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bwalker42 04-16-2004 07:41 AM

The Truth as I know It 2
Howzabout this, since the origional Truth thread has 159 posts, and it is kinda annoying to have to go through them all if your away for a while. We can use this one to talk about how great things God does for us at sea, I would like to hear your stories.

I quite frankly like the idea Mike Hoyt came up with about e-mail at the end of our posts. I couldn''t come up with any reason that it wouldn''t be good. Jesus had a public and private ministry. He did all things well. He preached to tens of thousands at a time, even from ships, and healed everyone He touched, right in the front of everyone. And at times He put everyone out of the house for a healing miricle. If we use e-mail addy''s with our queries, we can speak to each other publiclly as well as privately. And if any one has anything to say for correction sake, shouldn''t it be done in private? As we all have the ability and opportunity to correct even our own selves in these queries if we say anything that is not right.

This IS a most excellent site for all sailors. From beginners to old salts. Part of my beginning in sailing was here, learning. Learning is a process.

I was kinda concerned about the allegations about 928 and myself, but not anymore. So I will just say this; "I bring the love of God. Nothing else. No not even the lust of the flesh. I didn''t perceive 928 as being like that. I perceived him as a man like my brother who is a knowledgeable kind of guy and has the right to have his word even as he has stated. I also thought he at least has this redeeming quality abut him in that he sacrificed going down to his boat, for the love of his wife, and worked on her car. For a moment, I thought I was about to see him get born again. Which is my favorite miricle.
And, I am telling you this, as Joan of Arc was to her fellows and none did think of her in an unseemly manner, So I am to my fellows and none think of me in an unseemly way. I have always chosen the occupations of Men; Preaching the Gospel since age 10, Commercial Real Estate, Sailing.
I am ok with that."

Fair Winds and Kind prayers as always,

DelmarRey 04-16-2004 08:45 PM

The Truth as I know It 2
Yeah, it''s proably a good time to refresh the thread. I have a good hi-speed system but I''m sure there are some who might get annoyed having to wait for the up loads.

As for the e-mail, sure, why not! There might be those who may want to share their experiences off line. If someone wants to get nasty, well the delete button is a touch away!

I too, have picked up a lot of good info from this site, as well as others. But Sailnet seems to be the most active and has been hanging in there for a while. Plus I just received another $500 worth of stuff for up grades and they are polite and proficient in getting their goods out!

As far as my experiences, It amazes me the precise organization that God has provided for all of mankind. The wind and the sea provides the easiest means of travel weather you are by yourself or if you need to move mountains. In sailing vessels, No ground is disturbed, No fuel is burned. The food and water is provided. And if you live outside of FEAR you can travel the whole world. The sun, moon and stars are another part of the whole design. Even as a kid, and being raised by an agnostic mother, I knew there was a creator with a wonderful system to guide us on our way. I use to wonder the woods in the mountains, unsupervised, and was always able to find my way using the sun and moon. Got in trouble with Mom a couple times!

And as a Tool and Diemaker, I''m in awe how mathamatics all falls together. That could not have been an accident.

The thing I hate are the jerks that do evil in Gods name. "God made me do it." or "God allows bad things happen" How ignorant can people be. We all have a free will, if we choose to take the wrong path then so be it. Using the wisdom of the bible can keep most people from harm.

That''s enough for one night, have lots of work to do on the boat tomorrow. Getten''r ready for the 4th. and a 2 week cruise up the Canadian coast.
Fair winds.

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