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Sue & Larry 11-14-1999 07:00 PM

Fishing Gear Selection
<HTML><table width="100%"><tr><td align=left colspan=2> <p>When selecting fishing gear, remember to keep everything simple. After all, we are sailors, not sport fishermen. Fancy gear and rigging will cause more headaches than itís worth.</p><b>Basic equipment needed</b><ul><li>Short, stout trolling rod and reel<li>50-pound test monofilament line for reel<li>100-pound test line to make leaders<li>Large snap shackles with swivels<li>#1, #2 and #3 Clarke spoons<li>#3 Drone spoon<li>fish identification book (we have <b>Fishes of the Atlantic Coast</b> by Gar Goodson)<li>Trolling weights or planers<li>Rod holder(s) (PVC pipe clamped to a stern rail works fine if you donít want to buy fancy ones)<li>Fish net and gaff (choose ones with extra long handles) </ul> <p>While traveling the East Coast, we trolled primarily with spoon type lures. Spoons resemble minnows or bait fish. Since big fish eat little fish, these are very effective lures to use. Also, they seem to work well at different boat speeds and will catch a variety of different types of fish. The following is a list of the types of fish we have been catching on <em>Safari:</em><ul><li>common jack<li>king mackerel<li>bonito<li>Spanish mackerel<li>frigate mackerel<li>Cubera snapper<li>gray trout<li>bluefish<li>dolphin (mahi mahi, not Flipper)<li>barracuda</ul> <em>- - L.H.</em></td></tr></table></HTML>

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