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jimgo 02-23-2013 10:07 PM

Getting ahead of myself
The survey on my boat is currently scheduled for March 8 (I'm confirming with the surveyor on Monday). I hope it works out well, and on the assumption it does, I want to be ready for the next steps. The broker was nice and said the boat could hang out there for a few weeks while we wait for good weather, but I'm still anxious to bring her closer to home. So, I'm already looking at tide charts, trying to figure out a good plan for moving her from Deltaville, VA to Forked River, NJ. My current plan is to assume I'll need two, 3-day weekends to get her home. I hope it will be less, but it's not a big deal if it takes a little longer. I'm shooting for getting to Delaware City by the end of the first weekend, then hanging out there until the tides favor a trip down the Delaware River to Cape May.

I'm working backward a bit, and it looks like a departure from Delaware City to Cape May on March 22 would be just about ideal. High tide at Delaware City is about 8:00 AM, so I can scoot out around 6:00 AM and ride the tide for most of the trip down to the Delaware Bay and into Cape May. So, if I'm shooting for leaving there that weekend, and if my survey is the 8th, that means I'm headin' out of Deltaville on the 15th. If things don't work out well for that weekend, I can always wait 2 weeks.

So, aside from the possible weather issues (I'm not minimizing those), what am I missing?

Yes, I'm getting ahead of myself, but...

tommays 02-23-2013 10:50 PM

Re: Getting ahead of myself
safe weather is going to be the X factor at that time with tempature being the biggest who knows item as it could be be between 10 and 80 degrees

ceddavis 02-23-2013 11:03 PM

Re: Getting ahead of myself
How exciting! We made the reverse trip moving my C&C 24 from Long Island Sound to Bohemia Bay Yacht Harbor. Hauled out and spent the winter at Delaware City. It's a great little marina with a friendly staff.

Obviously, the weather generally and wind strength & direction specifically will be the greatest unknown. The Delaware Bay is shallow and notoriously choppy (Our trip from Cape May to Delaware City was the worst sail of my life.)

There aren't many stopping points in route, so once you are committed, be prepared to complete the trip.

Malvern, PA

jimgo 02-23-2013 11:46 PM

Re: Getting ahead of myself
The temperature and weather are a big concern - I wasn't trying to minimize those by any stretch of the imagination. I hope it will be warm enough and the winds favorable enough to make the move on the 15th, but if not, then it will just have to wait. I may push things a bit (like continuing on past a "planned" stop if I'm making good time), but I'd rather wait for favorable weather since there isn't a rush. The first leg of the trip is the most critical - I'd like to get her to a more convenient place (anywhere north of Annapolis/Rock Hall) that first weekend. After that, the logistics become much easier for getting her home, even if I wind up having to take an unexpected transient slip for a few weeks.

chef2sail 02-24-2013 12:38 AM

Re: Getting ahead of myself
Yeah that Delaware River Bay trip is usally the lowlight of our trip to and from the Chessie to the LI Sound every year. If the greenheads dont get you, then the square waves on the Delaware Bay at 3 second intervals do. Travelking in the AM is an advantage unless of weather fronts as the predominant S/SE winds on shore from the Ocean dont start piping up gradually down near the Bay till noon or 1 PM

6 AM is a good start time.

Looking at the tides/ current, Slack begins at Delaware city at about 9 AM So you will be running into the ever weakening current for about 2/1/2 hours. Expect to make about 12 miles before the current hits slack for you between bouys 8LRed and 6LRed or paralell to Phillips Creek in NJ.

from there you will get the current with you will make 7+ knots. You have 37 miles to go to the entrance to the Cape May Canal or approximently 5.5 hours. At 1 PM the tide turns at the Miah Maul Lighthouse, but in the lower bay the current isnt as strong as in the River area. At 1 Pm You will already have passed the Miah Maul and be headed directly to the Canal entrance. You should get there about 2:30 and into Cape May anchorage or Utches ablout 3:30.

As you get closer to leaving I can give my route with degree settings for you to use as a guide so you dont waste time/ distance. I have in my chartplotter as it is not necessary to go bouy to bouy down the Delaware ( I cut the angles and save distance) and you want to stay out of the main shipping channel. The ships are moving often times at 25 knots, so while they look a distance away they come up on you very fast.

You will be main motoring the entire time probably unless you have 15-20 out of the N or NW

Your trip up the Bay will be long days. Puatuxet- 48 miles ( Solomons first Day). If you want to make Delaware City then you need to get to Rock Hall- 49 miles the second...and Delaware City- 49 miles the third . On March 17 The C&D Canal ( about 16 miles long ) You will be fighting the current about 2 knots until 7 PM ( Eastern entrance) It will take you close to 3.5 hours to get through the Canal. If you leave Rock Hall at 6 AM you will hit the Bohemia River - 34 miles at noon. You will have some slight current for about 11/2 more hours so you may be able to make Chesapeak City about 4 miles in the Canal by 1:30. Figure on 4- 5 hours from there to Delaware City since you will be bucking a 2+ knot current.

Should be fun...and long days. Take extra fuel filters and belts at a minimum..


Minnewaska 02-24-2013 07:34 AM

Re: Getting ahead of myself
Those that are most familiar with the cruising grounds are better to react to your sail plan.

I will say that you are never getting ahead of yourself in the marine business to plan for everything at once. Try to do it all sequentially and it will never ever happen. My entire life on the water is about thinking ahead.

Good luck.

Lake Superior Sailor 02-24-2013 11:10 AM

Re: Getting ahead of myself
Good time to lay out the right clothes and extras , still got time to buy what you need ...good luck! ...Dale

chef2sail 02-24-2013 05:45 PM

Re: Getting ahead of myself
Warm clothes....lots of coffee....if you are staying in a marina small portable electric heaters. We sail on the Chesapeake this time of year and though it is nippy its not that bad. Having a dodger, soup and the right clothing is helpful. Also we have a propane heater for nights on the anchor. We usually do run it after we turn in, but we could


Minnewaska 02-24-2013 05:58 PM

Re: Getting ahead of myself

Originally Posted by chef2sail (Post 994441)
.....Also we have a propane heater for nights on the anchor.....


TakeFive 02-24-2013 06:03 PM

Re: Getting ahead of myself

Originally Posted by Minnewaska (Post 994445)

I'm sure Dave will answer for himself, but it can be done safely. Just buy the right gear that vents the fumes outside the cabin:

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