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philo13 06-01-2009 08:55 PM

trouble in paradise
Had to haul out my boat last monday. The family had been out saturday sailing and swimming off the boat - not much wind, but fun.

Monday (Memorial day) I went to the boat for a solo sail in the rain. I found the boat riding low in the water, the bilge awash and our plastic storage tubs floating. I knew the windows leaked rainwater, but this was something more. Water was actively coming in through a 1/4" hole in the bilge under the companionway step.

Long story even longer, I called the wife to bring our truck so we could haul out the boat. Our first "haul out" as we bought the boat floating. The PO apparently screwed up the trailer somehow, so that the boat doesn't rest on the keel but rather sits heavily on the bunks (with some very minor hull deflection). I'll have to work on adjusting that, but it's a story for another time.

Anyway, when we hauled it out, the water was still actively coming in through the 1/4" hole:confused:. I figured out that water must be draining back from some other parts of the bilge that weren't freely connected.

I spent this past saturday on the boat trying to track down the leak. Scupper drains, motor mount though bolts, various through-hull fittings, etc. They all appear to be fairly secure. then I checked out the area where the pinn holds the swing keel to the keel trunk. I expected some leakage there, but I left it till last, because I figured "a little weeping" couldn't be responsible for all the water I encountered. Guess what? I was right. Weeping wasn't the problem - the fiberglass of the keel trunk that supports the swing-keel pin is delaminating. The stainless plates with rubber gaskets that keep the pin where it belongs practically came off in my hands, and the fiberglass is mushy in that area.

Anybody else ever had this problem?

I think I'll have to cut/grind away the area, rebuild it, and redrill the keel pin hole. I'm sure it will need some kind of bushing but I don't know whether to glass in a bushing as I build it up, or build it solid, drill it oversize and epoxy in a bushing.

Any idea's???

Wayne25 06-02-2009 05:51 PM

Centerboard pin

I don't think I ever had the SS plates off this area before. However my trunk fiberglass around that area is solid.

You'll probably get a better idea what to do as you dig into how bad the delamination is and what was used for a pin bushing before. I've also heard there are shims on either side of the centerboard on the pin to hold the centerboard snugg in the trunk tunnel. I don't think mine has them anylonger. PO took the centerboard out for sanding and epoxy coating in the late 90's.

Let us know your progress. Good luck!!

jumaggafanny 06-03-2009 12:16 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Pix please for clarity, eh?
that hinge pin area is at W/L, I have not payed a load of attention to mine. I have these old pix of a 77 25'er butchered out. I think I have more extensive pix at home, lemme look, I've had that apart but no repairs mod's required.
Dropping the C/B is easy, putting it back in and alligning it mo' difficult. On the bright side you can examine and paint the trunk and the 300# board.
I'd like to see that in a digital pix. I have an entrapment area alongside the trunk an inside the locker, when swamped it retains water after the hull is drained. I'd go slowly forward, since if you have delam' only at the 4 screw holes, you may hear the whizzing sound as you dodge a bullet.
Trying to keep it only partially submerged is like a brotherhood.

philo13 06-04-2009 05:52 PM


Your pic looks like a Texas Chainsaw massacre victim. Actually It reminds me of my brothers Boston Whaler - supposed to be foam filled and able to float when cut in half.

I took abunch of pics of questionable quality. I haven't yet down loaded them from the camera, let alone tried to upload here.

If and when I make progress I'll update my posts.


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