exists, it''s there.

Jack -- a couple of times now you have referred to the New Pearson in the later years of the company''s life. Do you mean the aborted Cal-Pearson attempt to resurrect the company in the mid-90''s? Otherwise, Grumman did sell the company to a group of investors, including Bill Shaw, in the late ''80''s. But Bill was still running the company and making boats the same as before. He didn''t retire until just before the company went under in 1991. Just wondering is all.

WHOOSH 04-01-2004 06:20 AM

Hey Wooosh,
Dennis, I use ''New Pearson'' to refer to the Cal-Pearson 2nd generation company because the owners'' association uses (or perhaps ''used'', if they''re no longer around) the title New Pearson Yacht Owners Assn. (NPYOA)...or something quite close to that.

Just a hunch, but I suspect if Bill Shaw didn''t work for a large production builder that made a huge number of sailboats over the years - if perhaps the brand cathet'' was more highbrow even if the company was far less successful - then Bill Shaw would be more of a legendary figure than he turns out to be among contemporary sailors. From a NA understudy at S&S he moved from ''in-house designer'' at Pearson, drawing a varied and large stable of designs, to production guru, to eventually principle and Company President...and all the while, still drawing the newer designs. It''s quite an amazing story if fully told, I suspect.


windship 04-01-2004 02:55 PM

Hey Wooosh,
Thanks, I''ll check it out.


SailorMitch 04-01-2004 03:27 PM

Hey Wooosh,

The National Pearson Yacht Owners Assoc. still exists. Run by a fellow named Bill Lawrence. I hear mixed feelings about it.

As far as I can tell, Cal-Pearson actually only produced maybe two boats. Rumors have it at a higher number, but I''ve only heard of two real boats. One is a P-38-2 that''s been kicking around Annapolis (it was in the Annapolis show a couple of years.) The other is a P-35, which is just the old P-34 with a scoop stern. It was for sale in Texas at one time, was in charter service there. At any rate, that company was underfunded and out classed.

Agreed on Bill Shaw. He drew beautiful lines to my eye, and also slippery fast hulls for the most part (other than some models that were pure cruising boats.) I talk to him on the phone every so often. One of the nicest guys around. He does deserve more credit, but then I bleed Pearson blue.


windship 04-08-2004 03:56 PM

Hey Wooosh,
Sailor Mitch and WHOOSH,
I was up in Hingham, Ma. again today but this time the owners were on board. I asked and they said it is a P-385 which I missed on the Pearson site(I don''t know how) But anyway my mystery is now solved and it is the same boat that was at the marina here in New Bedford where I first started seeing it. I really like the boat.There was only 42 made in the mid 80''s.
Jeff, do you(or anyone else)have any info on these boats?
Thanks for your replies


SailorMitch 04-08-2004 08:15 PM

Hey Wooosh,

Dan Pfeiffer''s site also has a link to another 385 site, so look there again. Dan also has the entire 385 brochure on his site.

I also am good friends with a fellow who owns a P-385, so email me directly and I''ll send you his email address. They are great boats. When one goes on the market they rarely last long.

windship 04-09-2004 10:10 AM

Hey Wooosh,
Thank you, I''ll do that.


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