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jday 03-08-2009 11:55 AM

Gulfstar 50 Ketch
Does anyone have info regarding engine removal from a center cockpit 1975 Gulfstar 50 ketch. I have a 4-154 that needs a new pan gasket and motor mounts. any info would be greatly appreciated.


Capnblu 03-08-2009 12:25 PM

If you are not, or do not have to remove the engine out of the boat, build a frame out of 2 X 6's and use a chain hoist to lift the engine high enough to drop the pan and do it in the boat. Use a safety chain once you have lifted it as high as you need. If this will not give you enough room to work, you may be in for a pretty big job of cutting the cockpit floor out, and re-fiberglassing. Perhaps a couple of pictures?

jday 03-09-2009 09:39 AM

thanks Capnblu,
I was thinking about using two 2 ton chain hoist. One (A) chain dropped through the hoist plate hole forward of the pedestal (located in the cockpit sole and one (B) in the middle of the companion way hatch. After raising the engine off the mounts with "A", I would start to take up on "B" to move the engine through the forward engine room door into the area aft of the galley sink cabinet. Taking up on "B" as I release "A". I must admit, I'm a little nervous being under 800 Lbs of swinging iron. Once the engine is in the companion way space (where the companion way stairs are), I could release hoist "A" and use hoist "B" to lift the engine high enough to change the pan gasket Do you think this would work? No pictures at the moment.


Capnblu 03-10-2009 12:46 PM

If you are handy enough, find a section of I beam, they come in small sizes, maybe like a piece of 2". cut it so that its length runs from one end of your engine room, into the engine room door. Lift your engine as high as necessary with the chain hoist, and then chain it up onto the I beam. Then use a block and tackle to help slide the engine out the door, after you get the chain hoist out of the way. The problem I see with the lifting swinging out method you describe, is that as the forces of the not vertical lifting attempt, may upset the balance of the 800 pound HULL DRILL BIT. You may be surprised at how little space you have once the chain hoist and mounting chains are attached. If this turns out to be the case, a couple sheets of plywood under her and a lot of patience and leverage, and she will come out. When you get a chance to take a picture, or maybe find a similar layout on yachtworld, maybe I can suggest something better. Brian

jday 03-11-2009 12:16 AM

Hi Brian,
I'm now thinking along your response. I spent an hour or two at the boat today, measuring.... An 8' - 4" I-beam (4' in the engine room and 4' extending into the cabin through the front engine way) attached to the engine lifting rings via adjustable ibeam trolleys ( a wheeled car with a lifting eye) on each engine eye connected by shackles seems to be the way to go. I will attach two 2 ton chain hoist to the ibeam. One (A) chain dropped through the hoist plate hole forward of the pedestal (located in the cockpit sole) shackled to a custom eye plate bolted to the ibeam (so as to keep limited clearance) and one (B) in the middle of the companion way hatch attached to the ibeam via scissors clamp. I need to lift the engine 22" and only have 10" of clearance for ibeam and connectors. The engine is 32" from heat exchanger cap to sump bottom and the engine way door is 42" ht. I am hoping that as the i-beam/ engine are lifted to the top of the engine room ceiling, there will be enough clearance to slide the engine via the i-beam trolley cars along the i-beam the 40" into the galley/ companionway area. Hoist B (suspended in the middle of the companion way hatch) will stabilize the i-beam as the engine is slide forward into the cabin. I will also have your plan "B" ready. Do you know if the Perkins 4-154 sump pan will support the weight of the entire engine? Does this sound do-able. I will include pics as I put this together. I hope to clear the engine way with a RCH to spare.... Jeff

Capnblu 03-11-2009 12:49 PM

While I do not know specifically if your perkins can sit on the pan, I can tell you that I have had to set many engines down, an they all were fine, I do take every precaution to keep the engine level, and supported if I have to set it down. If things are too tight, you could use 2 pieces of angle iron (2") bolted back to back as a beam. I think you are on the right track, the only thing about lifting that heavy bugger with that little space will be getting the slack out of the chains, and the height you will loose from the chain hoist hook and any slack. Hope I'm helping. I know the PLEASURE of this kinda job! Brian

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