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Orion48 04-05-2005 10:48 AM

Can we get this board going again?
As the wife of a sail addict I was (relatively) easily persuaded to sell the house, get rid of most of my stuff and liveaboard- I can''t believe how freeing it is. It took a year to get used to the galley (from the perspective of a "gormet" cook!:))I get two reactions when people find out we now live on a 48 ft sailboat-
"Why in the world would you do that?" or
"Gee I wish I was brave enough to do it..."
Personally I didn''t want to be 80 years old and wonder what it would have been like if I had done it...With the advent of storage lockers and high speed internet it''s really not a huge paradigm shift.
That being said... why is it I read about so many men just dying to live on a boat and held back from doing it by unwilling wives?...It''s sad, I guess, when people''s dreams don''t coinside...
It is a very wonderful lifestyle and I think so everytime I sip coffee on the deck watching the fish jump in the early morning sunrise...
What is the hardest thing about living on a sail boat? What do you think? So far I can''t think of one...By the way, there are so many amazing, helpful people that respond on this message board- I have learned so much just by "lurking"-
(whoosh is my hero!)
Orion from Hawaii

Orion48 04-05-2005 10:50 AM

Can we get this board going again?
PS(Ok Sorry My other hero is Jeff_H)

bowsernz 04-05-2005 07:42 PM

Can we get this board going again?
Hi, I''ve just joined and your message caught my eye, as I have decided to sell up as you have, in a years time. I''m living in New zealand and have owned my own yacht here, however, yachts are cheaper in other parts of the world, such as Greece. I have an idea to buy one there and start sailing from there, maybe through the Suez, or maybe across the Atlantic to the USA (I have lived in Florida).
Anyway, any help would be great. I''ve convinced my Russian lady to do it with my and she''s really into it now.
David Perry

lexxy 04-17-2005 08:57 AM

Can we get this board going again?
I will reply...I would love to talk to other women who live aboard...we have been living aboard a 38'' IP [380/58] for almost a year...sold the whole shebang last spring and we are loving it...adventure everyday. I am very involved in everything on the boat...I will be taking the Janmar engine course in June, I do electricity, handle the boat during my offshore cruising and overnight voyages...can''t wait to hit the high seas more...dread the boring ICW...aaarrggghhh!!! to anchor more than dock anyday and I have all the fishing stuff but haven''t caught anything yet...will try more with warm weather!!! I always drive the boat to the dock...cuz I still throw lines " like a girl!!! I need to get better at backing in tho! I''m dreadful at knots...will keep trying tho. I''m an artist and plan to do watercolors en routes... I did design the website:

I cook better meals on board in the "play kitchen" galley because I have less yard and domicile to maintain...I do have an herb garden in the dinghy. I am as active at planning, navigating, driving, as the Mr...the fact the boat is totally in my name for estate reasons...yea! I threaten to fire the Capt but haven''t followed thru since he takes me out to eat far too often.

The worst thing about living on a boat for me are the constant breakdowns and learning every system....I just have to have things running well...some compulsive fluke...a boat is not condusive to that hangup. And our boat is just 5 years old!!! It''s always the breakdown du jour!!! I must learn to adapt and be more laid back about it.

Actually all this isn''t bad for a 62 year old fat lady...right?

Lexxy/Lynn on CYAN
en route from Charleston to Beaufort NC tues in outside water around Cape Fear! Won''t miss those dreadful shallows in NC!!!

Orion48 04-18-2005 04:05 PM

Can we get this board going again?
Aloha Lexxy,
Way to "mature women" have tons more fun than those "cute young thangs" I must admit the consistent warm weather in the tropics is much more comfortable than winter on the mainland! I am the only person in Hawaii that sleeps with a down comforter!I to love to anchor out and we do that as often as we can although we both are still working- I am working on my PhD and my husband works in town every day as an architect-So we are tied up at a marina most of the time.
Worst thing that has happened to us is going up on deck one morning and discovering the boat next to us was sinking! That''s almost better than coffee as a "waker upper"
Where are you planning on ending up?

spartinaSC39 04-27-2005 04:45 AM

Can we get this board going again?
I too can''t imagine a better place to live but on our 40 foot boat I am finding that I really do enjoy living living in a small space.I had to laugh at the comment made by Orion as Whoosh and jeff_H are my heros also you really can pick up alot of information from these posts.Im also one who would rather anchor out......such peace and no hasslewhen going into a marina there are always the questions is the dock a floating dock,whats the current etc.thanks for sharing

Orion48 04-27-2005 10:10 AM

Can we get this board going again?
Aloha again,
My next stated challenge is to actually learn how to USE my pressure cooker!!!All I can think of when I see it lurking there behind my settee is that it is a bomb just ticking to go off!!!Can anyone just give me a simple meal to cook in it just to get me started??like ...say...water for tea???!!!Also tell me how far away from it I need to be so I don''t get injured from the exploding metal shards...LOL
On another note- I am expanding my experience by volunteering to go on a passage from Hawaii to California (honolulu-sanfransisco) IknowIknow it''s the WRONG way!!!The captain is experienced- There will be three of us- We all know each other-no surprizes- Although I have never done a passage I am looking forward to the experience!I will keep you posted...
Pat on ORION

lightlover 05-13-2006 08:24 PM

Hi Pat on ORION, about the pressure cooker. I just got my first one too, so I understand your thoughts about " a bomb just ticking" . Here is a website that I think will be helpful to you.

Here's to good eating!

jared 05-14-2006 03:30 PM

Pat, modern pressure cookers (post WW2 or so<G>) are most unlikely to explode. Even the cheapest ones usually have a rubber blow-out plug in the top cover, so that if too much pressure builds up the plug blows out and the pot can't explode. The more expensive ones have fancier pressure-reliefs and if you keep them clean, they can't plug up and won't fail.

A bigger problem to me is that I can't see what is happening in the pot, so it is a relationship built strictly on trusting the clock and your measurements. Change to a different burner--and you'll need to change times again too, so any given pressure cooker on any given burner has to be treated somewhat as a "new" way of cooking.

First time you microwave, or bbq, or braise, or broil, or move from baking in a gas oven to an electric one, you will find the same problem. Everything cooks "different" and you need some practice to make it right. Or, you open it too soon and waste time building pressure again. Or, you cook too long and make goo.<G>

If you didn't buy your pressure cooker new, see if the company has a recipe book for it. If not buy one, since the recipes all in one source should (in theory) at least work for one pot, and if yours needs more or less time at least it should be similar for them all.

I still like to SEE what's cooking, but there is no denying a pressure cooker saves fuel and keeps all the food in place when the boat goes bump.<G>

sailaway21 12-13-2006 06:33 AM

Apparently not and we're much the worse for it.

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