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Dan Dickison 04-04-2002 07:00 PM

My First Haulout
<HTML>I am in the process of planning for my first haulout for bottom painting on my Pearson 35. While the boat is out of the water, I plan on installing a new propeller and a dripless stuffing box. What additional things should I also replace/inspect while the boat is hauled (relating to the propeller/shaft or any other items).<BR><BR><STRONG>Dan Dickison responds: </STRONG><BR>Sounds like you've got ambitious plans. While you've got the boat out of the water you would do well to inspect the condition of all the thru hulls as well as the hull-keel joint, just to make sure that these areas aren't going to develop into future problems before your next haulout. (When I say thru hulls, I also mean any that might be above the waterline too, like bilge pumpout&nbsp;or engine exhaust ports too.) And due to the vintage of your boat, you should also have a good look at the condition of the hull to make sure that you're aware of any blistering that might be happening. Chances are you won't find any, but it's good to know what the status is. <P></P><P>Other than that, have a look at the rudder. I can't remember the exact configuration of the Pearson 35 rudder, but it's nonetheless important to have a look at the bearings and the shaft. Have someone on deck at the time so that they can move the helm back and forth giving you a chance to make sure that it's operating fluidly without any undue play in the system. Other than that, you'll want to replace any zincs that need it, and then you should be good to go. Here's wishing you the best of luck with your first haulout. After that you'll know a lot more about what you need to maintain between haulouts.<BR></FONT></HTML>

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