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Wildheart001 01-12-2001 03:41 AM

Women's Sailing Experiences
What happened to the string we had going? Seems like it has been deleted from Sailnet.
Wish I still had some of the email addresses of the participants, it was getting interesting.

Anyway, I''m still looking for and enjoying advice from other sailors (male and female).
As a "newbie" I''m very excited about sailing, but need all the insight I can get.
Eventually I want to liveaboard. Any other single folks have any advice to offer about that? Any good books that you enjoyed, that helped you with your adventure?

I hope to go to the Sail Only boat show in Miami in February, but don''t know yet if that will be possible.

Take care!


wildheart 01-12-2001 10:23 AM

Women''''s Sailing Experiences
Yes, what did happen to it? Did you read the message I sent you? If not, is Wildheart the name of your boat? I am a liveaboard in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. I have a Douglas 32 and do a lot of singlehanding. If I have company its usually one of my daughters or a friend.

Love to correspond more, hopefully this string keeps going!

Wildheart001 01-14-2001 04:28 AM

Women''''s Sailing Experiences
No, Wildheart is not the name of my boat (only because I haven''t been lucky enough to buy one yet).

I''m seriously looking at a Catalina 30, and will likely make some decision in the next couple of weeks.

With this cold, dreary weather in Georgia, it''s nice to dream about being somewhere warm,out on the water.

This will really be a new adventure for me, one I''m very much looking forward to.

Hope to talk to you soon.


Flying11 01-16-2001 02:56 PM

Women''''s Sailing Experiences
hey wildheart 001-I sail but i am also a newbie 2 this website. i hope u acheive your dream 2 live abord a boat one day. any way have u got any sailing advice 4 me. Ive been sailing 4 about 3 years now. i am almost 13 and my name holly. hope 2 c u reply. from holly.

erika1 01-19-2001 09:24 AM

Women''''s Sailing Experiences
hi wildheart..also a new sailor living in iowa..buying my first boat this year and also have some grand ideas for living on the water in the future..lived on the ocean all my life and then got bit by the bug here in a land locked area..but where there is a will is a way!

Do you know anything about precision boats..that is what i am looking to buy. I hear they have great resale value in case i want to move up in is an 18 enough for weekends with my two boys 5 and 8. So let me know how you are and if you bought your catalina..i hear they are a good boat..a lot of them out there! take care, Erika...

erika1 01-19-2001 09:27 AM

Women''''s Sailing Experiences
and hello to you too Holly! Wow..i wish i started sailing at 13. You probably have more experience then the rest of us on this message board! Any advice for us! I am trying to get my 8 and 5 year old interested like you..what should i do to keep them interested? Where are you live near an ocean! I lived in connecticut on the ocean when i was your age and i really miss it. Well take care now and keep sailing! Erika

Wildheart001 01-20-2001 07:53 AM

Women''''s Sailing Experiences
Erika: Hello from Georgia. No, I don''t know anything about precision boats. I am very much in the learning stage on all of this, even though I''ve wanted to be involved in it for many years. What kind of boat do you have (or what are you planning to buy)? Where will you be sailing?

You are lucky to have your two kids to sail with you. What fun! They''ll always remember the good times you have on the water together.

And Holly, I''m sorry I didn''t respond sooner, I''ve been out of town on business this week. How I wish I could have learned to sail when I was as young as you are. Does your family have a boat? Where do you go sailing? Do you have brothers and sisters to sail with?

Take care!


navtron 01-23-2001 08:40 AM

Women''''s Sailing Experiences
Check out a Newport 30.....Nice boat at great prices...1984-1986 Huge Ice box, huge nav station, great storage, solid boat.
Sails fast and dry.

erika1 01-23-2001 09:33 AM

Women''''s Sailing Experiences
hi navtron..thanks for the tip. I will look into it. Not too big for a new sailor? Since i dont know much about boats i am squemish about buying anything too used. do you own a newport? and where do you sail?? take care..erika

navtron 01-23-2001 10:08 AM

Women''''s Sailing Experiences
I sail in the Peconics on Long Island, NY and have sailed my Newport to Bermuda, Bahamas, Florida, and one of the trips up from Florida has been written in Sailing Magazine....It''s a comfortable riding boat and the 10''6" beam keeps the Newport on its feet in high winds.

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