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Sue & Larry 03-12-2002 07:00 PM

Paint Problems
<HTML><P>My Atlantic 46 is painted with Awlgrip and the boat yard did not use Awlgrip wash and wax as I told them to. They compounded the hull and tried to wax it, but the shine is now gone. Is there any way to repair this damage without repainting the boat? </P><P></FONT><STRONG>Sue &amp; Larry respond:<BR></STRONG>When Awlgrip, a two-part linear polyurethane paint cures, the shiny surface that you see is really only in the outside layer of the paint. For this reason, Awlgrip must be treated differently than other paints or gelcoat. If an abrasive rubbing compound is applied to an Awlgrip surface boat, this outer shiny layer is likely to be removed in the process. </P><P>As you are aware, there are special products developed by U.S. Paint, the makers of Awlgrip, to maintain your shiny exterior finish. The application of traditional waxes and compounds is strongly discouraged by U.S. Paint, and will likely void your warranty on the paint.</P><P>Depending upon the extent of damage that was done by the compounding and waxing, you may or may not be able to bring back some of the shine. U.S. Paint has developed a product called Awlcare that it says "will temporarily seal and restore shine to painted surfaces that have become porous due to age or mistreatment, helping to maintain a satisfactory appearance until there is time to repaint."</P><P>You may want to contact U.S. Paint directly, see what they recommend, and then sit down with the yard manager and have a serious discussion regarding the improper compounding of your hull. Together you may be able to arrive at an equitable resolution. U. S. Paint can be reached at 314/621-0525, or at</P><P>Good luck getting your shine back</P></HTML>

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