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hallucination 02-06-2013 06:12 PM

Oh what to do? boat on rocks/reef/sand/mud
Is there a "strategy page/link/thread" for what to do when you run aground? I know this has never happened to anyone, so I might be asking the wrong group :)

for instance.

know where to find tide tables, is 101. but,what is the decision tree if it is going up vs. going down?
back out, don't turn around, 201, usually makes things worse, but when MIGHT it help
don't tip a winged keel...
set an anchor so it doesn't get worse
lighten the boat, dump the water, throw the passengers in the dingy.

things are obviously different if you are in mud, versus playing ping-pong in the coral heads. different boats...full keel/winged/cat/etc...

It is not something I would like to practice! I would rather have someone else's experience somewhere in my reflex memory.


rockDAWG 02-06-2013 06:34 PM

Re: Oh what to do? boat on rocks/reef/sand/mud
That is the beauty of being in Chesapeake Bay. If stuck, reverse, rudder straight, and back out slowly. If fails, more rpm, wait for high tide, call for Tow. :D

If you stuck on the coral, try above. Go under water, take a look, be friended with the motor boat guy, pull it out. Don't need much power.

On the Rock, try above and good luck.

Sitting on a reef and listed during a rage, do not deploy the life raft, stay on the boat until the boat is totally disintegrated. Call insurance company. :D

Halyard and anchor with a thousand feet of rope will work well if it is not a wing keel.

Common sense, and think it through. In certain countries, stuck on the coral will result a heavy fine. They classify the coral is their national treasure, so don't public broadcast your situation. Use cell phone :)

hallucination 02-06-2013 06:53 PM

Re: Oh what to do? boat on rocks/reef/sand/mud
Yep, got the chesapeake thing understood. go slow when it's shallow. don't go where you have not been before. 1 foot of tide is a BIG deal. You can dredge a lot of mud from your resting place with a medium amount of reverse prop, be patient. SeaTow is cheap, keep it on your keychain. Stay out of the crab traps, the lines foul a prop that is not being used, but may have to be. Cutting a rope off a shaft with a kitchen knife is difficult at midnight(on the 4th of July), whilst swimming in medical waste.

I have really/actually only soft mudded twice. all the above are from me being a nice guy/passenger. more of the former.

Nor am I looking for the "keel got ripped off" EPIC stories. Check out the Lagoon at the marina where I keep my thing in Nanny Cay. Taking a potty break whilst the boat is on auto pilot cost him about .5 MIL$$$$.

marianclaire 02-06-2013 06:58 PM

Re: Oh what to do? boat on rocks/reef/sand/mud
Well having been aground a "few" times but only in soft bottoms. When I bump close to low I just sit and let the tide turn. Bump in an area with little tide change I punch it and slam the tiller over and repeat and try to turn a U, it does work given some time. Other situations I get out on the bow and go kedging. There have been times when I have no idea where the deep water is and I just wait for local knowledge. Dan S/V Marian Claire

rockDAWG 02-06-2013 07:05 PM

Re: Oh what to do? boat on rocks/reef/sand/mud
Yeah, autopilot can be costly. Why would anyone on autopilot while in a questionable zone is beyond me. But....things happen.

As for Chessy, you can't go much wrong. When in doubt let the other goes first, I follow. hahah.

MarkSF 02-06-2013 07:14 PM

Re: Oh what to do? boat on rocks/reef/sand/mud
If the bottom is soft, the tide is coming in, and you are in no danger, put the kettle on and some relaxing music. Enjoy the view.

chef2sail 02-06-2013 07:25 PM

Re: Oh what to do? boat on rocks/reef/sand/mud
Two tried and true methods as everyone eventually runs aground.

1- Try and back slowly, do not super rev the engine as you may pull mud through the raw water strainer, that not good advice

A-If this doesnt work take boat hook out walk around the boat and see how deep. It makes a difference if youve run aground in a gradually sloping bottom, or run into the canyon side wall of mud/ sand getting outside a dredged channel where the depth is only 1 ft.'

2- If you wait for tide on the Chesapeake you may wait all month till a full moon as tidal change is not much

3- Kedge off. Put you anchor on a few lifejackets, cushions, and swim it into deeper water. Then winch the boat either with windlass/ hand/ or winch into the deeper water where the anchor is set

4- Shift weight to one side of the boat and heel her/ people and weight on the end of the boom ( bucket with water, person, anchors) and sing it out perpendicular to the boat, It will lift the keel up sideways.

You can do combinations of all three also.

One of the main dangers when running aground can be snapping your rudder ( if its one of those large spade ones only 6" shorter than the bottom of the keel. Thats why backing out should be done with care and you should know what you ran aground into. Part A above. Also if you have one of those wing keels you dont ewant to bust a wing.

CalebD 02-06-2013 08:08 PM

Re: Oh what to do? boat on rocks/reef/sand/mud
I was on an O'Day 272 on LI Sound which has about an 8' tidal range. We ran aground on a fairly falt, mostly sandy, rocky mud and could not get off with the engine. The O 272 has a winged keel and I'll be damned if the damn thing did not stand up on it's keel wings while the water totally receded with the ebbing tide and left the boat high and dry. Nothing to do but wait for the tide to come back in but we had to be very careful about moving around on the boat when there was no water at all as we could easily have caused it to fall over.

mad_machine 02-06-2013 08:17 PM

Re: Oh what to do? boat on rocks/reef/sand/mud
I have seen pictures of winged keel boats high and dry.. must be a weird feeling.

I guess if the bottom is solid, would be a good time to get a longhandled brush and clean off of the gunk

rockDAWG 02-06-2013 08:18 PM

Re: Oh what to do? boat on rocks/reef/sand/mud
We all hate to admit that. All the grounding that I have caused and have witnessed are due to human errors.

To save face, I often tell my wife that it is common for the sea floor moves up a foot or so. :)

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