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TrueBlue 02-24-2006 04:06 PM

Puppy on board
I'm thinking of getting a puppy and living on board for the summer. Does anyone have any suggestions for training, so the puppy is not confused with land relief and boat relief. Should I get some sod and put it in a box?
I had a dog for 14 years but she was house broken before the boat. She was wonderful and always waited for land.

mattkab 02-24-2006 06:27 PM

Puppy on board
We have a 2 year old pug/aussie sheppard mix ( that has grown up aboard.

I never was able to convince him that it was OK to go on board on pads/sod/dirt/astroturf or anything else I brought aboard for that purpose.

We cruise Puget Sound, so we are always within a few hours of shore at any moment -- so the obvious answer for us is two+ trips ashore every day for the dog. :o

Matt B.

TrueBlue 02-24-2006 07:11 PM

Puppy love
Thanks for your kind response to my wife's question. I just noticed she had inadvertantly posted under my identity, but her question was sincere. We are considering a puppy, since we recently euthanized our loving pet . . . :( . . . and both feel that we will find a vacancy in our lives this coming season, after cruising for 14 years with Jenna. We miss her terribly.

I have urged my wife to sign up with SailNet. I'm sure you will all be hearing from her on herSailNet in the near future.


mattkab 02-24-2006 09:52 PM

Puppy on board
Heh... I didn't notice it was under the "herSailnet" heading.....

It appears the RSS/XML feed displays the most recent posts across all the forums... oh well. :confused:

Matt B.

The Regatta Queen 03-03-2006 08:36 AM

If you want to get a puppy to take on board, you should get something that is not too big, yet not too small, so it doesn't put too much weight on the boat. And if you want it to be trained already and not worry about it, buy it from a pet store. Just a tad of advise. :D :D

TrueBlue 03-03-2006 09:34 AM

Regatta Queen,
I'm sure my wife (the original poster of this thread) is thankful for your advice, but I should clarify things a bit. We had a shi-tzu for 14 years, who during boating season, spent her entire life onboard. She became very acclimated to boats, especially our tender - her taxi to shore. As a 7 week puppy, we did crate-train her at home over the first winter season, successfully conditioning her for extended offshore passages.

However, we are now faced with the prospect of training our next dog during boating season. We are concerned about how effective "crate-training" is in this environment.

BTW, our boat displaces 18,000 lbs and I don't think an 18 lb dog would make much difference. Also, please tell me the name of a pet store, that house-trains a puppy before owner adoption. ;)


merc2dogs 03-06-2006 09:51 AM


Originally Posted by The Regatta Queen
If you want to get a puppy to take on board, you should get something that is not too big, yet not too small, so it doesn't put too much weight on the boat. And if you want it to be trained already and not worry about it, buy it from a pet store. Just a tad of advise. :D :D

Sorry, good advice, but I have to disagree, I prefer getting them from the owners of the parent(s), that way you get a real good look at how the parents are treated, what he house is like, and how healthy the dogs are.

I also prefer mutts, they make better friends.

also just realized this is for 'her'


Aliloophy 03-06-2006 01:53 PM

Dog Rescue
Another option is to try a dog rescue in your area. Many of these dogs have been house broken. It is good for everyone. You save a life and you get a dog that is potty trained. I would get a younger dog. Now regarding other training, that will be up to you!

Sialia 04-25-2006 05:03 PM

Puppy on Board
I realize that the last response to this thread was in October 2005 and that the puppy in question is full grown by now, however, I have some experience with dogs on board and thought others might be interested.

I have lived aboard two boats for a total of approximately 4 years, first with one black and white springer and one english setter (plus wife) and secondly with two english setters (wife and two children). When we first get a puppy, we teach them a command to do their business. In our case, we use "go to it." So everytime we walk the puppy, we do two things: we praise him for going on the grass and not the carpet; and we say "go to it" several times so that these easy to hear words are linked with good behavior.

This method has worked well for all 4 dogs. Even in heavy waether during overnight passages, the dogs are able to relieve themselves.

Hope this helps.

NicPreller 04-25-2006 05:46 PM

Sialia - nope October 2005 was the join date of Aliloophy. Aliloophy's post was 03-06-2006. (Just look over to the left, in the blue banner above the post) I was also nearly mistaken by the members join date at first, when I realised that the posts were not as stale as this member join date seemed to imply.

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