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administrator 03-02-2012 02:52 PM

Did someone say flipper?

Sail The World 03-04-2012 03:03 PM

that's definitely cool stuff.

Seawolf-vital 03-22-2012 12:46 PM

Re: Did someone say flipper?
King of dolphins :) . I remember a group of dolphins hit my hull in Mediterian. That scared me to death.

cupper3 03-22-2012 02:18 PM

Re: Did someone say flipper?
That is impressive and very, very cool.

I had JUST finished reading the recipe below, so my mindset was not with dolphins, but the seal flipper pie outline. Ooopppps.

(you have to be or know a newfie to understand why)

Seal Flipper Pie


•2 seal flippers
•1 small turnip
•3 carrots, sliced
•2 onions, sliced
•1 parsnip, sliced
•2 1/2 cups water
•1 1/2 ounce Newfoundland Screech
•1/2 lb fat back pork
•2 tbsp vinegar
•salt & pepper to taste
Dumpling Pastry – Ingredients:

•1 1/2 cups flour
•2 tsp. baking powder
•small pat of butter

1. Cut all fat and slag from flippers.
2.Place them in a deep dish with enough boiling water to cover.
3.Add vinegar and set aside to cool, then wipe dry with paper towel and place in baking pan or large casserole dish.
4.Add pepper and salt to taste.
5.Cover with sliced onions and sliced fat pork.
6.Dribble Newfoundland Screech over contents.
7.Cover and bake in pre-heated oven at 375 degrees F for 2 hours.
8.Boil turnip, carrots and parsnip in 2 1/2 cups of water for about 20 minutes.
9.When vegetables are ready, place in baking dish with flippers.
10.Use vegetable water for gravy and thicken with flour.
11.Make dumpling pastry and pat over flippers and vegetables.
12.Cover and bake gently until pastry is done. This should take approximately 15 minutes.

H2814D 08-12-2012 12:22 AM

Re: Did someone say flipper?
They were trying to tell you Bud and Sandy were stuck on a sand bar in their skiff and they needed help. :-)

codysalvick 10-03-2012 07:16 AM

Re: Did someone say flipper?
Cool video!

cookie4u1 06-05-2013 11:17 PM

Re: Did someone say flipper?
That was just an amazing video. Would have loved to see this myself.

Griffinroydonald 07-28-2013 02:00 PM

Re: Did someone say flipper?
Huge pod ! You are so lucky to run into that many at one time. They seem to be enjoying the boat as much as you are.

Aver 08-16-2013 10:30 AM

Re: Did someone say flipper?
That is awesome! I think even lucky!

It happened to me when sailing from Barcelona to Mallorca a couple of years back.

It is an amazing sight, especially when they jump in front of the boat.

windwalker 08-16-2013 12:15 PM

Re: Did someone say flipper?
Wow. Absolutely amazing.

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