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prussell 05-05-2004 01:59 PM

Selling a boat in Australia/New Zealand?
Does anyone have any experience with selling a boat in Australia or New Zealand? We are in Florida and are considering sailing there and with a possiblity of selling our boat once we get there. Have heard the taxes can be quite high on sales from non-citizens.

raybies 05-05-2004 08:08 PM

Selling a boat in Australia/New Zealand?
Hello Pierre,
I don''t have any experience in importing a boat into Australia but just had a quick scan of the likely web sites to see what might be of use to you.
Australian customs has a guide which isn''t of great use but I have copied it below.
''Importing a yacht''
Yachts are subject to a general rate of duty of 5% based on the customs value (basically the price paid) and 10% GST calculated on the customs value plus international transport and insurance plus the duty.
Privately imported yachts are generally valued using the transaction method of valuation when purchased overseas new or second-hand for export to Australia. Circumstances where Customs may use an alternative method of valuation include such situations as where:

the yacht was constructed by owner/labour;
the yacht has been extensively modified since purchase;
the purchaser and vendor are related parties and that relationship has influenced the purchase price; or
the original purchase price is too far removed in time.
In these instances the yacht will have to be valued by a marine surveyor in Australia. This valuation will be based on the market value and as such will include elements such as customs duty and GST. Customs will have to deduct these elements plus overseas transport from the local valuation.

Where the yacht is sailed to Australia, overseas freight will be determined having regard to essential sailing costs incurred under the most commercially viable conditions. Such costs would include sailing expenditure necessarily incurred while the vessel is actually sailing (and entering and leaving) those ports of call on the most commercially viable route. It would not include any in port expenditure related to the vessel''s period of stopover

. Where supported by sufficient/reliable information, essential sailing costs would also include:

cost of maps, charts pilot books, light/radio lists, etc.
crew''s hire/wages or forage allowance in lieu
victualling or food costs (does not include tobacco and alcoholic beverages)
bunkering or oil/fuel costs.
end copy.

Can I also suggest a letter to a local magazine called "Cruising Helmsman" - .
This is a good scouce of experience interchange. If you send me a postal address, I will send you a copy.

Also suggest visiting which will give you an idea of prices and also details of most of the brokers.

Hope this helps a bit.


raybies 05-08-2004 01:10 PM

Selling a boat in Australia/New Zealand?
Hello again Pierre,
Early Sunday morning here in Sydney and I''m having a look at the web in the quiet before the family gets out of bed. Already about 5 knots of breeze up and building, so it''s off to the boat in a while.
Anyway, the point of this second post is to mention that I found a Lord Nelson 41 for sale with a Brisbane based broker A$265,000 which may give you a comparison.
Also a hint. If you do make the trip, put Vava''u in Tonga''s northern islands on the list. Great cruising/diving/fishing - and pretty much unspoilt.

prussell 05-09-2004 02:34 PM

Selling a boat in Australia/New Zealand?
Thanks for the advice. It''s nice to get an idea of what boats sell for over there. Hope you had a great day sailing. We''ll keep investigating.

sgunns 06-10-2004 05:58 AM

Selling a boat in Australia/New Zealand?
I am in Sydney Australia. Apart from the import duty/taxes, I am not aware of any additional taxes to either local or overseas owners. Most boats are advertised in a magazine called Trade a Boat. There are thousands of boats advertised every month, with an associated web site (that I don''t have at hand).

kms 06-10-2004 10:10 AM

Selling a boat in Australia/New Zealand?
sgunns, if you can find the web site for Trade A Boat please send it to me.

raybies 06-15-2004 01:34 AM

Selling a boat in Australia/New Zealand?
The Trade A Boat website is

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