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windrunner 01-01-2001 12:32 PM

Home port
I just wanted to say hello and see where everyone is. I often feel very outnumbered in a male dominated pasttime. I would really like to hear from other women who love to sail.
Venture 2-24 Texas

erika1 01-19-2001 09:35 AM

Home port
hi windrunner..i am new to sailing but just wanted to check in with you to talk to an experienced woman sailor! I am 43 with two little boys and am buying a boat this spring for all of us to learn on. I understand about being in a male dominated sport, i taught scuba diving for many years on the east coast and florida keys..I have family in west texas..And i also understand being landlocked here in iowa..but fortunately is a 19,000 square foot lake about an hour from here. So take care and hope to hear from you soon! Erika1

erika1 01-19-2001 10:10 AM

Home port
anytips for the water and sailing but am very sensitive to motion and get quesy easily..forget ginger ale and ginger..dont work..know anything about the patches?? Thanks! Erika

lspanton 01-26-2001 02:18 PM

Home port
Erika, Hi,

Try boat bands. They are little wrist bans with a small plastic bead that fit snugly on your wrists. Using a theory similar to acupressure, the beads "hit the spot" that helps alleviate motion sickness. Also, NEVER eat anything with tomatoes in it the night before you go sailing. There''s something in the acid that triggers the motion sickness reaction like no other acidic food I know.

Happy sailing, and welcome to the sport/lifestyle!
Laura Spanton

Wildheart001 01-27-2001 04:34 AM

Home port
Erika: I too get seasick sometimes, and have tried lots of remedies. Now I never go near a boat without Bonine. One tablet is all I need and I can stay out all day. You take it about an hour before you get on the boat. It''s an over-the-counter medication, you can get it at any drugstore. I''ve never tried the armbands, but I have a friend who swears by them.

Interesting to hear you were a scuba instructor. I''m a divemaster right now, trying to decide whether to "bite the bullet" and get my instructor certification. It''s either that or starting up a pet-sitting service. I need a part-time job right now to beef up the kitty.

I really do want to live aboard someday. Considering I got a $300 utility bill yesterday (up from $100 the month before), it sounds better and better every day.

Wish we all lived close enough to get together for coffee!


erika1 01-27-2001 06:53 AM

Home port
hi wildheart..boy i sure could use a coffee clutch right now! That would be great..Bite the bullet! I felt such a great sense of accomplishment getting my teaching certificate and you will always feel great about it even if you never use it. You already know it all,,its just taking it to a higher degree of understanding. So it shouldnt be too hard for you. my instructor was an exnavy seal so the physical requirements were intense..that was 20 years ago. I dont know what it is like now however.

So with regards to the Bonine, do you find yourself drowsey at all. I will be sailing with children and cant afford to be sleepy..I did some research on the net and found many people swear by ginger and those wrist bands..i think i will try a combo of those two first before the bonine.

Ah yes...power aboard does sound much simpler and cheaper for sure.

Did you say you are from Georgia? I have a cousin in atlanta who loves to scuba and is single..are you?

Ok..thanks for the tip and am counting the days until april..thank God for the chicago boat show this weekend to take the edge off of winter! Ah...will have to take the drool bucket! Happy Sailing, Erika

Hi Laura..check your personal page for a response to your message..

Wildheart001 01-27-2001 06:47 PM

Home port
Erika: Yes, the physical requirements are still tough, at least for divemaster they were (in my humble opinion). I was so proud of myself for passing the divemaster certification. I was one of the oldest ones in the class (I''m about to be 42!). I''ve heard the instructor certification is not as difficult physically, so if I decide to do it I hope to pass with no problem.

Lucky you having the boat show to attend this weekend! Was it wonderful? What did you see that you liked? Did you go to any of the seminars? I''d love to go to the one in Miami next month, but don''t know if I''ll make it or not.

Bonine does NOT make you sleepy, but hopefully the other alternatives will work well for you.

I am single, after 18 years of marriage. Stuff happens, I guess. I assume from your posts that you are single as well. Lately I''ve really begun to appreciate the strength of the women I know. Hearing about your plans to sail with your two children aboard puts you in that category as well. Maybe we could chat on personal email sometime instead of a public forum. My email address is in the header, if you want to correspond in that manner.

Take care!


StrfromtheHeart 02-15-2001 01:01 PM

Home port
Hi Wildheart. Just found this part of the site and am very impressed with the strings here. I am a single (after 18 years of marriage) liveaboard on the Chesapeake Bay. I sold my house, my stuff, got a kitten and bought a Taswell 43. I absolutely love the lifestyle. Winters in the North are pretty awful though. Shoveling snow off my deck is not my idea of fun but it will be spring soon and I will forget the dark days. I''m learning everyday and would enjoy sharing stories, tips whatever. My intent is to cruise the Caribbean and Bahamas full time. If the stock market would just comply! Drop me a line if you can.

Wildheart001 02-16-2001 03:39 AM

Home port
Hi StrfromtheHeart, good to hear from you. Sounds like we have alot in common.

So what is it like living on the boat? I know the winter must be tough, but I''m sure there are good parts to it as well. I''m the adventurous type, so it sounds great to me. I''d love to hear about your experiences so far.

I''m to the point in my life where I want to "do" things rather than "have" things (i.e., the big house full of stuff). Hopefully once spring rolls around I''ll find a buyer for the house. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Sounds like you bought a nice boat. Do you have lots of sailing experience?

What is your kitten''s name, and how has he/she adapted to the boat?

I work in downtown Atlanta, if there was a lake close enough for me to commute, I''d be living aboard, too.

Maybe we''ll see each other sailing around the Caribbean and the Bahamas. That''s my intent as well (and yes, it would be nice if the stock market would rebound!).

Take care, and you can reply to me via my personal email if you like (the address is listed above).


Captronbob 02-21-2001 12:06 PM

Home port
My wife had the same problem. She tried all the arm bands, etc. with no relief. What she does now is take a Dramamine tablet before bed and then a half tablet in the morning on the way to the marina. The first tablet has eight to ten hours to get into her system and the second half tablet gives the first a little kick in the butt. She has eliminated her seasickness with this method. Hope it works for you. Let us know. Ron

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